Sunday, March 1, 2015

Insert super clever title here..

Now that we're in the month of March I've been hit with a bit of excitement. The knowledge that I may soon be able to walk the dogs without feeling like my hands are about to fall off has me feeling like I need to jump up and down with the cheesiest smile on my face and bust a move.

I won't tell you if I just did that or not.

But as the warmer weather comes there goes any desire to be a hermit. I want to be out and about doing stuff. I want to dress up and not use the excuse of "it's too cold to look cute". Worst excuse if you ask me since being cute is mandatory at all times. I want to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures of my everyday life. And now that we're in March I feel like that is about to happen.

Remember when I use to blog about date nights and actually take my camera out on those dates? I'm acting like it was years ago, ha I felt the desire last night and took a few pictures. Granted the ambience was low light and romantic but I felt like taking pictures and I know it's cheesy but it felt pretty good. There's something about being behind the camera and capturing moments that thrill me and when that was disappearing I felt sad. When you love doing something so much and then have no desire to do it, it makes you wonder what's going on. But yesterday, it was good.

A few weekends ago, Fella had just been given a bath. He is wiped down with a towel but he insists on licking himself dry. And while I watched him I decided it was time to get new pictures of him. He is our first fur-baby and I'm sure if you weren't here in the beginning of the blog you probably don't even know we have a cat. This was my favorite post of Fella. All the way in 2010. It was short, sweet and when I read old posts this one always makes me smile.

So here are a few shots I took of our first fur-baby that day. I hope that although the house is filled with dogs and humans he still knows that he is deeply loved, even when he decides it is a good idea to rub against my black pants when I am heading out the door to get to work.

So yeah, loving my cat and knowing that warm weather will soon arrive is where I'm at today. Oh and if you look closely you will see some peeks of the house and how it was looking at that time. A few things have changed (the magazine rack holder is no longer there) and I'm thinking I should blog about that soon but because things are still half-done, I am hesitant of sharing.

But anyway, hope you're enjoying the weekend! We're at a high of 32 degrees. Near heat wave if you ask me! ;)

Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to have the songs "Chandelier" and "Love Me Like You Do" on repeat all day today. ♥

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vegas Snapshots.

If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know that Sean and I take a yearly trip to Las Vegas. We got engaged in Las Vegas in 2008 and ever since we don't let a year go by without making a trip to Vegas. Due to this, I won't be doing much of a recap and will just share a ton of pictures because after awhile these trips begin to look the same but still so much fun for us.

Every year we try to stay at a different hotel. This year we stayed at The MGM Signature. We loved our room and the service. When we booked our room we were excited that it had a full kitchen. We of course told ourselves that we'll make some meals, yada, yada, yada, but yeah we did not. Either way, it was still nice to have a full kitchen in our room.

Things that stand out from this trip.

1. We went to a Chris Angel show and to be honest I'm not much of a fan. But it came with our package and free is always good. So we checked it out and I thought it was wack.

2. We had a Jacuzzi tub in our room and Sean was all like, let's wear the robes and be all fancy.
3. We checked out Aria for the first time and we both agreed that it was no Cosmopolitan.
4. I only took pictures with my "big girl camera" one day of our trip. Usually I have pictures for each day. I'm slacking.
5. Oh wait, I did take a few more pictures one other day.
6. I had an amazing cinnamon bun French toast! I'm craving one right now it was so damn good.
7. We tried Doritos topped chicken wings and as much as they shouldn't be, they were wonderful!
8. Sean did the rides at the Stratosphere, in the rain.
9. It rained.
10. It was our first time without a rental car. My calves got a great workout.

I love looking up at the ceilings in Vegas.
You'll always see something interesting on the strip.
I was obsessed with this chicken Mac & Cheese with bacon slices inside.
I am struggling with whether I want to figure out the recipe or not!
I feel like I'm normally very good about taking pictures of my meal prior to stuffing my face.
Not this time.
The sight of this cinnamon bun French toast had me and I took many bites before I realized that I needed to share the goodness.
Prior to doing the rides at the Stratosphere, Sean decided he was hungry.
I tried to talk him out of it just in case food decided to come up while he was on the rides.
Nope, Sean ate and in case you were curious, nothing came up.
The view from the Stratosphere.
And this concludes my Vegas snapshots.
I hope you're all enjoying your weekends! ♥