Thursday, May 24, 2018

A long weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC


In 2015, Sean and I went to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend getaway. It was during an extremely difficult time and I remember that the short trip was suppose to be us getting away from reality for a bit; but to be honest it was anything but. I did try but it definitely wasn't easy. When I look back at the post I created after we returned, I do notice that I tried to make it seem like it was a light hearted trip. But looking closer I also see that I did not get one picture of myself because I had no desire to force a smile for the camera. When we returned from Myrtle Beach, I got the most dreaded phone call from my older sister that mom was not getting any better and that we should come down and say our final goodbyes. And she was right because just a few weeks later my mom was gone. I had no desire to return to Myrtle Beach because I connected it with an incredibly difficult time in my life.

Well, late last year, Sean’s mom had a heart attack which led to her needing a quadruple bypass. We promised his mom that six months after her surgery we would take her on a long weekend trip to the beach. One requirement was that it could not be a long flight. That’s when Sean remembered that Myrtle Beach was just an hour flight away from us and would be the perfect place to take his mom as it would be no fuss and relaxing. I decided that now would be a good time to get my feelings about Myrtle Beach turned around and we booked our flights. Luckily for you all this won’t be a long recap (just this post, how rare!) because we literally were beach/pool bums. But it was exactly what Sean’s mom needed as I haven't seen her so relaxed & happy in a while.

We stayed at Ocean One Resort and extremely rare of me I took only one picture of our apartment. We rented a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a full kitchen. Since we had a full kitchen we picked up foods for breakfast and snacking and were able to eat breakfast together before heading out each morning. Our apartment featured unbelievable ocean views from every room so I'm a little surprised that I forgot to take proper pictures as I'm usually so good at taking pictures of wherever we stay.


Where we ate & drank:

When we landed we had hoped we'd be able to get an early check in but unfortunately we were unable to do that. We ended up walking around for quite a while. We were starving so when we saw McAddos Beach Bar we stopped thinking we'd be able to get food and drinks. We were advised that they only serve drinks but that we could get food and bring it back to eat there if we wanted. We ended up getting food at Gigi's Pizza (no website) which is next door and then brought our food over to the beach bar that way we could enjoy some cocktails as well. Our food was OK but our drinks were pretty good!

This was the beginning of a lot of piña coladas consumption after that. Sean's mom said something that made us all laugh out loud. She said, "I'm going to be ordering a lot of piña coladas and they aren't going to be virgins"!



IMG_4592 IMG_4594


We stopped at Oceanfront Bar & Grill for some drinks (you guessed right another piña colada for Sean's mom and me).
We did not eat here as we had just eaten. Our drinks were good!

We walked to dinner to 2nd Avenue Pier Bar. We enjoyed the most gorgeous sunset while we ate and Sean's mom looked so relaxed and happy. I ordered fried clams with fries and a Miami vice. A little switch up from the piña colada ;).



IMG_4626 IMG_4650

IMG_4652 IMG_4648 IMG_4654


IMG_4665 IMG_4659

We ate at Pier House Restaurant. Delicious food and drinks!


IMG_4783 IMG_4787


We ate at 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill and had the most amazing piña coladas as they put vanilla ice cream in it! So, so good!

IMG_4704 IMG_4717

Sean and his dad got drinks and their cups were little pineapples.

IMG_4708 IMG_4723


IMG_4712 IMG_4716





We went to Daddio's (no website) for ice cream and it was not good at all. I ended up having two licks and then throwing in the garbage. I maybe should not have gotten soft serve.

IMG_4833 IMG_4835

What we did:

We walked the boardwalk and Sean's parents picked up a bunch of souvenirs to take back home.

IMG_4597 IMG_4599


IMG_4607 IMG_4602


We did Broadway at the Beach at night which was so much fun. It is such a lively place. Lots of restaurants, shops, clubs, attactions and live music. For fun, we took Sean's parents to a club for a night of dancing. Sean might have made his parents do a little too many shots. And by too many I mean two, haha! They had such a good time, especially Sean's dad. He seriously danced the night away :) We had the most entertaining Uber ride back to our hotel, big thanks to Sean's dad.

thumbnail_IMG_6323 thumbnail_IMG_6325


We of course went to the beach. The picture below is from the balcony in our room.


IMG_4747 IMG_4749


IMG_4754 IMG_4775


IMG_4771 IMG_4774

We went fishing at the pier and Sean actually caught a fish! I didn't take any pictures of that because I actually felt bad for the fish and this was weird since I eat fish. He did let it back into the ocean so that made me feel better.



Good ole bait


IMG_4679 IMG_4682



IMG_4699 IMG_4702


We rented a golf cart to drive around one day and it was so much fun. We took turns riding in the front and the back and I enjoyed riding in the back a lot more.


We enjoyed walks due to the gorgeous weather we were lucky to have!


IMG_4799 IMG_4796 IMG_4798

IMG_4805 IMG_4809


IMG_4825 IMG_4828

We also enjoyed a relaxing time at the pool at our hotel. I finished reading Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes.
It is a fun and easy read!


We had such a great time but I think I should mention that there are tons of confederate flags everywhere. In shops, on people's clothes, everywhere. I just don't see it very often where we live and I don't believe I ever saw one when I lived in the city. It was just unsettling and very in your face. But for the first time when I saw someone sporting the "flag" in either beach wear, towels, etc, it just made me feel sad for the person. How sad it is that you live in a world that you find it acceptable to wear something that is truly just a symbol of hate and racism? How much of life you are missing on because you are that small minded.

I no longer feel anger just a little bit of sympathy.

Anywho, enough of that. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and that you have a wonderful, safe, fun Memorial Day weekend! ♥