Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer State of Mind: Weekend Snaps

The pups spent an insane amount of time outside last weekend just sunbathing on the deck. I think it is fair to say that they had a very relaxing weekend. They also got a long walk around the neighborhood and were let loose to run free in a large grassy gated area. If they could speak, I'm positive they'll say they love summer.


Sean and I had date night on Saturday evening at one of our favorite restaurants. We made sure to order our favorite pizza (Margherita). We order it without fail every time we eat there. Sean ordered the same dish he always orders (Spaghetti Polpette which is a pasta dish with Italian meatballs, tomato sauce + parmigiano) and I ordered something different (Fusilli Genovese which is also a pasta dish with diced chicken, basil pesto, green beans & diced potatoes). I must have been too busy stuffing my face before taking pictures of everything but I did manage to get a few. I had a delicious strawberry sangria as well.

IMG_6855 IMG_6854

On Sunday, Cinthia and I met up to go to the farmers+flea market. There’s a shop that sells body washes, makeup, facial products, etc at discounted prices and I actually stocked up two years ago. My haul was running low so we made the trip on Sunday and were sad to see that the shop closed up two weeks prior and in its place was a much smaller scaled shop. They had some items but not nearly the amount the other shop had. It was nice when the new owner asked us if there was anything in particular that we would want that way she could place it on her list for her next order so we gave her our suggestions. Hopefully the next time they’ll have a much wider selection.

We also picked up a bunch of chocolate from another shop because their chocolates are just so good. I spent over $20 on chocolate and now I have to eat it all to get rid of it ;). I’m insane.

After that we went out to lunch at The Brick Tavern Inn and ate out on their gorgeous patio. It was our first time there and certainly not our last. Our meals were so good and our server was fabulous. We enjoyed some sangria and just had a great time of laughter and non-stop chatter.

- This spicy shrimp and mushroom pizza was incredible!


When I got home I made my meals for the week and then cuddled in the night with Sean. Sean was excited when Cleveland won. I kept saying that I wanted Curry to take it home (maybe to annoy Sean, ha) but secretly I was happy that Cleveland finally won a championship. It was a great weekend and I hope yours was too! Have a great week.


  1. The food looks so good! It's making me hungry!

  2. The food looks delish! Eating $20 worth of chocolate? YES PLEASE!!! Then again, my behind doesn't need anymore chocolate since I don't go to the gym anymore :-(.

    Glad you had a great weekend. I just love seeing the smile on your face!

  3. I just love your pictures of food. This is my kind of Summer fun, chilling and relaxing and enjoying some good food in good company :).

  4. Your pups have the right idea. I plan on spending all weekend laying about in the sunshine. Your pasta sounds delicious and I LOVE sangria. I love that you and Cinthia hang out almost every weekend. Sometimes I miss having a social life- lol. (your food photos are always so gorgeous!)


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