Monday, December 4, 2017

Hoover Dam Plant Tour


It was not the greatest idea to stay up till 5 in the morning when we had the Hoover Dam plant tour scheduled through Grand Canyon Tours for 9am. It was quite frankly a horrible idea. I tried telling everyone but they insisted that we’d go to bed early. The thing is you never go to bed early in Vegas and Sean knows this so I’m not sure why he chose to pretend. Despite my resistance the Hoover Dam tour was reserved. Oh and take a wild guess who decided he was way too tired to get up at 8am to go on the tour?

Cinthia, her mom and I arrived at the bus stop surprisingly on time. We were starving and luckily the bus driver stopped at a tiny store before we were on the road to the Hoover Dam and we were able to pick up some bottles of water and chips. That’s all they had but beggars can’t be choosers.

I will say that I’m happy that I did not miss the tour because we learned so much about the Hoover Dam. Granted, Sean and I visited for the first time earlier this year, but we toured on our own so I’m sure we didn’t really get all the history lessons that we could have gotten. Our bus driver was also pretty funny and made so many “dam” jokes, like, we’re going to have a “Dam” good time. As corny as they were you couldn’t help but to laugh.

There was a video on the bus that shared the history of the Hoover Dam and it was very interesting. It was during the Great Depression so people from all over the states moved that way they could work on the building of the Hoover Dam because at least they would have jobs and food in their bellies. It was extremely difficult for black people to be allowed to work on the project and when they were finally allowed they were segregated and not allowed to live in Boulder City (housing community) where all the white workers lived. Boulder City was interesting in that the workers and their families were not allowed to gamble or drink. The conditions while building the Hoover Dam were horrible. The weather was often so hot and people would regularly faint from dehydration. The conditions were also not the safest so many workers died during the construction of Hoover Dam.

Either way, the Hoover Dam was important and needed to be built as it would be used as a major supplier of power and provided flood control, river regulation and improved navigation. The fact that the Hoover Dam was built during a time that technology was not at the point it is now, is pretty impressive to me. It is a sight to behold and if you ever have a chance to take a tour do it.

On the road.


There were several stops along the way. One of our first stops was at the largest man-made lake in America, Lake Mead.
We also drove through Boulder City on our way to the Hoover Dam plant tour.


IMG_9776 IMG_9780




IMG_9803 IMG_9798


Hoover Dam plant tour.




IMG_9836 IMG_9840



We were told to rub its feet for good luck, so we did.

IMG_9844 IMG_9848 IMG_9845

The tour is a full day event and let's just say that I took the longest nap when we got back.


  1. I would have been so tired but you're right, it's almost impossible to go to bed early in Vegas. We used to just catch up on sleep out by the pools. Visiting the Hoover Dam is on our list the next time we get back there. These pics are fabulous as always but I love the last one. It's so good! Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  2. When we went this was one of the highlights of our trip. I enjoyed the Dam and learning about it. And I liked the spot where the 2 time zones met.

  3. Sean!! BAHAHAHA!!! He missed out!
    We toured the plant ages ago - I think I was 16??? - and I know I didn't appreciate the tour as much as I would now. Adding this to the list of things we need to do the next time we hit up Vegas.

  4. I didn't even know Hoover Dam existed until you made a post about it the first time. . . Which goes to show you just how much the public school system failed me & the fact I never seem to go anywhere ever.

    The photos are gorgeous and despite having like no sleep, you ladies look lovely.


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