Thursday, June 22, 2017

Priyanka and Anshul's Engagement Ceremony


A few weekends ago, I was tasked with taking pictures of Priyanka and Anshul’s engagement ceremony. Priyanka and Sean work together and after we did a brunch date together I couldn’t help but like these two. They come packed with amazing vibes and Priyanka has the best smile! At first, I was very hesitant to take their pictures and asked Sean why he even told them I take pictures because I’m no professional and I don’t have the equipment, blah, blah blah. And trust me, I told Priyanka and Anshul too. They didn’t care and said they just wanted nice pictures. Nothing fancy, just nice pictures. Well, that I can do.

I’d never been to an engagement ceremony before and I truly enjoyed it. To be honest, the traditional attire alone was enough for me to love it but that's just me being basic. There is a priest involved that blesses the engagement of the couple. In American culture, the female usually doesn’t know she is about to be engaged and is surprised. It's kinda funny how much of a big deal is made to surprise the female with a proposal. In their culture, there is no surprise. The female knows and everything is planned for the priest and family members to be there to give their blessings on the engagement. It is really beautiful.

Gifts are exchanged, blessings are bestowed and rings exchanged. After the ceremony, an amazing Indian lunch was served and let me tell you, I left so full that I didn’t eat for the remainder of the day.

I also loved their entire family. They were so, so welcoming.
And their smiles came so freely that it was almost too easy taking their pictures.

I will say that this experience certainly taught me a lot. I'm use to taking pictures in situations that I can somewhat control. Basically this means that if I don't want to take the picture, I don't, especially if I know that it will produce an image that I won't be so proud of. In this case, you have to take the shot even if you know that the backlight (shooting in front of a window is not ideal) is not going to produce a desirable result, or that the smoke coming from the burning of incense will produce cloudy pictures OR that a person will insist on a picture in an extremely sunny area with no shade ... I learned that I can't control every situation and it certainly challenged me in ways that I don't usually challenge myself because, well, I take pictures for fun.

OK, I know you want to see pictures so here we go! Oh yes, apologies for the sheer amount of pictures in this post but you know by now that I'm extra and get ridiculously carried away.

IMG_5147 IMG_5259

IMG_5128 IMG_5112

IMG_5142 IMG_5141

IMG_5235 IMG_5166


IMG_5206 IMG_5229

IMG_5238 IMG_5247


IMG_5241 IMG_5268


IMG_5297 IMG_5314


The Ceremony

IMG_5396 IMG_5399

IMG_5492 IMG_5483

IMG_5503 IMG_5546

IMG_5521 IMG_5529


IMG_5564 IMG_5575

IMG_5590 IMG_5622



IMG_5682 IMG_5665



IMG_5720 IMG_5726


IMG_5736 IMG_5741


IMG_5754 IMG_5756

IMG_5784 IMG_5786

IMG_5787 IMG_5790 IMG_5837

IMG_5838 IMG_5839

IMG_5355 IMG_5333


Congrats Priyanka and Anshul on your engagement! ♥


  1. This is beautiful.
    I love experiencing other cultures and opening up mine to others.

    Sidehustle---> you are on your way!!!!!(Yeah :))

  2. Simply beautiful. Love the photo of them praying and the holding hand picture.

  3. Faith you are a professional in my book. The pictures came out so beautiful. Great work!!

  4. So beautiful. Congratulations to Priyanka and Anshul. Your pictures are very professional. You have an eye for detail. Something that comes naturally to you.

  5. Congratulations to Priyanka and Anshul!
    And, Faith! Oh my gosh, these were all SO good! They literally gave me goosebumps as I went through them. I really felt like I was experiencing the ceremony. The couple must have been THRILLED when they received these!

  6. You did an amazing job!!! These photos are gorgeous and the couple (and their relatives) are beautiful. I agree with the Nylse . . . you NEED to get a side hustle going. (besides, you can use that money and buy more lenses :D ) <3

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  8. Dag girl, for someone who doesn't think her pics would look good, you sure killed it! These pictures are ALL AH-MAZING!!! I just kept starring at all the details. You did a phenomenal job! Honestly, you should consider this as a side gig. You could use it to fund your travel expenses if nothing :-). Something to think about cause you clearly have the eye and I see your talent!

  9. These pictures are everything Faith, you are one talented photographer. They also picked some great colors for their outfit. I can't wait to see what they do for their wedding, I hope you share.

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  11. you are one talented photographer


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