Friday, August 11, 2017

My sister's wedding reception ♥

It has taken me a little while to get these pictures up because sometimes I make my own self crazy with the amount of pictures I take. Granted, I don't have to share so many of them on here but yeah ... Any who, I'm sure you already know, but uploading pictures into a blog post takes a lot of time and often times I would rather be doing something else. The thing is that I love having this blog to look back on moments, which often help me refresh my memory, so I just do it. And to be honest, I’ve never regretted it. In fact, there are some pictures/events that I just completely did not post because of pure laziness and that I regret. So, I suck it up and do it because I know that 85 year old Faith wants to know that there was a time that she wore bootay shorts ;).

I also love, love, love taking pictures. I don’t think there is any other hobby of mine that I enjoy more than this. It might seem a little strange but I truly feel like myself when I have a camera in my hands. There’s a happiness that I cannot explain when I am capturing moments and freezing them in time. I’ve been able to see something that I enjoy doing develop over the years and I basically have a time capsule on this blog that actually show me the growth in the last seven years. That’s incredible to me.

OK, moving on.

I shared my sister’s wedding ceremony about a month ago. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony and I just loved everything about it. Two weekends after the ceremony they had a reception for family and friends. It was such a beautiful and fun celebration! My dad was a dancing machine and had us in laughter the whole day when he would battle my sister’s friends. He won, obviously. My sister and new brother were absolutely glowing and the energy of the whole day had me in such good spirits.

I remember when we were planning our wedding, the thought of not having huge flower centerpieces weighed on my mind a lot. Although we did not have Pinterest when we got married there were wedding forums like The Knot and Project Wedding and everyone was having huge flower centerpieces. In the end, we decided on short flower centerpieces and I have to say that I’m so glad we did because it saved us so much money and kept us on budget. My sister went above and beyond that and did not have any flowers! She said that they’d rather update their kitchen and bathroom and I just looked at her and said, “Man, I wish I thought like you back then”. She chose purple for her colors as a tribute for my mom and you can’t tell me that her reception was not so beautiful. It was authentic, not Pinteresty and just felt real. I don’t know but lately everything feels so curated, staged, photo-shopped and unrealistic. I don’t know when this shift happened but that weekend, I felt inspired and so proud of my sister.

OK, sorry, I got carried away. A few things I want to remember is how my dad's toast had everyone laughing so hard. My dad is seriously the funniest. My nephew and niece both decided that they wanted to do a toast and one that made me smile was my niece thanking my sister for feeding and taking care of Zach. We did a sister toast and it was nice to see my little sister get teary eyed, ha.

Here are a ton of pictures because it appears that I just might like torturing myself ;).

IMG_6765 IMG_6780


IMG_7139 IMG_6795

They've been doing that back to back pose since they were little.
They have so many like it; just at different ages!

IMG_6770 IMG_6773

IMG_6762 IMG_6763

IMG_6807 IMG_6788 IMG_6816

IMG_6818 IMG_6822


IMG_6829 IMG_6830

IMG_6824 IMG_6827

My dad is the cutest man. All the heart eyes for him.

And you see the girl below. She was my best friend when we were younger but my sister (Priscilla) stole her from me.
We always joke and say that my sister was much more fun because she was the rebel.

I guess, reading those baby-sitter club books did not get me into the cool club. But it's OK, I still love you ex-bff ;)

IMG_6835 IMG_6872


And my nephew. Isn't he the most handsome?
Also, when did he get so big?
If you've followed my blog since the beginning you've watched him grow up!

IMG_6836 IMG_6840

IMG_6846 IMG_6847


IMG_6857 IMG_6869

IMG_6890 IMG_6898

IMG_6918 IMG_6936

IMG_6919 IMG_6921

IMG_6938 IMG_6942


IMG_6945 IMG_6947


IMG_6956 IMG_6955

IMG_6884 IMG_6958

IMG_6993 IMG_7015

IMG_7045 IMG_7078

IMG_7055 IMG_7066

IMG_7183 IMG_7184 IMG_7186

IMG_7188 IMG_7195


IMG_7137 IMG_7081 IMG_7127

IMG_7097 IMG_7123

IMG_7107 IMG_7113 IMG_7121

IMG_7133 IMG_7157


IMG_7173 IMG_7175

We've all known each other since we were tiny people!


Ben and P, praying that you both have a lifetime full of laughter, love and dancing! ♥

IMG_7209 IMG_7212


  1. Love the pictures! Love your family's sense of style.
    My other daughter says when she gets married she will be totally untraditional. I agree with you that everything seems so curated nowadays creating so much unnecessary stress for the bride. Anyhow when she said this I said "Praise God!"

  2. Beautiful....Your sister sure has her priorities in check. May God bless their union.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful wedding and couple! Congrats to them! You take awesome photos - I'm so glad I found your blog today! I feel like I could have written those first two paragraphs. :) I have a love/hate relationship with blogging but at the end of the day I'm always so happy I spent 150 hours editing photos for a single post! (lol just kidding - sorta.) ;)

  4. I drive myself nuts with taking so many pics & then wanting to blog about it for posterity too. So annoying, but I love it. I struggled with wanting things, but not being able to justify the expense too. In the end, I made my own centerpiece and each one took 1 cheapo carnation!! Looking at these pics it doesn't appear her reception lacked anything. It's beautiful, simple, and elegant. Smart lady your sister!!

  5. Your sister (and your whole fam really!) looks BEAUTIFUL! Love the story about your dad's toast! :)

  6. Your sister looked beautiful and how awesome that you were able to capture these moments for her! And it's so good to catch up with you and your beautiful family! Your mom I know was smiling!

  7. Beautiful beautiful beautiful photographs Faith. I always enjoy posts about your family. Your dad seems like he has such a light spirit to him. I wish I could've heard the toast (I love how much your nephew resembles him too).

    Also, forget Pinterest, save that money for something you really want! I agree on the updating the kitchen and bathroom instead. The story about your ex-bestfriend becoming your sisters bestie made me giggle. I'm sure you didn't feel too good about that at the time though ;) Ah... childhood. I also can't believe how big your youngest nephew is getting!


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