Monday, May 23, 2016

Family time is my favorite time.

Several weekends ago, my family and I decided to visit my mother's grave for the first time since we buried her last August. I was dreading making this visit for months but when I got there and saw my family it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

My mom's grave was actually very beautiful and it was comforting to talk to her and let her know how much she meant/means to me. I thanked her and I cried. But I think it was time that we visited and now I won't dread it as much. I'll make sure to make a trip often just to talk to her.

We were quite emotional after the visit so it was the best idea for us to go bowling afterwards. My sister, Maryanna, came up with the idea and I'm so glad she did. Initially we were just going to go out and eat somewhere but when I think of it that wasn't at all what we needed. We needed some good ole family fun. And fun is what we had.

There was some confusion in the beginning when you're trying to bowl with ten people but once it was all figured out it was so much fun. My niece and nephew got so into it. To be honest, we all did. Sean of course had the highest score, he always does. I always joke that he does it for a living but in truth we only bowl like once a year, if that. It was so nice to see my dad enjoy himself too.

We indulged in some bowling greasy food which is sometimes what you need and we just had a really, really good time.

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I say this often because I mean it with every part of me.
Family is everything.


  1. This is a very inspirational post. We're all dealing with different but the ability to laugh and enjoy each other's company is...monumental and as I said inspirational. You all look nice, but you look really nice!!!

  2. You are stronger than you think. You look fabulous!

  3. Looks like so much fun. Happy to see everyone together again.

    P.S. Your Hair though....looks great!

  4. Glad the first visit went okay. Bowling and greasy food is just a great combination. Love it. Even though I suck so bad at it. Glad you got in some fun family time. Love your candid group shot!!

  5. I'm so glad you could have a fun experience after an emotional one! That's great that you're feeling well enough to enjoy yourself too!

  6. You all look so happy. I'm glad that you got to get out and have so much fun with your family.

    And girlll you bowled in a maxi dress??? YOU DA BOSS!!!

    XO |EESH

  7. So happy to see your smiling face. Look at you looking all svelte! Love that dress!
    Is your niece really that big? She is growing up so fast!!! I remember you announcing her birth and her first birthday. Where did the time go? She is such a CUTIE!!!

  8. family IS everything. glad the visit went ok and the family outing was fine!

  9. I think sometimes the hardest part is just the dread, fear or anxiety itself, but once you're in the moment, you're okay. I'm glad it turned out to not be so bad and that you had family there to support each other.

    I love that you all bowled together afterwards too. Your mother would've wanted you all to have fun with one another and laugh <3

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  11. Oh my goodness. It's been a long time since I checked in and I feel horrible that I missed that news. I had no idea your mom had passed. I am so so sorry. I know the loss of a parent and it is not easy to deal with.
    That's so awesome that your family all went together to the grave to visit. I would like it if my family would do that with me sometime.
    I'm just so sorry you're in this season. Prayers.

  12. Your family posts are seriously my favorite. They just crack me up and I love how close you guys are.

    You guys are an amazing support for your dad, keep up the good work.


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