Friday, June 24, 2016

Appreciation - Part One.

Prior to my hospitalization I ran the inside of our home and Sean did the outside. Sean did the occasional dishes, laundry, hangings on walls and fixes but for the most part I kept the house tidy.

The thing was I did not think that I did not allow Sean to do much. I knew I liked things a certain way and often felt that if I wanted something done right I should do it myself. That was the wrong attitude but I did not realize it until I came back home from the hospital.

Granted Sean did not really have much time to do things around the house with how often he was in the hospital with me but I expected the house to look the way I left it 12 days prior. Worst part was realizing that Sean did not even see that the house was a hot mess. I was quiet about what I saw but I lost my cool and actually threw a fit when I walked wobbled, limped into our bedroom.

I was in so much pain, could barely walk and our room looked like a bomb threw up in it. You didn’t even clear the side of my room, I yelled. You should have seen his face. His eyes widen so much and I felt bad that I had said anything. He was tired. He was taking care of me. I could do nothing on my own. All the responsibility was on him now and I could tell he was hurt by my reaction but he didn’t say anything because he knew that I was not myself and that anything he said would not make a difference. He was in the hospital with me for hours and although he was not physically feeling my pain, he was hurting as well.

It wasn’t until a week after that he said how much my comments hurt him and that he was trying his very best. I did apologize about the way I said things but I stood my ground, because “come on now, the house was a hot mess!”

During this time is when it dawn on Sean just how much I did. He did not realize everything that I did for him until I could no longer do it. He did not realize how easy I made his everyday life. His lunches were always packed, groceries always stocked in the fridge, breakfast and dinner always ready, laundry cleaned, folded and put away and on top of that the house was always cleaned.

It is often hard to appreciate something when you don’t know how inconvenient your life would be without it.

My first week back from the hospital was the hardest for Sean. He had to do all the groceries, he had to cook our meals, he had to do laundry, dishes and take care of our fur-babies. He often would forget to feed our cat or clean out his litter unless I reminded him which I did everyday to ensure that our cat did not starve while I was unable to feed him.

On top of all of that he had to help me. He had to bring me food, drinks, help me shower, lotion, put on pants. He had to help me climb stairs, lift my left leg on our bed each time I got into bed (which was a lot!) because my left leg was still too heavy for me to lift on my own. He had to grab my walker/cane each time I wanted to go anywhere. Oh, and he had to clean our house.

When he went back to work everything was set that I had everything in my room. I could now walk with a cane and since I did not have to go downstairs for anything I was able to get around even if it was as slow as a snail.

It was at this time that we decided to get housekeeping services because Sean could not keep up and nothing makes me more uncomfortable like a dirty house. I did some research on my phone and found a few companies for Sean to call and we picked based on reviews and decided for them to come biweekly.

The first time they came I was in so much pain so I chose not to inspect their work. I figured Sean would know how our house looks clean. Well, I was wrong! When I came out after they had left I was baffled. I said, Sean, you allowed them to leave? We’re paying a lot of money for this and you should have made sure it was done properly! Are you positive they even cleaned? I was pissed to say the least.

He didn’t understand my frustration so I pointed out our tub, our stove, the dining chairs that still had cat hair on it, etc. After I had calmed down, Sean calmed down and he called the company and advised that we weren’t happy with the service. They asked if they wanted us to come back and I said no and then they offered to take money off which we accepted.

To be continued because I didn't realize how long this post was going to be...

But yeah, Happy Friday! I mean it ;).

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chicago - Day 3 & 4

After the river and lake tour we walked to the John Hancock Building to take in the views of downtown Chicago on the 96th floor.

IMG_6664 IMG_6671
IMG_6667 IMG_6668

The whole experience was pretty neat. We were packed like sardines in the elevator with other tourists who were just as excited as we were. Once we got up to the 96th floor we had to scout out the area to get a good seat. It’s pretty much everyone’s goal to get the best seat closest to the window. We got lucky and were able to plop ourselves down as soon as we saw another couple leave our new seats. We ordered a little bit of food and drinks to tide us over, talked, people watched and just enjoyed the view.


It was pretty amazing to be honest to see all the buildings. I'll admit that I was in awe to be able to see all the skyscrapers from so high up. The women's bathroom had a huge window and you got a spectacular view as well. Sean told me that the men's bathroom did not have the same perk. I wonder why. Maybe because guys are nasty ;)

IMG_6679 IMG_6685
IMG_6695 IMG_6699

After all the action for that day I was a little tired (my left leg began to get swollen) so we went back to our hotel for a cat nap and then got ready for the night as we were going to take in fireworks at the Navy Pier.

It seemed like everyone was out and about enjoying the beautiful evening. It was just a great vibe overall.

IMG_6716 IMG_6707

It was a great experience and we even made friends with a mom and daughter (who offered to take our picture!) who were also visiting Chicago for the first time when they sat on a bench with us. The fireworks weren't spectacular but Chicago does fireworks twice weekly throughout the summer starting Memorial Day weekend. Any city that does this is A-OK with me!

