Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friendships are my jam.

This day was a particularly good day. I'm thinking that it's because brunch is just good for the soul but truthfully it is an amazing thing when you find a really great friend when you thought it was impossible at your age. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm not old but I think we all get to a certain point and think that we've made all the great friends we need to last a lifetime.

At least, that is what I thought.

But for me, that changed. The fact that I don't live too close to my family and my best friends are not in the same state as I am anymore, I can imagine that the last year would have been even harder.

Cinthia is a new friend but I feel that I've known her forever. We just get each other and I'm pretty grateful for it. You know the moment when you and a friend are laughing at something so ridiculously dumb and then you realize it so you're laughing even harder because you can't believe you've met someone who would actually find that funny. We get those moments often.

She also never met my mom but she cried with me when she learned and that felt really special.

So this post is dedicated to friendships, great friendships, that when the going gets tough they make it so much easier.

IMG_0730 IMG_0712 IMG_0729
IMG_0719 IMG_0718
IMG_0748 IMG_0743
Oh and cheers to food. Always. Especially crab mac and cheese. Talk about a party in your mouth.


  1. To great friendships! The food pics....Ahhhh, look sooo delish!

  2. I'm glad you have Cinthia. Somehow having a pal and someone to talk to and hang out with makes a lot of difference. Pretty sure I'm over here salivating over every morsel of food/drink you posted a picture of!

  3. "Friendships are family we get to choose."
    So glad to hear you have such a great person to be there for you.

    And let's talk about that food. Oh my yum.

  4. Yay for friendships! I know what you mean about finding a good friend. My friend has been there for me just when I needed her and needed someone to share my burdens with. I'm so happy for you. You two look fabulous! Ugh that food- it looks really scrumptious!

  5. Great friendships make life so much sweeter. Surrounding yourself with such friends make life less miserable. Enjoy your friend and man your food looks delish

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  7. So happy you guys found each other!

  8. wedding invitations!!!


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