Friday, July 1, 2016



loving that I have a half day today!

feeling excited for the long weekend. My in-laws come today and my little sister comes on Sunday!

craving my mom's dishes. I wish I had learned the exact way she prepared certain meals. Even when I followed her directions to the exact it still didn't taste like her cooking.

needing to stop eating everything in sight.

thankful for Sean, my family and friends.

reading absolutely nothing. I just finished Me Before You. I am still devastated over Orange is the New Black and am now binge watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

wanting it to be 10:45am already!

loving that Sean and I will visit LA for the first time in one month. Any of y'all have suggestions?!

missing my mom every single day.

wearing a maxi dress with converses.

thinking about what to wear this weekend.

making weekend plans with my little sister, Maryanna.

feeling really good physically. I was able to do sit-ups yesterday for the first time in almost 6 months and felt no pain. I am also so close to where I was prior to my surgery, etc, and really excited about it. I had doubts that I'll feel like my old self but those doubts are gone. I'm so close :).

I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe holiday. Enjoy! xoxo ♥


  1. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Mom's cooking is always the best! It can't be replicated. I've tried with my mom and am never able to do so. Be rest assured that regardless of how yours tastes, she is smiling somewhere that you are doing something she taught you :-D.

  2. Half days are awesome! I had one this week and it was GREAAATT! And so glad your recovery is coming along nicely. Enjoy that long weekend and family time. : )

  3. Really excited about your recovery. Have a wonderful long weekend.

  4. Have an awesome 4th with your family!

    So happy that your recovery is going well.

    ...and maxi dresses with Converses? Right up my alley. I think we're starting to like the same trends ;)

    XO |EESH

  5. Orange is the New Black still has me in my feelings. I went to LA once when I was 16... the only thing I remember is going to Universal Studios... lol, which was whatever. YAYAY! So happy on the progress you've made the last 6 months <3 (beautiful photo)

  6. I'm so happy for your progress! It's been like 7 years since I've been to LA but I do remember enjoying the Santa Monica Pier and shopping in the Beverly Center. There's also soooo many food options everywhere.

  7. Me Before You is on my to read list. I just finished a book called The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. It wasn't the type of book I usually read but I loved it! Hope you are having a fun time with your sister!


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