Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little Anniversary Trip.

Many of you know that on November 6th, Sean and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
Sean took it upon himself to plan what we would do to celebrate 5 years.
One night in AC (we couldn't do Vegas because closing costs suck) and one night in Philadelphia.

I had plans to document with lots and lots of pictures.
You know, charging my camera and deleting a lot of pictures to free up space on my memory card.

Well, let's just say that I didn't do a great job on that end but we had such a great time. When I think back on it I have the biggest smile on my face because we seriously had so much fun. Our day in AC we stayed up to 5am! Don't ask me what we were doing, haha, but for the fact that we stayed up so late just enjoying ourselves was great to me. It isn't an easy feat at all these days. I didn't take one picture (not even with my phone this day!) I think that is probably a first since I began blogging in 2010.

In Philadelphia, we did a little shopping. I got a coat and Sean got shoes. We walked around the city and checked out a little dive place that hasn't been updated since the 60s and only accepted cash. I will admit that sometimes it is those dives that you have a great deal of fun. 80s music on the jukebox and one delicious Philly cheese steak made the place A-OK to me. Can't remember the name of the restaurant though, boo to me!

After we did a little more walking about and then we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the night. We had dinner at Bistro Romano in Society Hill. It is dubbed one of the most romantic restaurants in Philadelphia. The atmosphere was beautiful, very intimate and rustic inside, and the food was just incredible. I placed the meal that I had there at top 5 meals of my life. For the first time ever, I did not have any leftovers. I was stuffed but I learned that if I take a few deep breaths frequently I can finish it all. But yeah, you're probably waiting to see some food pictures but I was bad and didn't take anything so hopefully you'll take my word for it.

After dinner we went to Rumors to dance the night away or at least until 3am. Whoever told us we were old lied ;) OK, that was us who said that but we proved ourselves wrong. We were hurting the next day though.

I did take a few pictures just because I wanted to get some shots of our 5th wedding anniversary weekend. The thing is that when I look at these pictures I can tell that I was taking them just for taking sake. I'm going to remember this for the next time because I don't like it. Anyway, the pictures aren't really a good representation of that weekend but it was the best one that we've had in a while.

Not sure if I would trust cookies from here.
In fact, you know it's a good one when the two of you keep wondering if the next trip you take will be as fun as this one.
I love my Seany man and feel so, so blessed to be able to do life with him.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 ♥

Thanksgiving was a little more special this year than previous years. Don't get me wrong, it has always been special but because of the year that we've had as a family our gratefulness for being able to enjoy this time together was deeply felt.

I love being surrounded by my family more than anything. There is a feeling of calm, peace and just pure happiness when I'm surrounded by the people I know love me more than others in this world. I'm aware that not everyone gets to feel this way so I'm grateful that I do.

It was a beautiful day, with freshly fallen snow that just made the day seem even more magical. I, of course, took pictures because I realized that lately my love for documenting days with pictures has actually decreased. The camera is no longer attached to my hip and I can't let that happen because taking pictures is what people expect of me (since they know I love it so much) and when I'm not doing it, it's weird to them. So, I snapped and I snapped and I have to tell you it felt good to do something that I really love doing. Taking pictures and capturing moments and being able to have that particular moment frozen in time forever. There's nothing quite like it.

Every year, we have a system that we stick to. I'm in charge of the turkey, homemade mashed potatoes with gravy, baked broccoli, corn and stuffing with cranberries. My sister Emma is in charge of the baked Mac and Cheese and jollof rice, my sister Priscilla surprises us every year with what she makes. This year it was chicken masala and it was amazing! My little sister Maryanna is always in charge of desserts. It is a little strange that with all the pictures I took, I didn't get all of our spread so if you wanted to see baked broccoli, Mac & cheese, jollof rice, chicken masala or some desserts, I apologize! Any who, I love that we do this every year and it makes being in the kitchen slaving all day so much fun. I can't imagine doing this with any other people but my sisters.

OK, enough of my rambling, here's my Thanksgiving day! ♥

Time to make a snowman!
He was so excited that we forgot momentarily that he did not have a coat on.
Bad aunties.
Completed Lego snowman!
Priscilla wanted nothing to do with it :).
She also got engaged the day after Thanksgiving! Congrats P and Ben! ♥
Emma's birthday is November 11th so Priscilla made her a birthday cake.
I also took Christmas pictures for my sister, BIL and niece.
I won't share any that I think made the cut that way my sister's Christmas card is somewhat a surprise.
My sister then made me get behind the camera that way I could have some fun in the snow with my nephew and Sean.
But not before I snapped the picture on the left of my sister laughing after Sean made a joke.
Then it was my sister's and I's turn to get silly.
I think my youngest sister is the cutest.
OK, let's see some food!
Mr. Sean was too excited to carve the turkey before we ate that I didn't get a before shot.
After we ate, we sang happy birthday to Emma.
Look at my niece and nephew helping her blow out the candles.
Then family pictures of course.
And that's my Thanksgiving in a million and one pictures.
I must say that I am ending this post with a lot more happiness than I began with :).