Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer bbq

I figured that I get this post up before summer is over. So sad to say, right? Although this summer has been so hot I do not want it to end just yet. I've been enjoying all the activities I've been able to do which include grilling, attending baseball games, enjoying live music outdoors, cozy warm nights spent on our deck drinking cold wine and of course dining outside. Run on sentence, like woah.

We threw a causal BBQ a few weekends ago. We cooked chicken, ribs, hot dogs and burgers on the grill. There was an abundance of blonde sangria (my favorite!) and beverages and a good time was had by all. Some friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year were in attendance and I was so happy. My girl friend Stacy brought her two kiddos and they spent the weekend with us and it was just a reminder of why we've chosen these individuals to remain in our lives. I met Norina and Jim's daughter for the first time which was awesome too! Many of them traveled long distances to get there and it meant so much to me. So if any of you are reading this (Jihae!), thanks for coming! I had grand plans to take pictures of everyone together and I started out strong by taking pictures before everyone got there. Well as soon as the party started those good intentions went out the window.

When I realized it much later Cinthia said well that means you were having too much of a good time. I replied saying that yes, I was having a good time BUT I still have a great time when I do take pictures because it’s just one of the things I love to do. Besides, right now it would be so nice to have updated pictures of all of us together. But yeah, maybe I’ll do better next year.

We’ve decided that we’ll throw a summer BBQ for all our friends & family every year because not seeing each other for such extended lengths of times makes no sense. Either way, I did get some pictures even if not the ones I really wanted.

IMG_7167 IMG_7168
IMG_7173 IMG_7170
IMG_7182 IMG_7209
IMG_7193 IMG_7190

Bubbles for the kiddos that were there. They loved it! :)


She loves it when we have guests.

IMG_7216 IMG_7220


  1. The food looks amazing and it looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

    So sad the summer is slowly coming to an end!


  2. Your deck is beautiful!! Looks like a wonderful event! I got some bubbles on a whim at the dollar store a few weeks ago and they have been a HIT with my niece and nephew! So fun to watch them have fun!

  3. The food looks delicious #yummy. Our summer has been rainy.

  4. Lovely! That pasta salad was looking really good.

  5. You always have the best parties and food. That pasta salad looks so good. I eat pasta so rarely these days...I think I kinda miss it.

  6. I instantly got hungry! Food look ssoooooo good! ...and I wanna blow bubbles too!!!

    I love that mat dedicated to your fur babies!

    XO |EESH

  7. Your casual BBQ is 100% more put together than any I've ever seen!
    And blonde sangria? YUM! I'll take a few glasses of that!


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