Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cherry picking fun


We missed strawberry picking by two days. TWO DAYS! If you know me, you know that strawberries are my favorite fruit. When one of the workers informed us that there were only cherries to be picked you can say that I was slightly disappointed. I dislike(d) cherries with a passion. But I decided since I was already there, I might as well pick for Sean since he likes cherries.

It was such a fun activity to do. So relaxing and the beautiful scenes/views was the cherry on top (see what I did there?).

Cinthia's mom and Evanni (Margaret's daughter) were eating the cherries as quickly as they were placing in their containers. But no worries, the owners actually encouraged us to eat as we picked. Me? Didn't try one.

When I got home, I cleaned the cherries and placed in a glass container that way it would be easy for Sean to grab and snack on. I decided to let go of my very many years of dislike for cherries and give it a try one more time. Imagine my surprise when I tried a second and a third and so on. Wouldn't you know it, my taste buds changed! I’m officially a cherry lover. I still haven’t tried the ones that they top on drinks because those I think I’ll still hate but I’ll call this cherry picking "adventure" a success.

IMG_6700 IMG_6715


IMG_6740 IMG_6738


IMG_6721 IMG_6723


IMG_6729 IMG_6730


And although I picked the cherries for Sean, I basically ate all the cherries by myself. I think he had about five. Sorry, babe.

This is an activity I see myself doing for years to come. So, tell me. What fruit/food did you absolutely hate that you now love?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lunch with the Girls

It had been a little while since the three of us had gotten together as Margaret’s schedule is all over the place. It wasn’t until the day before that we actually made plans for the three of us to get lunch at The Bayou. The two of them were my first friends made in PA as we all worked together on the same team. Funny how they were both at my company before I arrived and now I’m the only one who remains. On this day, we also made plans to go strawberry picking which I'll blog about soon. I'm so behind on blog posts.

The three of us always have the best time when we are together. The conversations are just so good and often have me in fits of laughter. They have brought so much to my life and I’m really glad to have them in it.

With good conversations came an abundance of food that we were all too thrilled to box up to enjoy later. I still haven’t gotten Sean to check out this restaurant but I have a feeling that he’ll love it as much as I do. It’s becoming harder and harder to pick a favorite restaurant in our town and if you ask me it’s a great problem to have!

IMG_5902 IMG_5933

IMG_5910 IMG_5914

IMG_5916 IMG_5915






IMG_5925 IMG_5928

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! ♥

Monday, July 17, 2017

My sister's wedding ceremony ♥

As many of you are aware, my little sister got married a few Saturdays ago. It was a very simple affair. A ceremony that only family members were invited to at their home church. Their reception was actually this last weekend which friends were invited to. They had no bridal party and no dress code whatsoever. To be honest, it did not surprise me because my sister has always done things differently. I liked the intimacy so much that I wish that I had thought of this for us. The whole big wedding thing just seems so overrated and overdone now. There's so much to be said for being able to forego the "glitz and glamour" and get married simply.

My sister decided to get ready in my mom's bedroom.
Her presence is still all around her bedroom so it almost felt like she was there with us.

IMG_5966 IMG_5965

IMG_5974 IMG_5956

At one point, my sister took out one of my mom's favorite hats and placed it on her head and we couldn't
help but wish she were really there. Ahhh, my dad. He truly is one special man.

IMG_5984 IMG_5983

My mom also wore a knee length wedding dress so it was like a small tribute to my mom with the dress my sister chose.

IMG_5988 IMG_5996

Love how happy my sister was this day! It makes my heart so happy when I see my sisters smile so big.

IMG_6040 IMG_6039

IMG_6049 IMG_6055


IMG_6073 IMG_6077

IMG_6135 IMG_6136

IMG_6139 IMG_6151

When my sister and husband were pronounced husband and wife she began to tear up. As soon as my nephew saw his mom crying he began to cry too. It was seriously the sweetest thing although it was hard to get him to stop once he got started, haha.

IMG_6190 IMG_6192

IMG_6195 IMG_6196

IMG_6206 IMG_6253


IMG_6317 IMG_6319

IMG_6330 IMG_6348

IMG_6363 IMG_6364

IMG_6366 IMG_6368

IMG_6379 IMG_6394

IMG_6382 IMG_6386


My dad and little sister going for the bouquet.
It had us laughing so hard.

IMG_6446 IMG_6443 IMG_6444

IMG_6447 IMG_6448


IMG_6420 IMG_6458


My sister and her husband had a barbeque after the ceremony and we had the best time and ate way too much food.
I've always been a fall lover but summer is beginning to steal parts of my heart. It's just that so many of the things that
I enjoy doing happen to fall during summertime. Fall needs to step up her game ;).


IMG_6485 IMG_6503

IMG_6464 IMG_6466

IMG_6518 IMG_6521

After the ceremony, Sean changed into this ridiculous getup that had everyone either shaking their head or laughing.
I was part of the shaking head category.

Oh yes, this was July 4th weekend ... but I still want to burn the getup.

IMG_6593 IMG_6589 IMG_6590

You know ... starting my niece young.

IMG_6531 IMG_6616

To my sister and my new brother Ben, congratulations!
I wish you both so much love, communication, respect, laughter, understanding and an enjoyable lifetime of marriage!

P.S. I'll share reception pictures as soon as I've uploaded them. Hope you all had wonderful weekends and have great weeks!