Monday, February 6, 2017

Hoover Dam.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for quite some time you know that Sean and I go to Vegas at least once per year.
Although we’ve been going yearly ever since 2008 we never made it out to Hoover Dam.

We decided that we would change that this time around. We went to Vegas with Sean’s parents (our 3rd time going with them!) and it was great to experience something new and different in a place that we visit often.

The drive to the Hoover Dam was spectacular. We ooh’ed and aah’ed constantly. I attempted taking pictures on our drive over but didn’t realize that I got the dashboard in every shot. I apologize for that! So ignore my mistake and take in the view ;).


It was truly breathtaking (these pictures do it no justice) & I could not believe it took us nearly nine years to do the short drive over.

IMG_2295 IMG_2303
IMG_2309 IMG_2322

One really neat thing was being able to be in Nevada and Arizona in seconds!

IMG_2339 IMG_2345

If you’re ever in Vegas I recommend doing this at least once. You can choose to pay for a tour or do like we did and simply park and walk around at your own leisure.

I’ll share more pictures of our trip to Vegas soon. Hope you all had wonderful weekends! ♥


Nylse Esahc said...

We did hoover dam and loved it. Even bought the tourist group picture and loved being in 2 timezones simultaneously. We did it as a group tour with my cousins who were visiting from England.

Desiree Macke said...

Yes! We visited the Hoover Dam years ago, but I would love to go back. I know they've done some renovations and improvements to the area and I've heard nothing but amazing things about it.

NikG said...

Lovely photos, Faith!

Law_Fal said...

So beautiful!

Emily Jane said...

Absolutely stunning! & I can't even tell you how many times I've photographed the dashboard ;)

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing! I go to Vegas every year too to bring in the New Year! So funny because I've also been doing this since 2008 and the first time I went to the Hoover Dam was last year! Haha great minds!

Joy B. E. said...

I like that yuo decided to do something a little different this year! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Have you ever done a chopper ride over the dam? I've never been there at all and hope to one day go.
Thanks for sharing.

Highly Favored said...

Beautiful scenery, nice photos!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

How fun to see something different! I'm impressed that you made it off the strip. When I go, I don't seem to venture to far from the strip.