Thursday, April 26, 2018

Self Care


I’ve begun new habits that have really helped to make life seem less hectic. Whether it’s making daily list of small things to do around the house or making all our meals for the week on Sunday, it just helps to keep me feeling balanced and like I’m staying on top of things and on myself. I don't handle being overwhelmed very well, so I try to do anything I can to help alleviate that.

I’ve even begun to put simple things on my list like, put on a face mask, to remind myself to take a few minutes to do something good and relaxing for myself. I'm aware that it's silly but I've noticed that if it's on the list, I actually take the time to do it.

I find that the more I do simple things I love on a daily basis, the less on edge I feel. Reading a few chapters in a new book, lighting a new candle, memorizing a scripture, watching a romantic girl flick, or just having a small bowl of ice cream. These little actions (as ridiculous as it may sound) make me feel like everything is going to be fine and help to ground my rampant thoughts.


I’ve made it a routine to call my dad every Tuesday. I can call him any day of the week (obviously) but I have to call him every Tuesday. I use to do the same thing with my mom & I find that it helps me feel more connected to her & him. I ask him tons of questions about her (some answers already known), how they first met, what mom was like when they first met, what he was like when they met, how he was as a little boy, etc. It’s another small thing that allows me to go to bed feeling relaxed and happy.

IMG_4227 IMG_4079

Life can often feel so hard and stressful. But I find that doing small things for myself on a daily basis help to make life feel less overwhelming. On a day that you’re feeling like it’s all too much, take time for yourself. Meditate, buy yourself some flowers in your favorite color, read your favorite book again, watch a movie that makes you laugh out loud, listen to your favorite album. Do something that helps you escape (if only for a little while) and allows you to ground yourself. It’s amazing to me how something as simple as dancing to your favorite song or singing (more like belting for me) your favorite song helps to lift the spirit.

What are some things you do for your self care?


  1. Things I do for myself: connect with girlfriends (I started a bookclub); place a dab of perfume on just before leaving; get my eyebrows done; get a pedicure;
    enjoy a cup of tea while people watching; read a book.

  2. Self care is so important. I am glad you take the time to put it on your list. We often do so much and forget about ourselves.
    That's awesome that you call your dad ever Tuesday. I call every Sunday. I agree, it makes you feel more connected.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love these tips esp the ice-cream part😆. Sadly I haven't been doing any kind of self care for a while now so this is a major reminder/wakeup call to get on with being kind and loving to me in the simplest ways... Thank you Faith!

  4. Hello,

    So lovely !


  5. I love how much we have blossomed over the years. Self love is the best love. I love to just read a book or lay out with my blinds open so the sun is shining on me. It can be the simple things that get taken for granted that can give you so much peace and serenity.

  6. I LOVE these photos (I love all your photos) but still.

    I don't handle being overwhelmed at all either. I tend to shut down and ignore everything I need to do. I took some of your advice to heart. Like during the week I clean one room each day- that way I don't need to clean on the weekend and can just enjoy myself. I also started doing a weekly meal list too. I also learned that with a small kid chances are 100000% that we will have pizza at least once and tacos. So that makes coming up with 3 other meals easy.

    Reading has been my absolutely favorite lately. I get sick of staring at monitors and screens all the time. I also love chick flicks, ice cream, and candles.

    It warms my heart that you call your dad every single Tuesday to talk about everything.

    For self care- I've been really into just walking around outside lately, reading books, long showers, making my bed (seems simple, but it makes me happy), flowers, and just watching silly kid movies with Dom & Eric.


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