Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Girl's Weekend ♥

When I returned and they were still in bed, I tapped Charmion on the shoulder (I remembered that she was always easier to wake up than Sherie was) and said, “Alright, sleepy time is over!" An hour later, we we were in search for food. I made the mistake of mentioning that I could really go for Belgium waffles, topped with strawberries and whipped cream on the side, because after that, that was ALL we wanted. And well, because the girls decided that beauty sleep was more important than food we had to search. Restaurant after restaurant did not have it on their menu. Breakfast and brunch were over! NO waffles for YOU!

But we were determined not to call it quits and when we happened upon Grand Central Market we decided we could pick a little something to hold us over. I got some macarons and homemade chocolates. Charmion got yogurt and Sherie got grapes. I am clearly not the health freak in this group. After we made our purchases, it was back to checking menus in search of a restaurant that was serving our beloved Belgium waffles.

IMG_6957 IMG_6955
And since we were already at Grand Central we stopped.
There is something so magnificent about Grand Central to me.
Everyone is busy trying to get to their next destination and I remember growing up always wondering where people were off to.

It’s a different experience when you are there and don’t have anywhere to go because you can take it all in.
And that’s what we did.
We stopped, looked left and right, up and down and took it all in.
And then a stranger (accidently) bumped my shoulder reminding me that we still hadn’t found anywhere to eat.

IMG_6966 IMG_6963
Just when we had almost given up we happened upon Le Pain Quotidien. It seemed like a French inspired restaurant where the servers and several guests spoke French. That was pretty neat, and almost made me feel like we were in a little café in Paris. Almost.

The three of us ended up ordering the exact same things. A raspberry mimosa to drink and Belgium waffles with berries on the side.

The waffles I will admit were different. It was crispier than what I’m accustomed to but it was still very delicious. I'm actually craving it right now.

When we were almost done eating Stacy walked in and we both squealed when we saw each other.
It felt so good to finally be reunited, all four of us together again.

After we paid our check, we went to Zaras that way we could buy some baby clothes for Stacy’s daughter. I have no control when it comes to buying clothes for little ones. When I’m in that section I just can’t pick one. I ended up buying a little wardrobe for Claire and it has been the most fun having Stacy send me pictures of Claire in her outfits that I put together.

After Zaras, we went to Starbucks and got what we always got. Caramel frappachino with whipped cream on top. We decided to sit at Bryant Park and enjoy our drinks. The weather was perfect that weekend and we really couldn’t have picked a better one.

IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_6989
IMG_6990 IMG_6991
Someone didn't get the sunglasses memo.
There was a wedding party that I could not resist snapping.
Love their colors!
IMG_7008 IMG_7007
We also happened to be in the city when the United Nations was holding several meetings. It made the trip a bit more interesting because it felt like every block was blocked off and the men in blue were everywhere. It was neat to also see the ones that had to be in the FBI because of the suits, ha. I was so tempted to take their pictures but decided it wasn't a good idea to get arrested for the blog.

Not sure if one would actually get arrested for taking an FBI agent's picture but I figured this wasn't the weekend to find out.

After Bryant Park we walked over to Times Square and there was a farmers/flea market.
The energy was great and it felt so good to be with my best girl friends in my favorite city in the world.

IMG_7009 IMG_7010
IMG_7012 IMG_7015
As we walked Sherie saw a guy getting people to wrap his snake around their necks. Right away, I felt sick. Snakes make me sick. But Sherie being weird has it on her bucket list to have a snake around her shoulders. We tried to talk her out of it but she was not having it. She got that snake and for a second she felt joy and then few seconds later she regretted her decision. The snake was licking her! SO gross. But of course I took pictures, from a distance. There were other people who also made the unwise decision but they look a lot more comfortable than Sherie did, haha.

IMG_7024 IMG_7022
IMG_7032 IMG_7033 IMG_7034
IMG_7035 IMG_7038
IMG_7027 IMG_7030
We also walked passed Dean & Deluca.
Is it just me or do y'all also think of Felicity every time you see a Dean & Deluca?

IMG_7042 IMG_7044 IMG_7043
For the rest of the day we caught each other up on our lives and it was like time had not passed and we just picked up right where we left off. We could not stop talking. The funny part is that although we have not been together in years we still found that we were doing similar things. Things that we hadn’t done in college. It was weird.

Soon it was time for us to head back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We got ready and met up with Jihae who lives in the city (remember that was her dream when we were in college). We had dinner at The Park. The restaurant is gorgeous and the last time I went with Stacy and Jihae we had the best experience. Unfortunately, this time around the food was not so good. I got a simple margherita pizza which was delicious but everyone else was not happy with their meals, especially Jihae. I tasted her salmon and it tasted so awful that I told her that she had to request something else to eat. She did and it was not much better but it was better than what she had. Good for drinks, not so much for food.

