Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring evenings.


One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warm is grill; or better yet when Sean grills because Lord knows I’ve never operated a grill before. I like my eyebrows whereas Sean doesn't seem to care too much about his. Everything just tastes better on the grill and it also cuts down on my cooking time so it’s a win all around.

The first time we use the grill in the season we make it a big deal. We go all out (burger, steak, chicken, shrimp) even though it’s just the two of us. We get a bottle of wine (bonus if it's from my favorite local winery) & enjoy our grilled dinner al fresco.

The dogs have a field day sitting beside us waiting for food to accidently drop but luckily for them there are always extras. I’m looking forward to more evenings spent on our deck/patio, dining al fresco while also drinking slightly chilled wines.


What are you looking forward to this Spring? Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ebb & Flow


It doesn’t seem to matter that although I’ve seen this bush bloom since Spring 2015 it still always surprises me when they bloom again. They bloom so quickly and disappear just as fast. And because of that I always make sure to take a few pictures, maybe as a reminder of what this bush really is. I think it’s time I frame one of these and place them somewhere in our house.

In the winter time this is such a sad looking bush and it’s amazing that once the right season appears it is vibrant, full of life and so much possibility. Almost like life; ups and downs. It is also a reminder to me that the downs are temporary and the ups always around the corner. I'm grateful that although I may sometimes feel like the sad looking bush, I also have moments of feeling vibrant, full of life and possibilities; just like this bush. Ebbing and flowing.

Pictures taken on a sunny and cloudy day.


In case you were curious, they are now long gone.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! And to all you amazing moms, I hope you were treated like the queens you are! xoxo

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother's Day without mom.

This will be my second year without my mom on Mother’s Day. It is strange because before my mom passed away I never really gave much thought about how hard this occasion is for those without moms/dads. I cared but it was fleeting and not personal. Now, I know and I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t take the time to really think about how hard this day is for so many people.


Anytime I see the picture below I smile.
Although my niece is crying for the balloon (give her the balloon Maryanna!) the joy in my mom's face means the world to me.
She was truly happy.


For weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, it is all in your face, a constant reminder. The commercials, Instagram, blog posts, etc. Everyone talking about their mom and each time my eyes tear up. It is a hard pill to swallow that you no longer have a mom and the weeks leading up to Mother's Day, you’re reminded of it daily.

I’m not saying that I don’t want people to talk about Mother’s Day or their amazing mothers. Mothers are so important and deserve every acknowledgment; I just wish that I was also partaking in the celebration.

We’re heading to my mom’s grave for Mother’s Day and I'll bring flowers in her favorite color. I intend to talk to her as though she were sitting right besides me. I miss my mom. So, so much. I’m glad that I kept so many of her voicemails well before she got sick because they truly are getting me through so many holidays. Why I kept a 2012 birthday voice message from my mom is beyond me but I'm so glad I did because every birthday I can pretend that she called and left me a message.

Hug your mother. Hug her tight. Call her often and let her know how much you love her. I really wish I could. And for all the mothers out there, we see what you're doing. You are amazing and you're doing just fine.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The last of Mexico.


You’re probably wondering; how could she possibly have more pictures to share from Mexico? The answer is: It’s because I’m crazy. When you’re like me and have five days to take pictures, you do it and you do it excessively.

But good news is that this is my last Mexico post and because of this, I'm just sharing random pictures in no particular order.


I figured that if I shared the one above, I might as well share the one below. It's only fair.


I hope that you all enjoyed the Mexico recap but now it's back to regular programming.
Hope that Spring is treating you kindly! ♥

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Date night ♥

You know it’s a problem when the both of you can’t remember the last date night. At least, when you’re us since we take date nights kinda seriously. We decided that this was the weekend to fix that since we had no plans except for tree removal from our backyard earlier in the day. I didn't want to see the tree go but sadly it was dead and there was no bringing it back to life. We made reservations to a new restaurant (to us) a few days prior to mix things up.

We haven't had many experiences where we did not really enjoy a restaurant we visited and I guess it was our time. The restaurant has so much potential as it is absolutely gorgeous but the atmosphere/vibe was just so blah. Even the ever changing colored lights in the ceiling did not do much to make the atmosphere lively. The menu they had that night was an event menu (wish we knew!) so it was very limited and nothing was appealing. I don't like pumpkin so this could be where my beef was at, but seriously, who would put pumpkin risotto on their menu in the Spring? We both ended up ordering burgers that we did not finish or box to go.

I'll admit that it was not the worst restaurant we've ever been to but with so many great ones in our area, there is really no reason for us to go back which is unfortunate because it truly has so much potential and is located in a great spot! But you know what really hurt? One of my favorite restaurants that I've blogged a ton about on here (The Hamilton) is right next door, haha.


Although our restaurant choice turned out to be lackluster, our night together was not. It's so important to make time for your relationship because things get in the way. Life gets busy. Mistakes are made. Feelings are hurt. Things get said that you'll never be able to take back. But when you take the time to ensure that your partner knows that you love them unconditionally, regardless of the flaws that you both certainly have, it is worth it.

Whenever I am having a moment when I am infuriated with Sean, I always ask myself this simple question. Is this the moment that I want to have broken us? For some odd reason, whenever a person tells me that a relationship is over, I always wonder, what/when was the exact moment that broke them? Would they go back and change the way they handled that moment to ensure that they remained intact? Because of this, I always ask myself that question, and if the answer is no (which it has been to date), I handle the situation a different way. I think hard about what I say and how I say it.

It's amazing how that simple question has helped me not only choose my battles but to always treat Sean kindly and with respect. I'm looking forward to our next date night but it most likely won't be us trying a new restaurant. I'll take tried and true for 100, Alex ;).