Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This Saturday began like any other Saturday. I made plans with Cinthia and Margaret to have brunch, the only difference being was that this time around they were calling it my birthday brunch.

Cinthia and Margaret live in the town over from me, and the new restaurant we were trying is also in their town. Due to this, I found it a bit odd that they decided that they would take one car and pick me up and then basically backtrack. When I said something about it they both quickly said that it would be fun to drive in together since we never do so. Oh, ok. I guess.

When we arrived we were thrilled that we could still eat outside. The weather was really beautiful that day and actually very sunny as you'll be able to see from my pictures. We ordered our food and every single thing that came out we were so impressed with. Everything was so delicious that we’ve actually become quite obsessed and luckily for us it's not too far from where we work.

IMG_2235 IMG_2238
IMG_2239 IMG_2243
IMG_2259 IMG_2264

Anyway, when it was time to go back, Margaret mentioned that we should go to the Home Depot by my house that way I could finally buy the spray paint to complete my mirror. Margaret is the crafty one and spray paints everything so it was not a strange comment to come out of her mouth. Fifteen minutes later, Cinthia asks if she can use the bathroom at my house before we go to Home Depot. I did not find this strange either because we are not fans of public bathrooms.

Anyway, I’m sitting in the back seat (I didn’t say “claimed!” fast enough, if you watch Walking Dead you completely got this!) and I see that Cinthia is pulling into a driveway packed with cars. I’m confused and in my mind I’m actually saying, wrong house, wrong house. It took a few minutes for it to register that purple and white balloons were hanging on my mailbox.

When she has driven further into the driveway I look to my left and there’s my family and friends standing on my front lawn yelling, “SURPRISE!” The windows are down in the car so I can hear my little niece Noa yelling surprise over and over again. And then I see my dad and I completely lose it and start crying like a baby. They have it on video too, boo to them.

Guys, it was pretty crazy how I felt. I could not believe that Sean had been able to pull this off.

When I saw Sean I gave him the biggest hug and he proceeded to tell me how the plans began. He told me that I had mentioned on our way home from Lake Welch (the day at the lake spent with my family) that I had such a great day and that I would love to be with my entire family on my birthday. When he said this, I remembered that Sean had said something like, we always go somewhere on your birthday and that he would like to do something, just me and him. I remember leaving it at that.

It was at this time that Sean began reaching out to my family, his family and my friends to set up a surprise party for me. He felt it would be important to be surrounded by all the people who love me since this was going to be my first birthday without my mom.

It was truly one of the greatest days of my life and I feel so incredibly grateful to have Sean.
He always goes above and beyond and I hope that I do the same for him.

When we were gathering to cut cake Sean made sure to talk about all the purple decorations and how it was my mom’s favorite color and how her presence was felt even if physically she was not. It was hard not to have a smile on my face the whole day. It was such a beautiful day and I would not have had it any other way.

Oh wait, I think it is time to make some photographer friends because when you’re the person who takes pictures at all the events, you’re the person who takes pictures at all the events. I stayed away from taking pictures at my own party and well, I wish I had gotten a lot more good ones & more of all the people that were there. A lot of the pictures that were taken with my camera were blurry, out of focus and poorly lit BUT I was able to get a few that really made me smile!

IMG_2270 IMG_2273

- My matron of honor Stacy (and husband!) was there and you can say that I cried some more when I saw her because she was actually celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary that weekend and changed plans to make the party.

IMG_2275 IMG_2283
IMG_2299 IMG_2306

Oh & you know.
Just dancing like no one's watching.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in celebrating my birthday in this special way. It will never be forgotten.
And to my husband Sean. Words cannot explain just how much I appreciate you. You just rock my entire world ♥


  1. You are truly blessed and I know your mom is smiling down on you all. May you have birthday joy for a long time.


  2. What a sweet and beautiful surprise. I'm sure your family being there made it extra special.
    Happy birthday!

  3. What a sweet and beautiful surprise. I'm sure your family being there made it extra special.
    Happy birthday!

  4. Way to go Sean!! How sweet and thoughtful of him to put together such a fabulous and special surprise party.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you a wonderful year filled with love and success. You have an amazing husband and a wonderful family.

  6. Happy Birthday my lovely blogger friend! Wishing you a year full of joy, tummy-wrenching laughter, and so much love that you need more room to contain it! xo

  7. Aw I love it. You definitely deserved a very happy birthday!!

  8. OMG! Yes I give Sean 10 stars and husband of the year award for this! Such joy and love. Truly a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, Faith!!! This is such a big and wonderful surprise. Sean seriously is the most thoughtful guy! What a fun day. Happy, happy birthday!

  10. Girl _ I'm over hear teary eyed reading this. Such a beautiful birthday surprise. xo

  11. Awe, what an amazing surprise. I am so happy that they were able to celebrate with you and make it extra special. I love the way your family is connected and always happy to spend time together.

  12. What sweet friends and an amazing family you have. Happy Birthday!! I'm sure it was just the kind of surprise you needed to keep you going this year.

  13. What an amazing family, friends & hubby you have. I am so happy they pulled together to make your birthday extra special this year. <3 Loved all the photographs!

  14. What this is the sweetest thing ever. I love that everyone worked so hard to keep it a surprise, and I love that they were able to pull it off. Awesome.


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