IMG_7048 IMG_7047
IMG_7056 IMG_7053
After dinner we went to Jihae’s apartment to hang out at her rooftop and talk. Jihae is 7 months pregnant and Stacy just had her second child five months ago so there was a lot of baby talk. The type of talk that we never use to have when we were together. It’s amazing that we, the 18-20 year old girls that often spoke about boys, shopping, sorority events and midterms were now discussing babies, careers, marriage, the real world.

The following day we got breakfast together and said our see you laters. We decided that this is something we'll have to do yearly because it isn't right for us to just go years without seeing each other. I felt so sad to see them go (and the hugs felt like they would never end) but I believe in my heart that the friendships I made with these women in college are friendships I will have forever. The friends that have really seen you grow and know parts of your life that others will never know. A bond that can’t be broken. It was this weekend that reminded us why we connected in the first place. Why distance and time cannot come between us. Why after several years apart there were no awkward silences. Why we will always be the best of friends. Why joining a sorority in college was not buying friends but making lasting friendships that I will forever be grateful for.


  1. Glad you found your waffles. Crispy ones do sound delicious. I totally think of Felicity when I see Dean & Deluca. I was so excited to see it in NYC. Bryant Park did look like such a nice way to spend an afternoon hanging out. It's cool that she did the snake thing since she's always wanted to but NO WAY could I ever do it. No way no how!! That is awesome. I do have friends but not friends like that.

  2. Now that was an awesome girls weekend. Everybody doesn't experience great friendships like that, so treasure the wonderful bond that you all share. Oh and by the way, I wouldn't want that snake on my neck, either... :)

  3. Ewww...I feel the same way as you about snakes: no thanks! Looks like you found an awesome place for dinner.'s not so bad to be the chocolate and macaroon-eating friend. Sometimes it's just best to enjoy life! (In other words, I've eaten my share of chocolate today.)

  4. So happy u got to connect with your girls. Girl time is soooo essential, especially with your life long friends! Man I have got to get to NYC!!

  5. Lovely Pictures; you guys sure had some fun. Now, your friend is brave holding that huge snake like that...:-). I hope your week is going great.

  6. Now you got me all hungry with the waffle pictures! I feel ya on the baby clothes thing, I have no control either. I can't imagine how it will be if/when we have one of our own. I wonder if you would have gotten in trouble for snapping a pic of the FBI? That made me laugh. Glad you had such a great time with your girls!!

  7. This was so sweet and equally so special.

  8. This is so awesome! What an awesome friendship to have through the years. Not that it matters but I also vote for an annual get together for you all so you can blog about it :-D.

    But ummm...that snake? Ick!!! NEVER!!!

  9. Love this! And so true about what you said about friendship!

  10. ah so jealous! Pics are gorgeous...especially that meat on a stick (mouth watering!) Seriously... so glad you had a chance to hand out with your girlfriends like that!

  11. Wow, what a wonderful weekend! I would love to have a chance for some girl time like this with my longtime friends -- just us, with no husbands, boyfriends or other female friends along. That raspberry mimosa looks delicious, and I'm with you about snakes. They scare me!

  12. Sounds like an awesome bond you guys have going on. I have a few girlfriend like that and cherish them very much.

    The food looks so delicious. Overall it looks like a fabulous girls weekend. Can i say #doOver lol

  13. What a FUN getaway with your girls!!! I'm so glad you got the chance to do that and just enjoy lady time! :-)

  14. SO much girlie fun, yummy food and THAT GIANT SNAKE. Holy crap.

  15. Sounds like you all had a wonderful girlfriend weekend!

  16. Sounds like you all had a wonderful girlfriend weekend!

  17. Sounds like you all had a wonderful girlfriend weekend!

  18. You always have such beautiful pics!!! It looks like you gals had a wonderful time.

  19. What an awesome trip, looks like you ladies had such a great time. Life is so much sweeter when it's filled with great friends.

  20. Faith! I just stumbled upon your blog and it's amazing how you're still keeping up with the site. It's awesome to hear about your life and thoughts thru your blog.

    You look beautiful as always and I love all the photos that you have taken. They look very professional. Keep it going, girl!



  21. Oh my goodness you guys are the cutest. This looks like such a dream trip with close friends! Are those dipping sauces for the waffles!? Everything looks amazing.

  22. what a fantastic girls weekend you hit up all my favorite places!!

  23. Just... NO on the snake business. Moving on, I've never had Belgium waffles- now I might be on a man hunt to try them (I promise I won't eat them at iHop). I'm so glad you did this with all your friends- the whole weekend sounded amazing. Had you gotten arrested for photographing the FBI I probably would have fell out laughing (then promptly text you to make sure you weren't scared for life)

  24. Wow you just took me on an amazing journey! Wonderful post. Your friendships are such a blessing!!


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