Thursday, September 22, 2016

Emma's Nautical Baby Shower.

The last weekend in August my sisters and I threw a baby shower for our sister, Emma. Prior to the shower, I asked my sister what theme she wanted and she said a nautical theme. And that was that. Colleen had a nautical baby shower almost two years prior and so I was already inspired and thank God for Pinterest. What did we all do before Pinterest? I’m not sure.

If you know me you know I often say that I’m not really a creative person. Everyone likes to disagree with me but trust me, I’m not. I know what I want, I know what goes well together but if you asked me to create something, I’m stumped. Well, in doing this shower some creative juices began to flow and I think overall the shower turned out beautifully plus I was able to have my detail queen come out. If you know me you know how much I appreciate the details!

I say this every time we have any type of event but I need some photographer friends, like immediately. Hosting a shower and also taking pictures was not the easiest task and because of that I don’t think the pictures turned out as great if I was just responsible for taking pictures. I told my sister I’ll make up for it with as many future family pictures she wants. Jokes on her because I would have done that anyway ;)

The colors I decided on were simple; navy, white, grey and accents of yellow. I saw a cake on Pinterest that inspired me to design my sister's cake which seriously surprised me. Who am I? Anyway, so thankful for my girlfriend Margaret who was able to get exactly what I had in mind and run with it. My sister does not like fondant at all but Margaret was still able to make a cake with frosting that withstood the summer heat, travel from Pennsylvania to Brooklyn and was gorgeous to look at!

We played three games. The “guess how big Emma’s belly is with ribbon”, "guess how many seashells are in the jar" and a “do you have this in your purse?” At first I thought that might be too many games but in the end they ended up being so fun that they asked for more games when it was over. I truly believe that it’s because my sister has some amazing friends who really got into it and made the games so enjoyable. We had the whole message in the bottle for guests to give advice or encouragement to mom and dad and I thought it was such a great touch. It really was a wonderful shower complete with incredible people who love my sister and her family. OK, enough of my babbling here are some pictures.

Guess how many seashells and message in a bottle.


Place your message in the bottle.


Be "Shore" to take a favor. There were gummy sharks, Swedish fish, life rings (peach rings) and fish bait (gummy worms).

IMG_7734 IMG_7736

Those plastic utensils were such a hit. Everyone loved it! It was so much fun the night before trying to figure out how to do it and when we finally did we were so proud, haha. Love you Pinterest, forever and ever.


Even the salad spoon was in theme with an anchor on its handle.


There was sun-kissed water, my idea! so proud, lol (lemonade) and ocean water (blue Hawaiian punch with seltzer water).


Ahoy It's A Boy (setting up at this time hence the wonky arrangement)

IMG_7679 IMG_7702

My sister loves Indian food so we had food catered from Jackson Diner in Queens. The food was such a hit and when I went to see my sister last weekend I was so excited when she suggested we go there for dinner!

IMG_7681 IMG_7741

The cake. Oh how I wish I got better pictures, sigh.

IMG_7696 IMG_7727
IMG_7709 IMG_7744 IMG_7783
IMG_7771 IMG_7782

This gorgeous woman (Kurler) allowed us to use her lovely home in Brooklyn for the shower. I can't thank her enough!


My sister is absolutely stunning!

IMG_7791 IMG_7809 IMG_7804
IMG_7816 IMG_7831 IMG_7815

Cake time!

IMG_7836 IMG_7840 IMG_7844

Presents time!

IMG_7858 IMG_7879

It took a lot out of me not to post a lot more pictures but I was able to find some self-control that I did not know I had. It truly was a fantastic time. My sister has amazing friends and I think some pretty darn good sisters ;). But in all seriousness, Emma and Brian (since I KNOW you read my blog!), you are so loved because of the love that you've shown all of us. Your kiddos are so, so blessed to be able to call you parents. I love you both so, so much! ♥

Monday, September 19, 2016

Date nights and sister time ♥

This date night began like any normal date night. I took extra care to look fabulous (didn't take a picture, slacker) and we went out to eat at Corked which is a restaurant/wine bar located downtown. We ordered drinks, appetizers and our entrees and we talked. Just like any regular date night. Only difference is that this time I glanced over to the left when I heard someone take a seat at the long table besides us, and my eyes widen because the person who took the seat besides us was Quinton Aaron.

Now, I'm not a big celebrity fanatic but I watch a lot of movies and own a lot of movies as well. I own this particular movie which also happens to be one of my favorites. I look over at Sean and say, "OMG, it's the actor from The Blind Side". He looks over and then back at me and says, "No, it's not". I give him the crazy eyes so he looks again and then he agrees and says, "I think you're right". I tell him that I'm going over to ask for his autograph jokingly and Sean shakes his head. A few people in the restaurant go up to him and get their pictures taken and I didn't. Half because I didn't want to disturb him and the other half because I thought I would feel like a silly fan girl. But I have to admit, it was pretty neat to have a celebrity sighting at one of our (not out of the norm) date nights.

IMG_7614 IMG_7619

The following day my sister came into town to help me prepare for our sister's baby shower the following day. I'll share some pictures of her shower later this week. I don't believe I've mentioned it on the blog (if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you already know) but my sister, Emma, was pregnant and she actually had a beautiful baby boy on 9/7/16. I met him over the weekend and he is just the most chill baby. I love him so much already! ♥

OK, back to topic, my sister wanted to do brunch when she arrived so we went to good ole Hamilton (I've blogged about it several times already) because she said she was in the mood for chicken and waffles. This time around I ordered something different on the menu but I sure was tempted. The hour we arrived was not a very busy time so I was able to get some shots of the restaurant that I've not been able to get which was nice. Our food was excellent, service great and company even better. Anytime spent with the people I love most in the world is the best time.

IMG_7642 IMG_7622
IMG_7626 IMG_7627
IMG_7623 IMG_7642
IMG_7636 IMG_7638

That weekend was filled with so much family and love and it was hard to shake that grateful feeling!
Hope you all had wonderful weekends and that you have a beautiful week! ♥