Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My ideal day


My ideal day would be a day that involved no traveling as that would mean no interruptions the entire day. Whether I’m with friends or family, I would love to just wake up and be with them without having to actually travel to see them. I would wake up and boom, there they would be. We wouldn’t have any plans because we decided to go with the flow but of course we’ll discuss what food we are in the mood for, for dinner and pick a restaurant based on that. We’ll have a sufficient amount of time to talk and will make breakfast together and then decide what we would want to do that day. For me, I would hope we were going to the movies or maybe the winery. Yes, the winery definitely. It would be a perfect 73 degrees so we’ll be able to enjoy our wine outside with the warm sun on our faces with jazz or Motown playing in the background. We would spend hours just talking, sampling plenty of wines and taking in all of God's artwork since the winery has the most beautiful scenery. We'd practically have no choice but to stay until the very last second of the most gorgeous sunset. When it was time to leave, we’d head back to get ready for the evening with our favorite songs playing and try hard to keep track of time but still stopping to dance to the music. There would be light snacks to munch on while we’re getting ready and a newly opened bottle of wine to sip on while we get ready. We’d then head out for dinner and we’ll either be eating at Tapas or 3rd Fish and Ferry since they are my favorite restaurants. We’ll close the restaurant down and then decide that we just have to go dancing. And it's amazing but it's like the DJ knows us because he plays all our favorite songs and we can't leave the dance floor all night. We’ll end the night sweaty, happy & with a slice of cheese pizza.

Although this actual day didn't go exactly like noted above; it was pretty darn close.
Maybe even better because apple cider donuts were involved along with tons of picture taking!

Woke up and family was there: CHECK
No travel time for me: CHECK
73 degrees: CHECK
Winery: CHECK
Dancing to our favorite songs (although at home): CHECK


IMG_7613 IMG_7612


IMG_7614 IMG_7622

Always making faces!
But oh how I love him! ♥

IMG_7621 IMG_7611


IMG_7618 IMG_7619

IMG_7620 IMG_7626


IMG_7631 IMG_7632


IMG_7648 IMG_7647


IMG_7653 IMG_7654

Winery time! ♥

IMG_7656 IMG_7657

Dance like no ones watching!


IMG_7661 IMG_7670


IMG_7696 IMG_7701


IMG_7720 IMG_7732

My nephew loves to take pictures with my camera of random things so I always let him use it as long as he handles it properly. When they left Sunday afternoon I went through my camera and could not believe the shots he got of my sister and me.
I don't often get candids because I'm the one always taking the pictures so I really love these :)


IMG_7788 IMG_7791 IMG_7795



That weekend we celebrated with cake for no reason at all.

IMG_7804 IMG_7798

Oh and yes, I think I should insert our Celtic Festival night in this post too since it occurred in the same weekend. The night before we went to our town's Celtic Festival and we had a great time eating all the things. Sean loves this festival and any opportunity he can embrace his heritage. He wore his kilt and I enjoyed watching him look so comfortable in his skin. I made a joke that yes, I do wear the pants in our relationship but was I kidding? Haha. Anyway, here are several pictures of that night albeit a bit dark. But there's not many times I can document Sean in a skirt kilt so I'm taking advantage ;).

IMG_7553 IMG_7559


IMG_7569 IMG_7571

Anyway, back to the original thought behind this post.
What does your ideal day look like?


  1. Did I finally catch up on everything?
    LOVE the photos- and I adore your family.

    First of all Apple Cider donuts are amazing...
    I love, love, love the photos your nephew got of you- I can't believe you let him use your camera, Dom even looks like he wants to touch it and I get snappy LOL- I did give him my old Canon Rebel though.

    Sean looks good in a kilt. There's a dad at Dom's school that wears one 24/7... I think he's just an attention whore though. (he's obnoxious) LOL.

    The pumpkin patch/winery and Celtic festival looks like a lot of fun.

    1. You sure did hahaha! I've missed you! How are you doing? I hope that baby isn't draining all your energy. Give me some updates!

      Aww, thank you 😊

      Yes! I am not a fan of apple or donuts but apple cider donuts I just cannot get enough of!

      Haha, I know ... but I tell my nieces and nephews that it's my baby and they treat it like it, lol.

      I think he does too ... and I like that he actually owns one. Hahaha, if Sean wore it 24/7 there would def. be some words exchanged.

      It was a lot of fun!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing day! And apple cider donuts?! Yup, that definitely tops it off. I love visiting wineries too and love the calmness and scenery they bring. How fun you got to spend the day and create great memories with your family. You look so cute in your dress too! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. It really was ... anytime with family is amazing 😊

      I love, love apple cider donuts. I wasn't able to get any last year and was bummed so I'm taking advantage this year and getting as much as I possibly can, haha.

      Me too! Wineries are my favorite and I would love to go to Napa someday just for that reason alone.

      Thank you! It's such a comfortable dress and is forgiving considering the donuts, wine and cake, haha!


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