Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always {#3}

I missed "Sometimes and Always" with Mackey Madness the last couple of weeks but it's back! ;)

Sometimes – I make a grocery list and then go even further and put the list on my phone
Always – I forget something on our grocery list

Sometimes – I don’t want to do laundry and the dirty clothes pile up
Always – I love clean clothes

Sometimes – I miss my relaxed hair
Always – I am glad that I made the decision to never relax my hair again

Sometimes – I go clothes shopping and nothing looks right
Always – I leave with a new pair of earrings because they always look right

Sometimes – I have several voice messages on my phone
Always – It takes me several days to return the message {I’m working on this!}

Sometimes – I want to order something different when I get sushi
Always – I get the same thing

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  1. Grocery list on the phone...now THAT is a good idea!!! I always manage to forget something :)

  2. Great list of Sometimes & Always!
    I don't like returning calls either, sometimes I want to hide my phone :)
    Have a good Tuesday! It's rainy & sleepy weather in Birmingham but everyone is happy because of Bama's win last night. I'm embarrassed to say I could really care less about football!!!

  3. is it bad that i have no idea who Bama is? i am assuming that it is a football team just because you said you you could care less about football, haha.

  4. I always do my grocery list on my phone. Actually, I put everything into my phone!! And laundry. BOO!! Necessary evil.

  5. Haha! I feel you on the laundry situation! That is totally me...

  6. I'm the same with grocery shopping!

    and I keep buying earrings, but I rarely wear them. In fact, it is entirely possible that my holes closed up. lol

  7. I love sometimes and always!!!

    This weeks favorite....

    always: I love clean clothes


  8. I love when you do sometimes and always!!!! I always put the list in my phone too and then forget something. But I blame it on all the distractions at the grocery store. Lol!

  9. I am terrible with grocery lists! I always seem to forget something on them! Or sometimes i don't even have a list, this usually turns into a disaster!

  10. omg...the first four i could not agree more...WOW! lol.

    love this post! :)

  11. Big Man does the grocery shopping so I don't have to worry about the lists. :)

  12. haha I always get the same sushi as well. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    I tagged you in a blog game on my blog, in case you want to play along!

  13. I got my iPhone in November & downloaded an app for grocery lists. SO EASY AND FUN!!!

    And I ALWAYS order the same thing no matter what restaurant I go to.

  14. sometimes I miss having a perm...but I do love being natural!!

  15. Hey hey! Thanks for following my blog. :) I absolutely LOVE the shoes in your wedding photo up top. They are fabulous!

    ~ Angela

  16. I'm the same as you on the sushi! I always want to be adventurous, but then I'm like "But what if it's icky...!?" :P

  17. I can't leave a store empty handed either! It used to be underwear but that started getting expensive lol.

  18. I ALWAYS want to try new sushi but I chicken out and ALWAYS order the same thing...oh to be adventurous with food lol!

  19. i alllllways forget something on my list!!!

  20. I love your sometimes and always and I always do the same thing with sushi too.

  21. I feel you on the voicemail one...though it actually takes me days to listen to it. I'm not a fan of voicemail. Ironically, I still leave messages for people and hate when they don't return my call right away.ha!

  22. I always put the grocery list on my phone, too!! And then right when I get home I'm like, "oh no, did I get that?" Nope. Gotta go back. Ugh!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!


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