Monday, September 21, 2015

Eiffel Tower Restaurant - Vegas


Most people know that Sean and I do Vegas yearly. It is “our” place. I don’t think we’re even sure why it is "our" place but ever since we visited together in 2008 and got engaged we’ve gone once or twice a year.

I won’t lie and say that sometimes I’m not like, "Come on, let’s do something different this year!" but anytime I protest and we get there, there's this feeling that comes over the both of us and I’m just thrilled we did it and we always leave saying, "Can't wait to do this next year!"

This time around was a surprise. We already went earlier this year and with everything that was happening we had no plans to go anywhere that was a far distance from where we live. I didn’t want us to spend money, make plans and then have to cancel a trip at the last minute or worst case scenario leave earlier because something happened at home. Peace of mind when things are so hard is practically non-existent, so why add unnecessary stress? Sean had already taken the week of August 24th off and with my mom leaving us on August 8th, Sean put it upon himself to plan a surprise getaway to Vegas because if there is one place that puts my mind at ease, it is Vegas. I just love that place. I went to Vegas the first time when I turned 18 and won $800 at my first try at the slot machine and well, you can say that I’m waiting for that moment again.

Anyway, I’m sitting at my desk for my first day back to work from my mom’s death and I get a text from Sean letting me know to check my email. I check my email and there is confirmation of a hotel and flight to Vegas leaving on the 26th. Imagine my surprise. I called him right away and was like, "Wait? Are you serious right now?" And he was. I told my boss immediately. She is awesome and so easy going in nature and did not blink an eye, gave me the days off and told me to have the best time. That week flew by rather quickly even though I thought that it would be the longest work week of my life.

I know it is annoying to hear someone gush about their husband/wife. OK, for me it isn’t. I love, love. I love good love. The love that is not selfish and is always thinking of the other person. The love that makes you want to see that person smile and happy. The love that is often stronger than the love you have for yourself. That is the love I see with Sean. He makes me want to be this person that is not only good to the ones I love but to those that I don’t know.

Although, we have done Vegas so many times before Sean decided he wanted us to do something a little different. He contacted the Eiffel Towel Restaurant to make dinner reservations but the times we wanted were not available so Sean made a lunch reservation. This was absolutely perfect to me. Due to the unusual time it was not too busy and the attention we received from the staff was top-notch. The whole experience was just so great. Attentive staff (not just the person waiting on you) and amazing food. It was an experience that I won’t soon forget. And while we dined on delicious food the Bellagio water show turned on and like most others I always stop when it turns on just to admire it. It was nice to be able to watch it whilst sitting down for the first time.

This was my most favorite dining experience I’ve had in Vegas.

IMG_1098 IMG_1108

- The love of my life.

I will share additional pictures of our trip shortly but you can skip that post(s) because it isn’t anything that you haven’t probably already seen here. But for memory sake I like to document these on my blog and this is one trip that will always remind me that when you love someone you just really love them.

I hope you all have amazing weeks! xoxo ♥


  1. Me and the hubs enjoyed that restaurant as well. We actually stayed at Paris when we were there. We really love Vegas too. Nothing wrong with that, and it just never gets old for some reason.

  2. What an awesome surprise. I'm with you. I love love. Especially selfless love. Glad you had a great time.

  3. What an awesome surprise. I'm with you. I love love. Especially selfless love. Glad you had a great time.

  4. So glad you got whisked away to your favorite place! Beautiful pictures as per usual :)

  5. As always, lovely pictures (without you in it!! LOL). Vegas is definitely your place! It's cool to have a place where you can go back time and time again and still want to go back. What a nice surprise.

  6. Sean is the sweetest. What a fabulous retreat for you.
    The Eifle Tower Restaurant looks so amazing!

  7. Oh my gosh, I got tears in my eyes reading that Sean surprised you with the trip! That is so sweet and incredibly thoughtful! So glad you got to get away and relax!

  8. Awesome treat! Vegas is a beautiful place to visit.

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  10. Love that view!

    I have yet to visit Vegas but you get me excited more and more each year!

    Beautiful pics as well...

    XO |EESH

    P.S. I adore how you described love. I got a lil bubbly there!

  11. Faith, what a wonderful surprise. Sean is such a sweet, caring husband and that restaurant... Wow! That place looks amazing and the food looks so delicious.

    Hugs... :)

  12. I've only been to Vegas once but I understand the appeal - it's such a magical fun city! So sorry to read about your mom Faith - keeping you all in my thoughts. XOXO

  13. Looks so fancy! :P Some girls and I have been pondering a girl's trip to Vegas next Spring. I've never been, but I think it'd be fun!

    Been thinking about you lady... I know it's tough, but I am happy to see you enjoying some fun time with your husband :)

  14. What a wonderful man you have. I'm glad you had a great time, and it holds fond memories for the both of you. <3

  15. Great post! I'll have to try that restaurant the next time I'm there. The food looks amazing!

  16. I've done Vegas a few times but haven't dined at the Eiffel Tower before, I've thought about it but with so much to choose from it's hard to get around to everything. I think I'll pop this on my list for my next visit (hopefully next summer !!!) The view looks absolutely gorgeous !

  17. This place looks dreamy. We are thinking of going to Vegas next year and I am seriously saving this and all your Vegas post as reference.

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  19. This might have made me tear up... what a special surprise, trip, husband, and meal. You deserved this beyond belief!

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