Monday, November 2, 2020

Checking In

IMG_7036-2 It has been a while and it wasn't planned. I'll admit that I do feel bad about not updating regularly but mostly for myself. This blog has been such a great way to document my (our) life since 2010. Granted 2020 hasn't been my favorite year but some good things have occured and if anything it would have been therapeutic to write about all the feelings; the good and bad. I might end up blogging several things that way it is here for memory sake. I can't say for sure that I'm going to get better. I want to get better but lately have not had that drive to blog. I may have to find a new outlet but not sure what yet. Until then, I figured I stop here and let you know (if you even care because who reads blogs these days?) that I'm well and I hope that you are well too.

Here are some pictures of flowers I took over one month ago. Today (all last week in fact) has been incredibly rainy, grey and chilly so these pictures perk me up a bit. I hope to write again soon ♥.

P.S. If the desire to blog never comes back it may also be due to this new blogger layout. I kinda hate it and have no desire to learn a new format. Blogger, 2020 was not the year.

IMG_6971 IMG_6951

IMG_6966 IMG_6978

IMG_6973 - Copy IMG_6975


IMG_6998 IMG_7002

IMG_7022 IMG_7040



  1. I'm still reading! :) and I hear ya on the new blogger platform.

  2. I still read blogs! nice picture and flowers!!

  3. I still read blogs and yours. The new blogger threw me for a loop initially I swore to never use it. Then I gave it another shot and its not so bad.
    Your flowers and your pictures are pretty. Share your good news - you're one of my favorite bloggers.

  4. I still read as well! Love your pictures and your spirit. I follow your Instagram and I was wondering if maybe you’d consider doing a post one day on your meal plan/prep process? You seem to have it down to a science and I’m interested in learning how to easily get started.

  5. Believe it or not I still come to your blog to see if you posted. Thanks for sharing the Christmas tree. I didn't decorate this year and I forgave myself because 2020 has been hard. Have an amazing New Year!

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