Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scenes from Christmas Day.

IMG_5054 IMG_5056

So, Christmas began a little rough because as soon as I woke up I was reminded that I would not hear my mother’s voice.
I still attempted to put on a brave face and got ready for our 4 hour road trip to my in-laws.

During the car ride, my emotions got the best of me and I began to cry.

The kind of cry that only comes from pain deep within and I just felt every emotion that one could possibly feel in those moments. The hyperventilating tears, the hiccupping, the shaking, I was having it all. Sean wanted to pull over but I told him not to as it will pass eventually. He rubbed my back and kept his left hand on the wheel which I actually scolded him about between my cry.

I eventually ended up calling my older sister, Emma, because she always knows how to make things better. And she did.

I ended the phone call in much better spirits because she began a little trip down memory lane of all the funny things our mom use to do. And I could not help but laugh hysterically because my mom was funny. She did not know it, nor did she do it on purpose, it was just who she was. I thanked my sister for calming me down and the rest of the day went smoother than I thought it would.

When we got to my in-laws we were the first to arrive so we sat around and talked. About 30 minutes later, my sister in law, the niece and nephew were down and this is when all the fun began. Presents opening, wrapping paper discarded carelessly every which way and the kids shrieking with excitement. It is the absolute best to see the joy on children’s faces on Christmas day.

After we opened presents, the kids began to play with their new toys and we watched “A Christmas Story”. When that finished we killed some time prior to dinner and watched some HGTV because my mother-in-law is just as obsessed with that channel as I am.

Around 2pm, I headed to the kitchen and began to make the lasagna which is what I make every year for Christmas. Sean’s family goes crazy for my lasagna and it always makes me laugh. Sean’s stepdad finally got the guts to ask me for my recipe last night (after how many years!) and I almost wanted to mess with him and tell him it was a family secret. I decided to be nice and give it to him and now I just hope that his lasagna doesn’t turn out better than mine does, ha.

Any who, here are just a few pictures from our Christmas Day. I wasn't my usual picture taking maniac, unfortunately. And if I'm to be honest these pictures aren't even that great. But what's a blog post without pictures? I know. Not much.

IMG_5059 IMG_5058
IMG_5043 IMG_5060
Looking at these pictures, I also realize there is none of me or Sean. My sister Emma has requested demanded that I fix this.

I remember when there was a time when this blog was filled with pictures of Sean and I. I don't know, maybe I didn't think it would make a difference if there were not many of me and Sean on here nowadays.

Well, my sister has advised me that it does matter so I will work on fixing that in 2016! She also requested that I bring back outfit posts but we're not going to go that far. Sean has been so happy that I don't ask him to take my outfit pictures anymore. Who am I to take away that happiness? Now that I think about it my sister is quite demanding.

Emma, is there anything else you'll like to see?! ;)

I hope you're all having a great week so far ♥


  1. It definitely was an emotional Christmas. Thank goodness for sisters. PS I miss your outfit posts as well ;)

  2. I know your mom is looking down and being so proud of you. I'm so happy you had a great Christmas. I can make a mean lasanga as well, maybe you can start sharing your recipes.

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  4. I'm glad you and your sisters have each other for support <3. The first holidays are always the hardest. Major Hugs.

    HGTV & lasagna (and drinks!) sounds like my kind of entertainment. I'm glad you had a nice time with his family. (and I miss your outfit posts too)

  5. I am glad your Christmas turned out to be good. I can totally understand the crying. It is hard especially during the holidays. I pray that you and your sisters continue to be close and comfort each other in your time of need.

    Praying 2016 brings you ALL of your heart's desires. Oh and more pictures of you and Sean. And yes, more outfits as well...:-)

  6. What a sweet and beautiful post! It's perfectly normal to experience those feelings. I went through the same feelings when my aunt passed on. II love you and your sister's bond. I pray that you continue to carry her wonderful spirit! Btw, I love your outfit posts. I can totes relate, Kirk resigned from taking outfit pics, lol.

  7. I'm sure that was such a tough day, but I'm glad you had a nice time with your in-laws. You're a nice daughter in law for giving him that recipe! You should have a competition next year! :)

  8. I can't even imagine what it's like not to have your mother around during the holidays particularly for you who is so family oriented :(. Hugs.

    I do agree with Emma, I want to see more pics of you and Sean, heck I just want to see more pics of life like you used to post.


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