Thursday, September 27, 2018

Paris: LouLou, Notre Dame, Musée de Cluny


After our eventful evening touring the Eiffel Tower the previous day we slept in. It’s mostly because the jet lag was hitting Sean hard. Either way, it is just so nice to sleep in, right? When we got up and were ready for the day we went searching for food. Sean was craving eggs so when we saw the menu at LouLou we knew we had found a winner. And boy, were we right! Our food was so, so good and I now know that I did not even know what a croissant was! I mean, what in the world? Do they put crack in there, ok, kidding … sort of. But yeah, I can’t have a croissant again and I tried two weekends ago, no bueno! Or should I say, pas bien?



IMG_6905 IMG_6906


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After brunch we headed to the Notre Dame and sometimes I am pretty amazed about how much architecture excites me. I just absolutely love it and well, Paris truly did not disappoint. Everything was just so intricate and detailed. And how is it that in this day and age with all the technology we have, people just aren’t building buildings like this anymore. Damn shame. But I digress. It was absolutely stunning and I could have walked around for hours.





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After the Notre Dame we went to Musée de Cluny. It is located in a remarkable looking building in the Latin Quarter and houses a collection of medieval art including jewerly, tapestries and scupltures. I loved that it was actually a pretty peaceful experience as it was not busy and it is most likely because it isn’t the most popular among tourists. There was an exhibition all about unicorns which I thought was so fascinating but we were told that it is only there for a limited amount of time. I did not end up taking out my camera (which I regret) but I did take several with my phone.



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After the museum we went to Galway Irish pub for a pit stop for a couple of drinks. I think I should note that we were surprised to find so many Irish pubs while we were in Paris.

I had not yet had gelato so when we were walking about and Amorino was right in front of me, it was practically a sign. And man, it was so, so good. This was my only gelato experience while in Paris and I do wish I had taken better advantage of trying as many places as possible. Next time.


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I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful the streets of Paris are!


IMG_6985 IMG_6986

And the doors!


After walking about some more (which we did a lot of while we were in Paris) we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. We made no dinner reservations while we were in Paris and always just found something on the fly. We had dinner at Atlas where a gentleman was playing a violin and we were so surprised when he played our wedding song. Mind you, our wedding song was a Metallica song so that surprised us even more. We had a delicious dinner and split crème brûlée (not pictured) for dessert.

IMG_6995 IMG_6999

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Oh, how I miss these evening scenes!




After dinner, we googled best dive bars in Paris and Stollys came up. We decided we wanted to do a little pub crawl and we also love dive bars and find that it is such a great way to talk to locals and tourists alike. We had a great time here and enjoyed talking to the bartender who is originally from Ireland.


After Stollys we want to Le Danton for drinks. I think the inside looked a bit like a train station or inside an old train … I could be wrong but I loved the way it looked inside. We were given complimentary chips which Sean scarfed down as though he had not had dinner. The bartender was a stocky guy who was reserved but friendly if that makes any sense.

After Le Danton we went to Au Père Louis and we decided that this was the best place to end our pub crawl as it is located a few doors from our hotel. The bartender there was so lovely and we enjoyed talking to her. Sean ordered another crème brûlée as it appears that he could not get enough. We enjoyed our time there so much that we made a mental note to come back again before we left Paris.



It was another fantastic day in Paris and it was at this time that I began to feel like
our days were moving so quickly and that our experience in Paris would soon be over.


  1. You are beautiful and so are the pictures. I have a friend that visits Europe alot. She says that she eats so much more in Europe but she never gains as a matter of fact she may lose weight. She thinks its because the quality of the food is so much better - all natural with no preservatives. Was this your experience also?

    1. That was definitely my experience! The food there is different than in the US.

    2. Thank you so much! Yes, completely! I ate so much food and drank a lot of wine and came back with no weight gain! The quality is so much better. Everything just tasted better and fresher. Like you can tell there are less chemicals, GMOs, etc.

  2. The architecture never ever get old. It's so stunning, and so beautiful. Agree with the above comment. I ate like a horse, but no weight gain. The food there is just better. I love how you remember where you ate. So often, we just wander into different places, and it all becomes a blur so I don't recall where we ate for later documentation. I'm trying to be more mindful of that.

    1. It's amazing to me just how beautiful the architecture is! When I got back home and saw no weight gain I was in shock because I ate so much food (lots and lots of bread) and drank so much wine. I love keeping track of where we eat that way if we ever go back to a place I can always go back to a location if I loved it, etc.

  3. So many beautiful pictures! You are too funny, you really didn't know about croissants?!? That was one of my favorite parts about Paris. I also loved the ones we got in Quebec. Sierra Beautifully Candid


    1. Thank you! :)

      Hahahaha, I didn’t mean it literally .. I meant like, what I was eating in the past was definitely not a croissant and now (after Paris) I know what a croissant really is. It is their butter … their butter is out of this world!

  4. Your breakfast looked AMAZING.

    It is a damn shame they don't make buildings like that anymore. Especially since we have the technology to probably do so more efficiently than ever!
    Dominic goes to Catholic school, and the church associated with his school is a beautiful cathedral as well. The high ceilings, the marble floors, the columns, the stained glassed windows, and candles everywhere! I'm sure it has nothing on Notre Dame though- I probably would've dropped to my knees in awe.

    I LOVE that your wedding song was from Metallica! I love even more that the violinist played it.

    1. Girl it was soooo good! I wish I could go back just for this exact meal.

      I also believe that it would be done so much more efficiently than ever too!

      I love when those older buildings have kept their stained glass windows, etc ... I'm sure it's gorgeous! It def. sounds like it.

      Haha, all Sean ... but it's a beautiful song. Nothing Else Matters :)


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