Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anticipated Weekend Trip

Several weekends ago, Sean and I made the 3 hour car ride to see Colleen, her husband Eric and baby Joey. The last time she saw me I was in the hospital and I guess I looked pretty bad because she immediately burst into tears when she saw me. I was excited to show her that I was and am getting better. I had been looking forward to this trip for months because not being able to see each other whenever we want is kinda hard. Throw in a baby, distance and just everyday life busyness it makes it that much more difficult to get our schedules to align with each other. Oh, but when it aligns, it truly is the best feeling.

We didn’t have major plans but to just veg out and talk. That was the only plans we needed to be honest. But Colleen did make it that they had a babysitter for Saturday evening that way we could try out a restaurant that recently opened in Albany that is their new favorite, New World Bistro Bar. I can see why it’s their favorite because our food was just too good. I didn’t take any pictures of our meal but my meal was seriously a cross between Indian and Thai and it was incredible. I told Colleen that every time we visit this is the only place we need to eat at. I'm only half kidding.

It was awesome to see baby Joey walking with my own eyes and feeling a little bit of sadness that he is growing so quickly and I’m not able to really be around for it. It’s funny how life changes like that. I remember when Colleen had just gotten married we were so excited to think about our children growing up together and being the best of friends. How life changes so quickly and becomes so much of what you did not expect.

Colleen and Eric shocked Sean and I so much when they told us that they are working on their will and that if anything ever happened to them they would want us to take Joey. I had to walk out of the room because I did not want anyone to see me ugly cry and Sean just looked stunned. I could not believe that of all their family and friends they thought of us. Us? I’ve never felt so honored in my life with anything and I’m still in shock that they actually believe us good enough. Of course after the surprise wore off we both said that we would love to and are so honored. For parents to ever believe that you would be good enough for their child is seriously the greatest honor and I just feel so happy that they think that much of us.

We had a great time together and Joey took to Sean way more than he took to me (INSERT SAD FACE EMOJI, lol) but he’s getting there, I think. I can’t wait when he tells me that I’m his favorite aunt, because he will ;).

Here’s a few pictures that were snapped that weekend.

That cheddar w/jalapeño pub cheese was just too good. It makes me miss having a Trader Joes so close by.


I'm just a tad bit obsessed OK a lot obsessed with Colleen's backyard so I asked Sean to take pictures of Colleen and I ♥

IMG_6821 IMG_6822

Oh and that outfit I'm wearing, I pretty much love it. I'm going to take any advantage to wear it, it's just so comfortable and cute at the same time. It also has pockets so there's that.

IMG_6814 IMG_6812
Colleen and Eric, thank you so much for not just being incredible friends to us but also family. We love you all so much!


  1. Oh I'm not surprised at all. You two would make the most amazing parents! The way you care for others (and those pups might I add). You show and spread love wherever you go and that is the type of person anyone should want to leave their children around ;-)

    So happy that you got to spend time with your best-friend. Sometimes, being around them is much needed...for your sanity and theirs.

    That outfit though! Is it a dress or a jumpsuit? Because if it's either, I'll take it! I need the deets! So my style and I dig it on you.

    XO |EESH

  2. OK. I got teary eyed too. That is really a vote of confidence and awesome! Life does take different turns quickly. But in it all, remember that you are the child of the most high and you are 1000% BLESSED! God always has something awesome planned for his children.

    LOVE that dress! Blue is my favorite color.

  3. Beautiful dress! That is so sweet that they asked you and Sean. I would've ugly-cried too. I'm glad you two were able to see each other <3

  4. That's an awesome honor! And giiiirrrrl that dress is everything! Where did you get it? I waaaaaant it ;)

  5. Oh wait, is it a jumper???!!

  6. Congratulations Faith!! Being chosen and trusted with a precious child is truly such an honor. What a special surprise and gift to you and Sean! True friendships are a rare commodity these days and I'm so happy to ready about the friendship you share with Colleen, I may or may not be a bit envious :-)

  7. That truly is a testament of how much they trust and love you guys. I would have totally cried too. You would make amazing parents one day.

    I just love that blue dress on you by the way, perfect fit and color.


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