Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Necessary vs. Unnecessary

-above purchased in 2013 that I reach for time and time again-

I did not end up making resolutions this year but Sean and I did discuss a few things that we wanted to accomplish when it comes to savings, house projects, etc, by the end of the year.

When January arrived I decided that I wanted to do a no spend January and only purchase items that were necessary. No wants, only needs. It was going really well and then January 18th happened and that threw my plans for a loop.

Now that I am recovering I am starting again but instead of a no-spend month I’ve made a list of things that we need whether it be for the house or for ourselves. This has helped me make better decisions when I head out and I find something I like and "I just have to have it”. Now if it is not on the list it does not get checked out.

When my restrictions were pretty limited and I could sit in bed no longer and watch Netflix, I decided to look at few pieces of clothing at a time in my closet. I sorted through them and made a donation pile. The items that I still wear regularly I left hanging in my closet. I knew it was a problem last year when I had a closet full of clothes but I kept on reaching for the same several pieces over and over. It was so nice to finally stop making excuses to keep items that I have not worn in years. I made a list in my phone of items that I do need in my closet that way when I head out those are the items I specifically seek out. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think this practice will not only help me save money in the long run but also keep me accountable on the stuff I bring home with me. I don’t want a home full of stuff “that I just had to have.” I want a home, a life with only things I love and use on the regular. Not things that get forgotten because I obviously did not have to have it.


  1. Beautiful! I really need to do the same thing. I am just lazy. PLUS I keep thinking "one of these days, I will buckle down and lose all these extra pounds. Then I'll need these clothes." But I have been saying that for 4 years now :-(. I just might do what you did this Spring.
    For shoes, I do the same thing but I am a shoe hoard! I can't seem to let go of them even though I only wear the same pair over and over again. I somehow get comfort from knowing it is there :-).

  2. I totally agree with you , I Find that I am always reaching for the same things making excuses for pieces I have never worn or hardly ever wear and I am always looking at things but never really thinking about what pieces I need and what I can definitely live without. This is refreshing as I will be changing my mentality as shopping habits.

  3. I do that list thing too! It says things like light blue shirt or red shirt to remind me of what it is I actually need when I'm out. Granted, I haven't paid so much attention to it as of lately. This time of year always brings out the rabid shopper in me between my Bday and warmer weather, but I need to get back to basics...and I will.

  4. Less is definitely more. I hate being wasteful and am definitely focusing on being more mindful of what I'm spending.

  5. Yes!! I desperately need to go through my closet and drawers and purge all of the items I never wear and truly don't need.

  6. I love this train of thinking... it's so easy to get swept up with "I wants" and end up with a house full of once used clutter! I may take on that challenge in the new house... would work for a new start!

  7. I think you've inspired me to go through my closet this weekend! It seems like I've built up quite the pile & I too wear the same things over and over again.

  8. I try to do the same thing to when it comes to shopping. I hope you are feeling better.


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