Thursday, April 19, 2018

San Francisco: Oakland, Grizzly Peak, Redwood Regional Park & more


On our last day in California we took the short drive to Oakland to meet up with an old blog friend, Kirsten. Although, she no longer blogs we still follow each other on Instagram and have been able to continue a friendship that was built through our blogs.

Before meeting up, Sean and I drove to Grizzly Peak to get the entire view of San Francisco. Unfortunately, my pictures do it no justice and I was unable to capture how incredible the view really was. The Lord knows I really tried.


IMG_3929 IMG_3939


After that we drove to Homeroom where we were meeting Kirsten for lunch. The restaurant sells so many different kinds of mac and cheese but unfortunately Sean and I were not impressed with our meals. I’ve just had so much good mac and cheese in my life so this just did not compare. Our drinks were great though! It was awesome that Kirsten felt like an old friend that I had not seen in a long while. We were never short on something to talk about and it all just felt so easy and natural. It is still so amazing to me how social media has been able to connect people who never would have met otherwise.

Kirsten brought her dog and it was so nice to finally meet him in person. He is a pretty big deal on Instagram, so I was you know, meeting a famous dog, haha. He is adorable and so, so sweet and needs to teach my dogs a thing or two on how to pose.


IMG_3954 IMG_3952


IMG_3962 IMG_3957


After we ate, we drove to Redwood Regional Park and it was amazing. The trees were just so tall (obviously) and incredibly beautiful. I’ve always loved trees for some reason and well, I was completely in eye candy land. I could have stayed here all day just walking around but we couldn’t since Sean does not have time for that ;). Afterwards, Kirsten told us that if we wanted to see another great view of San Francisco she had a place to take us. And she was right, it was a fantastic view but for some reason I did not take as many shots as I think I should have. When we were driving Kirsten back to her apartment we drove passed Lake Merritt which was also pretty neat to see. But to be honest, it wasn't something I thought we needed to get out of the car for.

IMG_3975 IMG_3996


IMG_3983 IMG_3990





IMG_4009 IMG_4003


IMG_3986 IMG_4016


We had tons of suggestions to get ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery so after we dropped off Kirsten we got ice cream. It was good but being the ice cream lover I am, I've had some really great ice cream. Again, it was good but not the best I’ve ever had.


On our last night, we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and decided to have an early dinner at Chowder Hut. We sat next to this gentleman at the bar and began talking. Come to find out he went to the same college as Sean and me, roughly twenty years earlier! We ended up reminiscing for our entire dinner, talking about our college and whether this or that was still there or not, etc. It was completely the best way to end such an epic trip and a reminder that it really is a small world.


San Francisco completely stole a piece of my heart and I cannot wait to go back. I hope you enjoyed the recap but this post concludes San Francisco. I hope you all have wonderful (weather is suppose to be pretty nice) weekends!
And as always, thanks for reading! ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring made an appearance!


Guys, we finally got spring like weather (80s!!!) and we made sure to take advantage of it. Good thing too because we are back in the 40s & 50s this week. Not nice spring, not nice. We first enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the deck and then went to the gym for a workout. We had big plans to work on our front and back yards after the gym as Mr. Sean did not rake up the leaves last fall.

Since it was going to be such a nice day, I decided that I'd help him, ha. I know how that sounds but I love informing everyone that I’m responsible for the inside cleaning & he’s responsible for the outside cleaning, also known as, raking, mowing, shoveling, etc. Anyway, regardless of how much work it was, it was actually very enjoyable & I believe our workouts earlier in the day helped to give us the energy we needed to work several hours in the front and back yards. But let's be honest, with the weather being so nice it made me want to be outside all day. The dogs were loving it too and practically took sunbaths the entire day.

After working in our front and back yards we took the dogs out for a long walk that way they could also swim in the lake afterwards. Well, Izabella did the swimming and Walker did the, "do not put me in the water" thing.

