Thursday, May 28, 2015

"i came for the fried oreos"

On Sunday, our town held Mayfair Festival. It was for four days and broken down into separate days for different music genres. They had a day for country, jazz, Celtic, classic rock, etc. We chose to go on Sunday for classic rock and jazz and we had such a blast. I went with two of my co-workers (Margaret and Cinthia) and Sean. Margaret came with her family and they did not last very long because her mom and aunt wanted to go to the casino badly. Sean hung around for a couple of hours before he headed home because we were getting a quote to put in a vinyl fence. We have a chain fence now but Sean wants to be all fancy. $6,000 fancy! We'll continue to shop around for quotes because all I can think is about the vacations we can take with that money.

Anyway, sorry about getting off topic. I tend to do that a lot.

A few things to note:

- I had my first taste of fried Oreos! So good. I was hoping to also try fried Twinkies but no luck there. Maybe the next fair.
- I know all the songs. All the old people songs to be exact, according to Cinthia. I'm cool and I know it.
- All purchases were made with tickets. For example, my Shrimp Jambalaya was 20 tickets which equaled $10.00. I thought it was kinda fun to pay with tickets vs. money.
- It is the best when you make friends with a person who you have so much in common with. The conversation flows and it's just plain nice.
- I'm really loving living in PA. It is the strangest thing but I might like it more than Albany, NY! Not more than the city, obviously, but more than Albany, NY!

Here are pictures taken at the festival.
Shrimp Jambalaya.
I pretty much poured Sriracha Hot Sauce all over the dish. Yum!
Fried dough & fried Oreos!
We ended this extremely fun day with ice cream with extra sprinkles.
This warm weather business keeps me feeling alive ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Insert pictures of Sean and his mom smiling here.

Ever since I started dating Sean we go to Atlantic City with my in-laws. When we talked about it we were all surprised that it was our eighth year doing this. It started out as a little trip we did for Sean's birthday but then decided that going in February was just not as fun, so we started going during the warmer seasons. Much better decision for all of us.

This year, Sean's mom was very adamant that she was going to go through her chemo-therapy and make our annual trip to AC. She said that her first drink after chemo-therapy was going to be with us and it was going to be a pina colada.

And when she completed her sessions of chemo-therapy we made sure to schedule our annual trip immediately.

While we were deciding on dates Sean mentioned that he could not wait to take pictures with his mom. If you know Sean you know that, that type of statement is very unlike him. But after the year we've had it's hard to take the time you have with your family for granted so I got it, and obviously you know I was all for it being the picture taking freak I am.

Sean's parents arrived Thursday evening and since it was Sean's mom's first time seeing our house they came upstairs first to get a little tour of our house.

Then my mom called so I picked up the call and Sean and his parents headed outside to bring in their things.

Within a few minutes, Sean's mom had fallen on our concrete stairs right onto her forehead. Sean's mom has MS so sometimes she thinks she's moving but she really isn't. This time she thought her legs were moving but they weren't. It was strange that before my mother in law fell my mom causally mentioned in her phone call that she had been praying for my mother in law all day. I truly believe that because my mom was saying prayers for my mother in law she was not as injured as she could have been.

Her forehead produced a bump and it began to bruise right away. We were very nervous but she kept saying that she was fine and refused to go to the hospital. We couldn't make her, unfortunately, and we just kept a close eye on her.

The next day her left eye was black and blue and by the following day she had two black eyes. She went to the ER after some convincing from Sean and luckily she was just fine. Just badly bruised, her face and her ego.

Sean's mom even asked Sean to say when others were around, "Lady, shut it up or I'll match your other eye". Yeah, maybe not too funny (it was) but it's Sean's mom's sense of humor and Sean was a little too happy to oblige.

We did not get any pictures with her this weekend because, well, you know. But we had a great time together like we always do.

Icing on the cake is that she got her bone scan that weekend and she is in the clear. Cancer free, thank you Jesus!

Here are some pictures of our weekend:

We stopped to listen to this band sing some cover songs.
They were pretty good so it ended by me being dragged away by Sean with promises of Ritas.
This is how I usually am.
Hookah on the Broadwalk.
And some random shots I took.
Delicious nachos & tacos for dinner.
I did not take as many as I thought I would but something is better than nothing, right?
I hope you all had wonderful weekends! ♥

Monday, May 18, 2015

Beaching & Brunching - the two perfect B's.

This weekend called for thunderstorms, then rain and then thunderstorms again but it was going to be in the 80s. We decided that we were not going to let the weather control what we did and decided to just brave it and head to the beach anyway. It didn’t rain but it was not in the 80s, that’s for sure. More like the mid 60s. The water was too cold to even put our feet in and we learned that Walker might not be the friendliest when he sees strangers and dogs he does not know.

He barked in a way we’ve never seen before and we quickly whisked him away back to the car. Poor dog is so extra protective of us that anyone who comes near us can’t be trusted. Since Izabella loves every and anyone we allowed her to play on the beach for a little while. It was rather relaxing to walk up and down the beach with Sean, talk and make plans for our summer.

Even though the weather was not ideal beach weather it still felt great to be at my happy place.
On Sunday, I headed out to brunch at The Hamilton. It was pretty amazing. These doughnuts with the caramel sauce. Man, if it were allowed (by me) I would eat it all day, every day. So, so good. Cinthia and I both decided to go with the fried chicken and waffles and it was a great choice. The chicken was not too greasy and perfectly crispy.

It was delicious and if you haven’t already tried the combination, give it a go. It is rather good!

Then we goofed off and took a few pictures.
It was fun.
I’m excited for this week. Sean’s parents are coming up on Thursday and we’re doing our yearly AC trip. It will be Sean’s mom’s first time seeing our new house so Sean is very excited to show her the house. This coming weekend is looking to be exciting as I’ll also be doing a music festival and I can’t wait for that. But mostly because I was told that my favorite corn will be there. And if you read my blog last summer you know that I was slightly obsessed.

I hope that you all have wonderful weeks and that you had great weekends.
xoxo ♥