Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's OK ...

To not always see eye to eye
To agree to disagree
To compromise
To compliment
To not have the last word
To be jealous that your dog likes him better than you
To want to choke him in his sleep
To say how much you love him
To argue
To tell everyone how great he is
To say the meal he made was awful
To text him good night with a kissy face while he is working and you are going to sleep
To be annoyed that he can drop 5 lbs in one week
To wear his socks when yours are dirty
To be annoyed that he can eat way more than you AND drop 5 lbs in one week
To have date nights
To pretend you ate healthy all week that way when you complain about weight gain he is just as baffled as you are
To kiss him good morning
To think his tattoos are hot
To feel that the stars aligned when you met
To not let him play with your fro
To hope that your future child has his eyes
To wrestle and then pretend cry because he jabbed you in the eye with his elbow by mistake
To work out together
To watch an extra episode of a television show without him even though you are suppose to be watching it together
To feel that he is the best traveling partner
To bribe him to get him to take outfit pictures for your blog
To love rugby just because he does
To annoy him with your excessive picture taking
To blog even if he doesn’t get it
To meet strangers via the Internet even if he tries to scare you and tell you that they are serial killers
To remember that yesterday marked 3.5 years of marriage and to get excited about it, even though he looked at you all strange when you yelled "Happy 3.5 year Anniversary!
To stare at your husband while he is doing dishes (and rocking out to Disturbed) and think to yourself, how in the world did I get so damn lucky?


  1. Ahhh..goosebumps...

    I was nodding, smiling, and laughing.

    This is all soo true! One of my favorite posts yet!!!!

  2. What a sweet post! It is ok. All of that. What a lovely wedding picture. Hope you have a great day sweets!

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

  3. Stop with all this cuteness already! :)


  4. Lol, I thought I was the only one that got jealous that MY doggy loves my Hubs more than me :(. It's ok! And once he watched an entire season of Game of Thrones without me and I made him watch it all AGAIN with me hehehe (evil laugh), that's ok too Cute post!!!!

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  6. Aww you're so sweet, Faith! I love this.

  7. Faith you are hilarious...and 3.5 years?! It goes by fast huh?

  8. oops watching extra episode of tv shows.... haha

    love this list, you are so right.


  9. This is a great list! I'm always stunned, too, that my husband can eat whatever he wants and actually could afford to gain a little weight. It's like, can we switch places, please? LOL.

  10. So sweet! Happy 3 1/2 year anniversary. I stare at my husband randomly too. He's wants to know why and I tell him I can't help it!

  11. I stare at Ashish regularly...especially when he's all scruffy! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to choke Ashish in his sleep. LOL! Love seeing your wedding pics!

  12. you two are adorable!!!! love this!


  13. Cute! Happy 3.5 year anniversary! You should always celebrate each milestone. Not everyone has made it that far so there IS reason to celebrate.

  14. Happy half-way-to 4 years! :)
    I'm totally trying to work on not needing to get in the last word. And, it annoys the crap out of me when hubby can THINK about food and his metabolism burns it up. I think about food and my hips expand. Boys are so lucky sometimes. :)

  15. Love this post Faith. All of these things are genuinely okay in a marriage and I really love how every thing applies to something that you've done, it's just beautiful.

  16. men doing dishes? pretty sure that's the sexiest thing ever;)

  17. Love this! :) And it totally is ok! :)

  18. aww... this list is awesome and so sweet!! You two were meant to be together for sure!!

  19. I love this!!! You guys are adorable! :-)

  20. So cute, Faith, such a great post and love your outlook on marriage!

  21. Haha I love all of these! Especially the one about being jealous that your dog likes him better - we recently had a talk about that exact thing. Babies like him better (I get SO frustrated that my nieces and nephews fawn over him and ignore me) but animals love me best. He tries to make dogs and cats love him, but they always gravitate towards me.

  22. So the honesty! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  23. "To pretend you ate healthy all week that way when you complain about weight gain he is just as baffled as you are" <---- HAHAHA I love it.

    I also the not letting him mess with your hair.

    This was too cute. I love that photo of you two.

  24. I totally lol'd on the weight gain. I do it too, but more so with working out. Let's just say Ryan THINKS I've been going to Jazzercise when I haven't gone in a few weeks (except I finally went Monday!).

  25. Omg i couldnt agree more! while i was going down this list im like yup thats me. ok i do that, i def do that! lol We are alot alike!

  26. That's the best feeling! When you just look at your hubby and think, "How did I get so lucky!?" I love that!

  27. Such a sweet post!! Me and B fall into a few of these myself...especially the pictures and blogging ones. :)

    Happy 3.5 Anniversary to one of the awesomest couples I know.

  28. this made me all teary-eyed! it made me laugh and smile too. you and sean are such an awesome couple - it's evident through your words, photos, smile...
    happy three and a half years!
    love the beautiful photo of you!
    you rock!


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