Since we took all of our patio furniture out from the shed Friday night, we took a quick trip to Wegmans that way we could pick up a few things to grill for dinner Saturday evening. I seasoned the chicken Friday night and allowed it to marinate overnight for extra tastiness. I have to say that if there is one simple thing we both enjoy it is having our first grilled dinner on the first nice day of the year. We make it a bit of a big deal the first time and it really is just a treat after such a long and brutal winter.

IMG_4307 IMG_4303


The cheap champagne was for celebrating closing on our 5th rental property and finally becoming an LLC :)
We soon added orange juice that way we could have mimosas, yum!


IMG_4319 IMG_4322


IMG_4370 IMG_4376

Since we wanted to enjoy the weather as much as possible, after dinner we went downtown for a little walk. Everyone was out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and it was just so nice to finally have such great weather and to know that these days will soon not be a rarity. I hope you all had wonderful weekends and that you’re having better weather than we're having this week! ♥

Thursday, April 12, 2018

San Francisco: Chinatown & more


Since we went to bed early the previous day, we were up rather early the following morning.
We quickly picked up tickets at Fisherman's Wharf for the cable cars to take us down to Chinatown.

IMG_3848 IMG_3849


I haven’t been to a Chinatown since I lived in the city so you could say that I was pretty excited to check it out in San Francisco. It honestly felt like we had stepped into a new world/country. The banks, restaurants, grocery stores were all in Chinese which obviously shouldn’t have been a surprise but for some reason I couldn't help but to point it out. Mrs. Captain Obvious over here.


IMG_3861 IMG_3864


IMG_3868 IMG_3872


IMG_3874 IMG_3879


IMG_3890 IMG_3885


IMG_3893 IMG_3892

We decided that we’d also eat in Chinatown and that was quite the experience. After walking around quite a while for a restaurant to eat at, we decided on New Woey Loy Goey and were the only tourists in the entire restaurant. Everyone around us were speaking Chinese and we wondered (just being honest here) if maybe this wasn’t the smartest decision. The restaurant seemed a bit like family style where everyone, regardless if you came together, were seated together. If there was space at the table, that’s where you were seated to eat. I often feel that sometimes you have to feel a little uncomfortable (which at first I did) but once I got my food (which was so delicious) all my discomfort went away and I felt like a person who was just eating at a restaurant with other patrons. The bartender was extremely helpful and kind and helped us narrow down what to eat. We had the best wonton soup of our lives and we both wished that we had gotten two orders each.

Excuse the crappy pictures below. The restaurant was very dimly lit with no natural light peeking through.


After we ate, we picked up a few trinkets/souvenirs in Chinatown and then went
to Sutter Station Tavern in the financial district for drinks.

IMG_3918 IMG_3914

After that we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the evening. When we were walking out to get dinner, I realized that my outfit matched our hotel’s art wall. So of course I had Sean snap a quick picture for me. It's not every day you match the wall art.


We decided to go back to Bistro Boudin this night since we had a great experience a few days prior. I ordered empanadas and a Pinot Noir and Sean ordered a Cuban sandwich and a Manhattan. I enjoyed my dish but Sean said it wasn't the best Cuban sandwich he has had. When I asked him how his sandwich was, he said, "it isn't bad but it isn't great either".

thumbnail_IMG_5865 thumbnail_IMG_5868

After we ate we took an Uber to the Mission District and we stopped at a bar that I can't remember the name of. It just wasn't our scene so we took an Uber to Gold Dust Lounge for karaoke due to the recommendation of the bartender at Bistro Boudin. We should have listened to him in the first place. When we got to Gold Dust Lounge, Sean tricked me by saying that we should both do karaoke so being in good spirits (read: wine) I decided on Zombie by The Cranberries. It was so much fun but when I did it Sean decided that he wouldn’t. I guess he didn’t want to compete with my excellent voice, ha. We had such a good time with the locals who informed us that they did karaoke with each other every Wednesday night. They were all so incredibly good too!

While we were walking back to our hotel room we stopped at a small store to pick up several bottles of water. An older guy stopped Sean to ask him where he got that diamond. We were both confused so I asked the guy, what diamond? He said, "You, you're the diamond!" That caught us both off guard and we laughed out loud. It was a great way to end an already great day! :)