Friday, January 6, 2017


feeling that I completely slacked on the blog this week. I want to get better about that but I'm feeling this need to rejuvenate myself which is why I've chosen not to be behind the computer much this week except for while at work.

loving that my niece turned 4 yesterday. How in the world is she four already? Time is moving by way too quickly.

IMG_7982 sean3

craving wings. I think that's what I'll have for lunch today!

needing to pack for Vegas! We leave Monday night and I'm so excited. We were scheduled to go last year on January 26th but well, we all know what happened!

thankful that I made it to 2017!

excited that I was promoted on Wednesday. It was such a surprise and I'm grateful that the new year has started off on a great foot.

reading nothing right now but I did order "I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual" and intend to start it on the plane ride to Vegas and hopefully finish it on our way back home.

wanting it to be lunch time. I really, really want those wings.

missing my sisters. And of course my mom, every day.

wearing a black maxi dress, blue cardigan and black booties.

hoping that you all have amazing weekends! You guys are truly the best. I read every single comment left on this blog and often wonder how did I get the best blog friends. THANK YOU! ♥


  1. Now I want wing stop! Y'all need to come visit Houston. Or we need like a New Orleans, DC meet somewhere girls trip meet up! Have fun in Vegas!!!!!!!!!

    1. Also I want to do a post like this! I love Currentlys. :)

  2. congrats on the promotionnn!!!

  3. I can't believe that little-lady is already 4 either! That went by too quick. Congratulations on being promoted. Have fun in Vegas and you'll love the book, it's hilarious.

  4. I FULL slacked on all things blogging for two weeks. Sometimes a little slacking is necessary!
    VEGAS?! YAY!!! I hope you have the absolute best time ever!

  5. I love this. Happy Birthday to your niece! I still remember your blog about her birth. Gosh...the time goes by too fast!

    I LOVE wings :-).

    Safe travels to Vegas! Post pictures when you can.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion. 2017 is going to be your year of awesomeness!

  6. Yea, congratulations on the promotion. And have fun in vegas

  7. Congrats on your promotion! You are probably living it up in Vegas right now. Hope you are having a blast.

  8. This post is all kind of awesome. Seriously Faith, how is your niece 4, I still remember when you announced that you were going to have a niece. Time sure is flying by when you are having fun.

    Congrats on the promotion, that is so awesome. Remember when you were looking for a job for what felt like forever :).

    I took an unexpected blog break for like 2 weeks and it was really nice, then I started missing you guys. I can't quit, I love stalking my favorite bloggers too much :).


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