Wednesday, December 27, 2017

24 Hours.

Two weekends ago, Sean and I traveled to upstate New York for 24 hours. We arrived Friday afternoon around 2pm and were gone Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Sean went to an ugly Christmas sweater party with some of his high school buddies and I chose to spend the night with Colleen and her crew. Anytime I can get some quality time with Colleen and Joey, I make sure to take it. Especially now with Joey’s vocabulary growing and the fact that he knows me by name, it’s really important to me to develop a relationship with him. And now with Colleen expecting #2 (a girl!) I have to get up here more often!

We had plans to get dressed up to go out to a favorite restaurant of ours but we ended up just going out in sweats and getting Chinese food. It was perfect having Faith and Colleen time and being able to talk each other's ears off. I was thrilled to have an easy Friday night with my best friend. When we got back we continued watching Christmas movies until it was time to call it a night.

The following morning we went to West Elm to see if we could find anything for baby K's nursery and I ended up picking up a few last minute Christmas gifts. We met up with Nicole at West Elm and then had brunch at Jacob & Anthony’s Italian. We shared eggplant fries and fried calamari which was delicious. I had an amazing margarita pizza with pesto drizzled on top. The restaurant was super cute with all its festive décor but also really decorated nicely, so of course I took too many pictures.

IMG_2209 IMG_2207


IMG_2214 IMG_2215


IMG_2204 IMG_2216



IMG_2202 IMG_2198


IMG_2217 IMG_2222


When we got back to Colleen’s house, Sean and the dogs were waiting for me so I grabbed my belongings and we headed back on the road. I ended up leaving my wedding rings so I had an excuse last weekend to stop by Colleen's and give her a quick hug! It was such a nice, welcomed 24 hours and I’m looking forward to the next one with Colleen. It’s possible that the next time I see Colleen she will be juggling two babies, one whom I cannot wait to meet! I already love her so much. ♥


  1. A shopping trip, sweats, and yummy food, what a perfect get together!! I'm glad you had a good time. All the best to your friend on the arrival of her new baby! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  2. Congrats Colleen !

    Your quick 24 hours sounded wonderful. It's always nice to see old/best friends. I'm glad you two were able to talk for hours and enjoy food and movies.

    I loved all your pictures.

  3. Faith, I went to NY for the first time this past November and I fell in love! It's such a beautiful city! It sounds like you couldn't have spent your 24 hours any better! All we need is good food and good company! :) Congrats to your friend Colleen on baby #2! How lucky she will be to have such a sweet auntie!

  4. This restaurant is definitely beautiful and inviting. Glad you were able to see your friend and spend some time with your loved ones. And congrats to her on baby #2. I know you can't wait to be an aunt all over again! :)

  5. What a quick-yet awesome trip. Sometimes all you have is 24 hours and rather than let it stop you, I think it's cool you went and had fun.


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