Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Date night ♥

You know it’s a problem when the both of you can’t remember the last date night. At least, when you’re us since we take date nights kinda seriously. We decided that this was the weekend to fix that since we had no plans except for tree removal from our backyard earlier in the day. I didn't want to see the tree go but sadly it was dead and there was no bringing it back to life. We made reservations to a new restaurant (to us) a few days prior to mix things up.

We haven't had many experiences where we did not really enjoy a restaurant we visited and I guess it was our time. The restaurant has so much potential as it is absolutely gorgeous but the atmosphere/vibe was just so blah. Even the ever changing colored lights in the ceiling did not do much to make the atmosphere lively. The menu they had that night was an event menu (wish we knew!) so it was very limited and nothing was appealing. I don't like pumpkin so this could be where my beef was at, but seriously, who would put pumpkin risotto on their menu in the Spring? We both ended up ordering burgers that we did not finish or box to go.

I'll admit that it was not the worst restaurant we've ever been to but with so many great ones in our area, there is really no reason for us to go back which is unfortunate because it truly has so much potential and is located in a great spot! But you know what really hurt? One of my favorite restaurants that I've blogged a ton about on here (The Hamilton) is right next door, haha.


Although our restaurant choice turned out to be lackluster, our night together was not. It's so important to make time for your relationship because things get in the way. Life gets busy. Mistakes are made. Feelings are hurt. Things get said that you'll never be able to take back. But when you take the time to ensure that your partner knows that you love them unconditionally, regardless of the flaws that you both certainly have, it is worth it.

Whenever I am having a moment when I am infuriated with Sean, I always ask myself this simple question. Is this the moment that I want to have broken us? For some odd reason, whenever a person tells me that a relationship is over, I always wonder, what/when was the exact moment that broke them? Would they go back and change the way they handled that moment to ensure that they remained intact? Because of this, I always ask myself that question, and if the answer is no (which it has been to date), I handle the situation a different way. I think hard about what I say and how I say it.

It's amazing how that simple question has helped me not only choose my battles but to always treat Sean kindly and with respect. I'm looking forward to our next date night but it most likely won't be us trying a new restaurant. I'll take tried and true for 100, Alex ;).


  1. You look so gorgeous!! very nice point on being cautious on handling difficult situations in relationships

  2. It's always a bummer when you go to a crappy restaurant. I hope they pull it together though. You looked stunning btw.

    I like how you ask yourself questions when you're mad at him. I always just react and leave. LOL ... I don't know how to relationship. Anyway, despite the fact I'm not married, it is a good way to calm yourself down in most situations when you're angry with someone.

  3. I feel the same way re: date nights! It's so hard to carve out the time. Love the pics and outfits. That might be the most fancy pizza I've seen. xo

  4. And you were dressed so dang cute!
    Such a bummer about the restaurant because it looked like it could have been so cool.

  5. I totally agree about date night. It is essential to any relationship. We don't do our Wednesday night date night anymore BUT we do lunch on Mondays since I telework and J can often meet me half way for lunch. I look forward to those times. We get to talk and just be adults.
    Sorry the restaurant was not a hit. Hey, the good thing is that you can still enjoy the area by visiting the one next door.
    The pictures of the restaurant are beautiful though so if nothing, at least you had a nice environment.
    By the way, LOVE Jeopardy! :-).

    Have a fab weekend!


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