Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes and Always {#2}

It's "Sometimes and Always" time! My favorite link up in blogland.

Sometimes: I hate my job and wish I didn’t have to work.
Always: I am grateful that I have a job that pays all our bills.

Sometimes: I wish I was ready to have babies.
Always: When I hang out with my nephew I am glad I’m not. He is a handful!

Sometimes: I wish my love for sweets would disappear, that would be nice to my figure.
Always: I savor biting into that delicious piece of chocolate, caramel goodness.

Sometimes: I make a schedule regarding everything I am going to do for the week.
Always: I never follow it.

Sometimes: I enjoy taking the time to polish my nails.
Always: I am annoyed when it starts to chip and wonder why I even bother.

Sometimes: I don’t want to work out and would rather pig out on the couch and watch movies.
Always: I want to get back to my wedding planning weight.

Sometimes: Date night is at home with a home cooked meal, pajamas and a movie.
Always: I enjoy getting dolled up and going out to eat for date night.

Head over to Megan's blog and link up and let me know if you do that way I can check you out! :)


  1. I love the idea of this, it really puts things on a nice perspective when you realise that although there are things in life you sometimes don't enjoy there is an always where behind the scenes these aspects of your life are providing a consistency not everyone else realises and appreciates. Great post Faith.

  2. great blog!!! organizing our lives is really a must in order to reach our goals and to know our plans in life... love your blog, following you now..
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  3. I love this weeks Sometimes and Always...can't relate on the chocolate thing. Told you already I think chocolate tastes like dirt...lol!
    Don't ya just hate when you get your nails done and chip it on the first day, or smudge it hours after...grrr. Have a happy week!! Finals start tonight...no?

  4. Love this!! I am the same way with nail polish...I think I want it then I get so mad it chips right away!

  5. i usually always make a schedule and 9/10 times ill follow it too ha

  6. The home cooked meal, PJ's and a movie sound awesome!! But like you, I like going out too!

  7. Hey Faith!!! Thanks for stopping by www.jinfitness.com today!!! you and your hubby are so freaking cute! Don't be a stranger :)


  8. GIRLLL..I love the photo of you and your man!! WORK IT..What an amazing dress! and those shoes??? WURK!

    I'm following you!!

    Be sure to check us out at www.shervinsworld.com



  9. Faith- thanks for stopping by my blog. Like you I wish I could leave sweet treats alone. However, everytime I take a bite of good chocolate or caramel, my stomach smiles. Lol

  10. Faith - thanks for the Follow :) so glad I found your blog! I'll be stopping by often!

  11. I love reading these :) lol at the sweets, i hear ya!

  12. I'm exactly the same as you about chipped nails. I'm lucky if I can keep them for even 24 hours without chipping or scratching them!

  13. OMG...I am the SAME way with my nails! I get SO SO mad when they chip!!! You are SO good at doing these, Faith! Seriously!!

    Thanks for linking up!! And saying it's your favorite! You are so sweet!! Love youuuu!!

  14. I write stuff in my planner but then totally forget about it.

    That will be my goal for the new year.


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