Thursday, June 21, 2018

My dad's 70th birthday party at Lake Welch ♥


Last Saturday, my sisters and I threw an intimate birthday party for my dad’s 70th. My dad had only two requests; that his party be small and that it take place at Lake Welch. He told me that we could go all out for him when he turns 100. That’s a deal, pop.

Leading up to my dad's birthday party, my sisters and I exchanged way too many emails ensuring that every single aspect of the party was covered. In doing so, we ended up with way too much food; which to be honest isn’t a terrible thing since we all had tons to bring home with us. I, of course, had my friend Margaret make my dad’s birthday cake and once again she did an incredible job. Not just with the design but also with how delicious her cakes always are!

Growing up my dad was a speed machine so the cake was perfect for him. But the best part of the cake was definitely the ticket which made him laugh out loud. I'm a little disappointed that I did not take a full length picture of the cake table because it was done simply but completely represented my dad. I'm not sure how I missed taking a picture of the cake table to be honest.

It was an incredibly beautiful day albeit a bit too sunny as you’ll be able to see in the pictures to follow. I did one thing that I think was a pretty good idea. I put my camera down on the picnic table whenever I wasn’t using it that way if anyone wanted to pick up the camera and capture a moment, they could. I saw my nephew using it quite a bit and I know for sure the ones he took, haha.

The birthday dad is here! ♥

IMG_5354 IMG_5358


IMG_5308 IMG_5298 IMG_5293

I just love that these three will grow up together ♥

IMG_5326 IMG_5330

IMG_5344 IMG_5317 IMG_5347

My sister's (Priscilla) homemade chocolate chip cookies are the absolute best!


IMG_5336 IMG_5368

IMG_5400 IMG_5370 IMG_5399

IMG_5410 IMG_5443 IMG_5435

IMG_5429 IMG_5433

We definitely played a lot of catch.


My niece with my aunt ♥


All the heart eyes for his gorgeous curls


The designated griller.

IMG_5382 IMG_5384


My awesome brother in law!


My brother in law showing Sean his new niece.
My nephew took these & the one above ♥

IMG_5474 IMG_5479


My nephew absolutely loves the water.
It's very rare that you'll see him cry but when it was time to get out of the water he cried his eyes out.


IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5485


It was time to get out of the water as it was time to sing happy birthday to granddad!

IMG_5497 IMG_5509

Soooo good!


My dad travels the world preaching the gospel so we had a globe and a bible on his cake table.
He loved it!

IMG_5531 IMG_5529




And then the four of us tried getting a picture together ... let's just say it was a lot of fun & we didn't quite get the shot.


My dad had the happiest expression on his face the entire party and in turn we could not help but to be incredibly happy too. I'll take this moment to be a little vain, but I hope that I look as good as my dad when I’m 70. I also pray that my dad has many more healthy and happy years because I’m looking forward to throwing him the biggest birthday party in thirty years, God's Willing! ♥

Tuesday, June 19, 2018



feeling discouraged, saddened and disappointed about what's going on at our borders. It doesn't matter where you line yourself politically ... to have no empathy for people seeking asylum and for children being separated from their families ... it truly makes you one disgusting human being. And to be honest that's me saying it kindly ...

Although the above is really taking a lot of my mind space lately, I am:

excited about the light festival Sean and I are going to this Saturday!

craving nothing at the moment. I had breakfast not too long ago and I’m feeling pretty satisfied.

needing to learn some simple sayings in French since we’re finally going to Paris this year (late August)! I’m so darn excited!

thankful for my family. I had the best weekend celebrating my dad’s birthday (I intend to share on Thursday) and I just adore my family. I can’t help but feel so blessed when I’m with them.

wanting it to be 3:30pm that way I can go home. Story of my life. I love what I do but I love it more when I get to go home, ha.

loving my husband.

missing my mom and especially more this week since her birthday is next Tuesday. It’s crazy but I miss her more and more each day. Maybe I am craving something ... to be able to talk to my mom.

wearing a striped black and white maxi dress and black shoes.

thinking about the all places I want to visit when we are in Paris! I'm begging Sean to make a detailed itinerary like he did for our trip to San Francisco. It was just so organized! Who’d have thought that I would love itineraries the way I do?!

looking forward to this weekend.

hoping that you all have a wonderful week and that life is treating you kindly! ♥

Thursday, June 14, 2018

48 hours in Atlantic City


Sean is off on Thursdays - Saturdays so when he suggested we leave for Atlantic City, Thursday afternoon it didn't take me long to think about. I love any excuse to start my weekend earlier and since it was only going to be for two days, it meant that we were going to back home Saturday afternoon. Which to me is the best thing since I technically still had my entire weekend at home!

We were pretty thrilled to see that money and care is being put back into Atlantic City and that new businesses are being built at this very moment. I'll admit that for several years it was a little sad for us to see how Atlantic City was dying a slow death. But for the first time in a long while we actually see life being put back and we're looking forward to going back and seeing the changes.

Anywho ... we ate, gambled a bit, danced, walked the beach and board walk and that's basically my recap.

IMG_5200 IMG_5203


We walked the slightly deserted beach. We had hoped for beach weather this trip but that didn't happen
so we settled for walking the beach both days which to me is just as lovely.


IMG_5223 IMG_5222




IMG_5227 IMG_5225 IMG_5232

We made a pit stop at Bally's Beach Bar for a few drinks. We use to come here several years ago when it was Sammy's Beach Bar.


IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5248


Thursday night we gambled in the casino for a little bit and Sean just always, always wins.
I also just love this top Sean picked out for me. I intend to wear it for many summer nights this year.


IMG_5253 IMG_5258 IMG_5254

thumbnail_IMG_6488 thumbnail_IMG_6539

The following day we took our time getting the day started and once we were up and at them we had a
delicious lunch at LandShark Bar & Grill. I loved our view while we ate.


IMG_5268 IMG_5272


Before we went dancing we had dinner at the VUE rooftop bar and grill.
Of course I had to take golden hour selfies on their rooftop.

thumbnail_IMG_6531 thumbnail_IMG_6532

We shared a chicken quesadilla which we both agreed was the best we have ever had.


After dinner, we went to Boogie Nights for a night of dancing to 70s and 80s music and had the best time!

And before we left we enjoyed ice cream cones on the board walk because summer!



I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! ♥