Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun Facts Sunday

The Rolex Release {Rod and Alex, so cute right?!} has tagged me to share 7 facts about myself. I don't know what 7 things I haven't shared about myself on this blog but I am going to find 7 things you may not know about me. If you already know these 7 things about me, then consider yourself my true blog bff.

The directions are:

1. Write 7 things about yourself.
2. Give the "award" to other blogs.
3. Inform them about it!

Here we go!

1. I am happy that I get to share 7 facts about myself because I love the number 7. Not sure why but I think the number 7 is attractive.

2. I've started taking prenatal vitamins. Not because I am trying to conceive at this moment but because they say it is benefical to take it before you start trying.

3. I make a new meal once a week. I have about 25 recipes typed onto computer paper and then when I try it, I write on the side of the recipe, sooo delish, def. making that again, fail, bummer, not bad, who came up with this????. I try not to share the "who came up with this????" recipes too much because I like not having hateful comments on my blog.

4. I wish I were a fashion blogger. They always seem so cool and put together.

5. I'm going to South Beach in 11 days. South Beach is the first place, Sean and I traveled together. Due to this, it has become one of my most favorite places to visit.

6. But I still love Vegas more.

7. January 2012, I am doing the chop ... can't wait to be au naturale! :)

I’m “awarding” this to:

Tami @ The Tami-licious Life
Kathy @ Lovelace Files
Raven @ A Momma's desires and pacifiers
Frugalista Married
hudson's happening
The Chocolate Knot
CeCe @ King Chloe

Have fun! :)


  1. 1. The number 7 is my fav to! There is just something chic about it.

    2. Make sure your prenatals have DHA. It really does make a difference, and it's important.

    3.You are so much better at cooking than I am. I really need to take your lead on this.

    4.My closet is to shameful to allow me to blog about fashion. I'll stick to writing about nonsense.

    5. OMG!! I'm so jealous!! You better take some SERIOUS photos young lady. SERIOUS photos.

    6. We really need to do a girls weekend in Vegas. Like.. pronto!

    7. I've been waiting for this forever! I'm so proud of you for going natural and I know it's not an easy process. But baby? YOU'RE H-O-T!

    Thank you so much for giving me this award babydoll. I'd like to thank my producer Faith and the academy for making it all possible... :)

  2. I am in love with the fact that you have a list of recipes! i aspire to be like you someday lady! And i LOVE south beach too...have a great time!

  3. Cute post! I like how you file your recipes. :-) I totally agree with you on #4 and #6 too! South Beach was freaking awesome but too expensive to make my most favorite list.
    I can't wait til your chop. :-)

  4. 7 has always been my fav number too!
    my son was born 7-17-2010
    So it has a whole new meaning to it.

    Glad you're thinking about trying :)
    I'm always hoping in all your posts
    You will break the news your
    Pregnant.. :)

  5. Yay for South Beach!!
    Way to go for the vitamins.
    I'm so stuck in a rut with recipes. I need to try new things, just like you do.
    Have the best week!!
    It's about to rain here where we are!

  6. I like 7 too.
    And even though you're not trying at the moment, that's still exciting!! And I'm looking forward to that announcement.

  7. I took prenatals a year before my wedding so my hair would grow faster and I never stopped taking them haha! I'm so excited that you're starting them even though you aren't TTC yet because it means you're thinking about it :)

  8. Kudo for taking prenatal now, it helps the body. And can't wait to see the chop, you are going to be so stylish. You rock every style.

  9. i love the number 7 too (:

    and enjoy south beach!!

  10. Great list.

    I'm taking pre-natal v's, too, and for the exact same reason! Just had a full physical and some routine vaccines with the mindset that "trying" might be sooner rather than later...

    I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful trip together!

  11. Hey thanks for tagging me in this! I just posted my answers and gave you a blog award thinggy :) I feel ya on number four. I wish I were one of those youtuber gurus who actually get paid to make videos!

  12. Hey! Thanks for the tag, girl! I'll definitely try to do it SOON! :)

    I got really excited when you said you were starting prenatal vitamins. ;) Probably over-excited.

    Good for you making a new meal once a week! My hubby would LOVE that! I used to be a lot better at cooking new things....I've definitely slacked off since I have a toddler. :(

    I want to go to south beach. Like, now. ;)

  13. Yay! I love your seven facts!
    We are sooooo alike! I secretly wish I was a fashion blogger too. But I'm definitely not fashionable...except maybe when I'm in REI.
    And I have been thinking about taking prenatal vitamins as well. We aren't going to have "little ones" for a few more years...but by the time we're ready I want to make sure my body is a healthy baby-makin'-machine!
    Now, I have to know...What is "the chop"? Are you going to Sinead O'Connor it? :)

  14. Yeah! Take those prenatals now because there is a good chance that when you do get pregnant, they’ll make you wanna hurl and you’ll stop taking them. I switched to the gummy multis when I couldn’t handle the prenatal vitamins anymore. :)

    I wish I were a fashion blog too. And a crafty blog. And a home décor blog. And a photography blog. But, it’s just not me. So, I’ll just admire all the other put together people. And try not to hate them. Juuuuuuust kidding! I’m not a hater.

    7 IS a good number. It’s in the Bible a lot. Which is why I always said I’d have 7 kids. Then I had 1 kid. Hahahaha! Now, I’m just kinda letting it all happen on an inspiration type basis. In other words, when I feel like God is ready to send us another baby, I put on my big girl panties, take a deep breath and get pregnant! Not that I have any issues with the getting pregnant part. The first trimester is a beast though.

    I hope you guys have a FABULOUS vacation. Can’t wait to see all the pictures. You always take such fun interesting pictures!
    Sorry to be so lengthy with this comment. :) Sorta.

  15. That's funny how you categorize your recipes! Thanks for the award. I'll post mine this evening after work :)

  16. 7 is a good number since it is God perfect number.

  17. The number 7 is one of my favorites too! What a great idea to try a new recipe each week. I need to be more adventurous.

  18. so excited for you to make the big are going to look absolutely fabulous! You already are! Enjoy your vacation, I've never been to South Beach...lucky gal. Um I'm not good at going in order ha...very impressed with your new recipe regime. the mister cooks every single night. i know that sounds terrible to admit but he really loves cooking. i've never been to vegas either (boo...i gotta travel the states more)
    fashion blogging is fun but the hard part is once you share outfits that's all people want to see. sometimes i miss the old days when i was more random but at the same time i feel like my fashion sense has improved. so great your taking prenatals lady and i read your wonderful interview at integrated memoirs well done!


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