Thursday, April 18, 2019

South Beach: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens & Mango's Nightclub


It’s pretty awesome to me that Sean and Eric have become such great friends. Such great friends in fact, that Eric asked Sean to be Cate’s godfather. Not going to lie, I was pretty shocked. I mean, they are two people that became friends just because their wives are best friends. I really, really love that our husbands get along the way that they do as it always makes for such a great time when we are all together.

Moving on, Friday during the day the guys went out and did their thing and Colleen and I headed to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to do our thing. Because let's be honest, we're in Miami and it would have been pulling teeth to get our guys to willingly do this with us, ha.

IMG_0279 IMG_0284



The museum we visited was once lived in by a very wealthy man (James Deering) who wanted the elaborate mansion to appear as though it was 500 years old, although it was built in the early 1900s. He had traveled to many places and also lived in Paris for quite some time which you could tell based on a lot of the architecture in the mansion. It was actually really interesting to hear how the home was built. An interesting piece of tidbit we received was that the IRS did not exist during this time so all this money this man had was all his. Basically the rich were rich, rich, rich ... and had no one looking into anything they did. It is so interesting (at least to me) to think about, when we see how the IRS rules everything around us today.

Also at the time he built this mansion, Miami was not what it is today. It was mosquito ridden and undesirable and certainly not the place where the wealthy were building their homes. It is believed that James Deering was secretly gay and wanted his privacy hence why he built in Miami.

Here are a ton of pictures because, well, you know how I do … no self control.



IMG_0297 IMG_0296


IMG_0304 IMG_0306


IMG_0307 IMG_0309


IMG_0310 IMG_0312



IMG_0315 IMG_0316



IMG_0324 IMG_0323



IMG_0335 IMG_0351






After the museum we took an Uber to Collins Avenue and decided that we were craving Cuban food. So we asked around and was led several blocks away to Puerto Sagua Restaurant. If you’re looking for a fancier more touristy place (no pretensions, no frills) to eat while in Miami this is not the place for you. If you’re looking for some delicious, authentic Cuban food then you’re at the right place. We had Sean try some of Colleen’s leftover Cuban sandwich (not pictured) from here and he was blown away.



IMG_0359 IMG_0361



Afterwards we met up with the guys at the beach to relax and then left to get ready for the night. We were celebrating the guys birthdays at Mango’s Nightclub where we had way too much fun!






We booked a show and dinner and it was seriously a blast. All types of musical performances from Tina Turner, Michael Jackson to some carnival dancing. After that we club crawled and just danced the night away.

Truly one of the best nights that I’ve had in a while. ♥

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Joy of Missing Out


The days of me wanting to be out and about is quickly dwindling down. I remember when I wanted to be doing something every single weekend and I could not fathom just sitting around at home. I really enjoyed road trips and visiting all our friends and families whenever possible.

Now when I look at our calendar I get a bit annoyed when I see that we have to be away from home. Granted, a lot of that comes from living in another state from our friends and families; and while I really love seeing friends and family … I am at this stage where I also really love being at home.

We’ve been in our home for almost five years now and there are still things to be done and to be honest, I’d really like to spend our weekends doing things around our house.

I’m trying to get more people to visit us versus us always doing the traveling. I also understand that most of the people we visit have small kiddos which makes road trips a little less ideal … but I’m going to be throwing that option out a lot more now.

We’ve also become very insistent of having at least 1-2 weekends at home. I love the town we live in and I want to be able to do things here. I enjoy my farmer market mornings when the weather is nicer, I enjoy date nights at our favorite restaurants, I enjoy taking our dogs on long walks and I enjoy waking up leisurely on Saturday mornings and making breakfast together at home. I just don’t really want to be on the road every weekend.

Of course, this doesn’t make for very exciting blog or Instagram posts but I don’t even mind that anymore. I’m becoming less and less interested in social media. Just give me a good book and my shows on Netflix and I’m good to go. Do you find yourself feeling the same way as you’ve gotten older? It's actually pretty great to me that I no longer suffer from the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hi South Beach it has been a while


As I shared a few weeks ago, Sean and I went to Miami to celebrate Sean and Colleen's husband, Eric, turning 40. We were told that we picked a great weekend as they were experiencing lots of rain the few weeks prior. We definitely got lucky and did not have one day of rain during our trip. It was the best long weekend getaway.

We arrived to Fort Launderdale by 9am on Thursday and then took an Uber to South Beach. It took us roughly 45 minutes and cost us less than $50.00.

When we arrived to the Shelborne Beach Resort our room was not ready (not surprising considered how early we had arrived) so we puttered around the hotel. I am a big sucker for great hotel interiors and could not help to snap several pictures. After an almost 30 minute wait we were able to check into our room and we quickly dropped off our bags and changed into beach attire. Due to the fact that we wanted to explore as soon as we were able to check into our room, I forgot to take pictures of our room and then never thought about it again during our stay. Although the Shelborne is an amazing looking hotel I believe that the service at The National was/is much better.


IMG_0135 IMG_0134




We were starving so we went to Taquiza on Collins Avenue for lunch and our food was amazing. I really wanted to go back again during our time in South Beach but unfortunately I was not able to. If you ever get the opportunity try the Rajas taco (charred peppers and onion tossed in oregano with crema and cotija cheese) and their Elote (grilled corn on the cob with cilantro-jalapeno crema and cotija cheese). So, so, so good!


After lunch we headed to the beach and got towels and beach chairs from our hotel. We walked the beach, read a little and took quick dips in the water. Colleen and Eric texted us about an hour later that they had just landed so we headed back to the hotel to hang out by the pool until they arrived.


IMG_0189 IMG_0190


IMG_0173 IMG_0203


IMG_0170 IMG_0171







If you watched my Instagram stories while I was in Miami I shared two girls (one who was taking pictures of one of the girl’s behind) and I couldn’t help but to laugh and feel a bit dismayed as well. It’s insane what social media has led us to that we would do anything to get likes these days. When I see things like that I’m a little relieved that I’m not raising children in this social media obsessed world. How do you keep your kids from doing stuff like this? But I digress ...

When Colleen and Eric arrived they joined us at the pool where I indulged in many Miami vices. We had no plans but to relax and that’s exactly what we did.


IMG_0225 IMG_0226


IMG_0232 IMG_0246




IMG_0247 IMG_0258

The big 40!


We had dinner reservations for 7:30pm at Katsuya so we left the pool in time to get freshened up and ready for dinner. Our hotel had a lady’s night at the piano bar so that’s what we did Thursday evening. It was very entertaining and we laughed, drank and sang along to many of the songs that we were able to request that night.



Our first day in Miami was off to a great start!