Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Slow Your Roll

Every once in a while the hubs and I will get into a tiff.

When I get upset, I talk extremely fast. So fast that you can't even understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.

It sounds a lot like afkghiahgalgiojgh really fast and loud. I'm upset you know.

I remember one day I was talking afkghiahgalgiojgh when Sean says, "Slow Your Roll".

I stop and turn to look at him slowly because I cannot believe he just said that. Slow your roll? You have got to be kidding me!

One, the term "slow your roll" just shouldn't come out of his mouth. It isn't right. Two, if I'm upset the last thing I want or need to hear is that.

He shrugged and said, "Well, if you're talking all that fast garbage how in the world am I suppose to say anything? I don't even know what you're saying".

So to him, slow your roll, literally means stop talking so fast.

So now when we get in a tiff, he says, "Slow Your Roll".

And I slow it down. So slow that nothing comes out of my mouth.

What a brilliant way to get your point across & shut the other one up.

I think I am going to come up with one for him.

What do you think about, "Well, why don't you cry about it. Saddlebags."

I think that would get him to slow his roll too.



  1. I say "cry about it" all the time haha!

    I also talk super fast all the time, but especially when I'm upset! :P

  2. ha, ha!!! hubby always says "don't judge me" if i get annoyed with him. so far we haven't had any tiffs but i'm sure we'll have our share at some point.

  3. Frugalista: Sean always says, "don't judge me" too! i get sooo annoyed when he says that!

  4. Faith,

    Okay. I'm just a little slow. I would have understood his meaning. Is there another? I know that isn't your point, but I was just wondering.

    Although I can be wordy, I get a lot over with just a look. Instead of an expression, you might try "the look."

  5. Hi Milk & Honey! Is there another meaning? Now, I'm slow, haha. What do you mean?

    Slow your roll, the way I used it in the past was to tell the other person ... watch who you're talking to. To him, slow your roll actually means, slow down. The first time, I was like, oh no you didn't! But now it makes me giggle, afterwards of course. I talk fast on the regular but when I get excited or upset it gets really, really bad. I am not sure if this is what you meant or if you mean something else.

    I do the look but it doesn't shut him up nearly as fast as slow your roll does for me.

  6. Heheheh that's so funny, and kind of cute, too. :P

  7. LOL. Slow your roll! Wow! Um, yeah men def. know how to push our buttons even when we are in the middle of a heated discussion! My ex told me one time to stop acting like a Lifetime actress in the middle of a disagreement...oh wow! You should have saw my face! I was like WTH? Really? Did you just say that to me? LMAO.

  8. haha that's funny! It would shut me up too because it would piss me off! =)

  9. HAHAHA!!! Oh Faith- you made me snarf my coffee when I read "well, why don't you cry about it Saddlebags". Seriously- that hurt... but it was so worth it!!!

  10. We find that humor helps break up a "discussion" the best! I think "slow your roll" would definitely make me laugh :) You two are too cute even when you're fighting :)

  11. I think slow your roll is funny! I need a good saying for arguments.... I don't think me the hubby really have one that comes to mind. I like your new one :) that should through him off a little!

    Merry Christmas!!!


  12. Hahahaha. I'm surprised you dont laugh when you hear it. I imagine it sounds so out of place in an argument :)

  13. When I hear 'Slow Your Roll" I think of The Rock hehe. I hope you two made up!!

  14. lol... you two are too cute. Even when you disagree. I like your saying better. :o

  15. talking it out is good...whether its slow or fast or both:-)

  16. Ha I LOVE to give Peej 'the look' but many times he just laughs at me because I am dead serious and he just thinks I look cute and funny. Hopefully that look will work better on our future youngins one day :)

  17. oh and I like "cry me a river " :) Though I don't tend to say this if we are in real actual disagreements because it is a bit insensitive!


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