Thursday, October 10, 2019

Our annual summer BBQ


We threw our annual summer BBQ a couple of months ago. We've been throwing one ever since we got married but did skip last year because we were just so busy last summer. This year we made sure to set a date no matter what because we realized that we missed having our friends and family together at one time and place.

Due to certain circumstances several people could not make it, but can I let you in on a secret? It was perfect.

Let me explain.

Including Sean and myself, 20 people were in attendance and it was (in our opinion) our best BBQ yet! It was so much easier to be a better host because I could actually engage with our friends and family and not run around with my head cut off trying to ensure that everyone was comfortable and well fed.

We've decided that we want to have smaller BBQs from now on.
Funny how as I've aged I want things to be more intimate and small.

I took pictures of course, but it appears I was more interested in the kiddos. Who can blame me? They are far cuter. I say every year that I'd do better and take pictures of our friends and family (at least a group picture); but I think I have come to accept that for some reason I can never quite do it. And another thing, was I even there?! Ha.

The house all ready for our friends and family.


IMG_2424 IMG_2425

Purple flowers were everywhere in honor of my mom :)
I always try to include her even though she is not here physically.


I'm happy to report that a picture is in that frame now.
It took me a little while but I decided on this picture I took of the Eiffel Tower.

IMG_2433 IMG_2435

I love hosting and any opportunity to make a cheese platter.
Although, I've decided that I'll crowd up the platter in the future (vs. putting fruit, crackers in separate bowls) since I think it looks better that way.




Colleen makes the most amazing bruschetta!




Sean's mom is always, always scratching lottery tickets.
I hope she wins someday!




My stunning sister! ♥

IMG_2524 IMG_2526

Water balloons, bubbles and sprinklers were all the kiddos needed to have a good time.
Happiness from the simple things is what life is really all about.

IMG_2479 IMG_2476 IMG_2477

IMG_2519 IMG_2521



IMG_2515 IMG_2504


And somehow they made it to our bedroom to watch cartoons ... damp and all.
But it was OK just to see those happy smiles.



I hope that you're all having a wonderful week! ♥

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

In an October state of mind


Ahh, how I love thee October. The best month there is. I may be bias since it’s my birth month and all but I have a feeling that I would still love it like I do, even if I wasn’t born in October. The reason why I say that is because of all the people that also claim that October is their favorite month even though they were not born in October but I digress ...

This is just going to be a rambling post so I figured these pictures could be useful ;). I am liking the direction I am taking this blog lately. I just want it to be the way I first intended this blog to be; fun and easy going. No stress and to be used to document moments in life.

Life has been really good lately. Of course there have been moments of sadness and misery sprinkled in but overall it has been really good. I’ve actually been waiting for something to happen because it just feels like it can’t be this good right now. But I’m crossing fingers and toes because Lord knows I can’t handle sadness right now. I mean, I can handle it, I just really, really don’t want to.

IMG_3647 IMG_3654

We just had our last 90 degree day a few days ago and I’m not missing it. Right now we are in the low 70s and high 60s which basically means perfect weather. I just love this time of year.

The front porch is decorated for fall and so is the inside of our house. I’ll be sure to share some pictures when I get around to taking some pictures. It’s nothing Pinteresty but I still love it all the same.

I’ve been lighting all the candles lately as soon as I get home from work. I just love the scents of pumpkin and spice. I even want to bake some things just to really get in the spirit but I’m no baker and I don’t like pumpkin. They say that the taste buds change every 7 years so I'm just waiting for my taste buds to make their shift.


I’ve been trying to refrain from shopping lately because I know I have more than enough but those emails just keep trying to get me to buy things. I’ve just been deleting the emails without even looking at them lately and I praise my self restraint. I haven’t yet switched out my closet to fall/winter attire but I’ll try to get to it shortly. I definitely want to go through my closet to donate and get rid of things that I’m not wearing so I’ll try to do that when I’m switching out my closet as well. I intend to use Marie Kondo's method and ask myself if an item brings me joy and if it doesn't, away with it! I’m kinda looking forward to seeing all my sweaters, boots and scarves again.

Oh yeah, Sean and I are handing out candy for Halloween for the first time ever this year! I know, I know. Such grumps! We started buying candy on our grocery shopping trip two weeks ago and intend to buy candy every week leading up to Halloween. We're pretty excited about it, haha. We have some fun wigs stored somewhere so we'll just pull them out to get in the spirit. Crossing all my fingers and toes that we get a lot of trick-or-treaters that way we are not eating candy everyday for the rest of our lives.

IMG_3655 IMG_3656

What else to discuss? Hmmm ... how are you all doing? How is life treating you? Have you decorated for fall? Do you intend to decorate for fall? Tell me something, anything.

I hope you all are well and had great weekends! Happy Tuesday! ♥

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Some of my favorite moments this spring & summer


There are times when I just don’t want to be bothered with carrying my big camera and decide that my phone will have to do. But then when I look them over I always end up thinking that the images aren't good enough for a blog post. This may be true but I'm changing the way I think my blog should appear and how and what I choose to blog. So today, I'm documenting some of my favorite moments/memories from this spring and summer captured by the good ole iPhone. This is bound to be a long post so I hope you have a bottle of wine! Let's get to pouring! ;)

There is also bound to be a lot of food pictures in this post, my favorite, ha.

Lunch date with Cinthia at one of our favorite restaurants, Tapas, early this spring. I remember being so excited that the weather was warming up and that I had more days like this to look forward to.




My darling niece showing me all her prized possessions when I went to visit her early this (or should I say last?) spring.



One of my things to do this year was to watch our local baseball team (Iron Pigs) play. It was a blast, albeit windy but definitely something I'd love to do again soon.


thumbnail_55BC2DFA-9977-4933-ADFD-63ED37887699 thumbnail_35D1F5B6-FC85-4A57-A0A0-77323FD2C54C



I look forward to our (Sean and I) lunch dates on the weekends we are home.
It's not necessarily the food but the conversations that we have over said meal that I look forward to.



I guess you can say we like our pizza over here!


We drove to upstate NY for the weekend to watch our nephew (Jayden) play flag football. His team won and he was so, so proud. There was a fair happening so I made sure to try a s'mores waffle ... way too sugary even for me.






The picture below was from a fun night with Sean at Revel Social.
Not pictured is all the dancing we did that night :)


Enjoyed this view during long walks with our dogs.


We visited my girlfriend, Nawal, in DC. She was the most amazing host and we had a great time. We enjoyed using her pool in her building, watching new episodes of Stranger Things together
and had an amazing dinner at Kogiya Korean BBQ.




I couldn't help but take some pictures of her place because I love her decor so much.
So chic and classic.





Dinner with Cinthia at Urbano. I can't even tell you how many times I've gone here this year. Sean and I decided that this just might be our number one favorite restaurant. It has been hard to choose but we decided this year that Urbano is it. I'm not surprised that it is owned by the same people that own Tapas, our other favorite restaurant.




I didn't take pictures like I usually do when we go to Musikfest but we still
had a blast listening to music, dancing and eating all the things!




And I think after this post I might only be two months behind in blogging, woo-hoo!
Happy Thursday y'all! I hope you all have wonderful weekends! ♥