The following day was our last day but we made it our duties to try the infamous deep dish pizza at Giovannis. We had a 40 minute wait so we picked up a vitamin water at CVS and sat outside & talked until our time was up.

When our pizza arrived we were in shocked because it was HUGE and heavy in weight! I don't know in what world where what they gave us was for two people. I am more of a thin slice gal but it was delicious and I'm glad I finally got a taste of deep dish pizza.

IMG_6774 IMG_6768
IMG_6758 IMG_6771

We did not get a chance to do the sky deck which I really wanted to do but that just means we’ll have to go again in the future! I also am so glad that we chose to stay at the Hard Rock hotel since it was in the best location to get to the places we wanted. This was my favorite trip in a while and I must say that Chicago has been added to the list of places that I love and must visit again.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer State of Mind: Weekend Snaps

The pups spent an insane amount of time outside last weekend just sunbathing on the deck. I think it is fair to say that they had a very relaxing weekend. They also got a long walk around the neighborhood and were let loose to run free in a large grassy gated area. If they could speak, I'm positive they'll say they love summer.


Sean and I had date night on Saturday evening at one of our favorite restaurants. We made sure to order our favorite pizza (Margherita). We order it without fail every time we eat there. Sean ordered the same dish he always orders (Spaghetti Polpette which is a pasta dish with Italian meatballs, tomato sauce + parmigiano) and I ordered something different (Fusilli Genovese which is also a pasta dish with diced chicken, basil pesto, green beans & diced potatoes). I must have been too busy stuffing my face before taking pictures of everything but I did manage to get a few. I had a delicious strawberry sangria as well.

IMG_6855 IMG_6854

On Sunday, Cinthia and I met up to go to the farmers+flea market. There’s a shop that sells body washes, makeup, facial products, etc at discounted prices and I actually stocked up two years ago. My haul was running low so we made the trip on Sunday and were sad to see that the shop closed up two weeks prior and in its place was a much smaller scaled shop. They had some items but not nearly the amount the other shop had. It was nice when the new owner asked us if there was anything in particular that we would want that way she could place it on her list for her next order so we gave her our suggestions. Hopefully the next time they’ll have a much wider selection.

We also picked up a bunch of chocolate from another shop because their chocolates are just so good. I spent over $20 on chocolate and now I have to eat it all to get rid of it ;). I’m insane.

After that we went out to lunch at The Brick Tavern Inn and ate out on their gorgeous patio. It was our first time there and certainly not our last. Our meals were so good and our server was fabulous. We enjoyed some sangria and just had a great time of laughter and non-stop chatter.

- This spicy shrimp and mushroom pizza was incredible!


When I got home I made my meals for the week and then cuddled in the night with Sean. Sean was excited when Cleveland won. I kept saying that I wanted Curry to take it home (maybe to annoy Sean, ha) but secretly I was happy that Cleveland finally won a championship. It was a great weekend and I hope yours was too! Have a great week.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chicago - Day 3

When we woke up we had no time to think about how tired we were from the day before because I was meeting a blog friend! When I found out through Instagram that we just happened to be in Chicago at the same time we made it our goal to finally meet. The best part about it is that I was not nervous at all. It was like I knew that we were just going to act like old friends and I was right!

Technically we were meeting strangers but it didn’t feel like that at all. When we saw each other I squealed (Sean told me after) and we hugged like old friends. And then we talked, laughed and talked some more and I was sad that we could not hang out longer because we had booked tickets for the river & lake tour of Chicago that same day for noon.

We met up for brunch at Grand Lux Cafe and I had this churro French toast which I'm ashamed to admit was way more than I could manage. I wanted it all but woah, one was just so filling! Everyone's food looked amazing and not one complaint on the table except for how much food we were given.


- She's the absolute cutest and has the best laugh. Also couldn't help but love her baby bump! ♥


- I gotta say, our men are troopers. Because, seriously. Bloggers are insane. Meeting strangers is insane ;). But seriously, they were amused and maybe wondered who in the world they married.

IMG_6538 IMG_6541

After we said our goodbyes we quickly walked to Wendella Boats as this is the company we chose to do the river and lake tour of Chicago. I am so glad we chose to do the river and lake tour. If you ever get the chance do this and not just the lake tour. The views are spectacular and I seriously was in picture taking heaven.


- It was very windy on the boat so I was relieved that I decided to bring my denim jacket at the last minute.

IMG_6568 IMG_6574

- There was also alcohol below so we got some beer and wine and just enjoyed the experience.

IMG_6547 IMG_6552

We had to wait a few minutes for the barge to open to get access to the River.
It was well worth the wait for the stunning views.


- Sean took the camera and gave me my own photo shoot. Bless his heart ;).


Our tour guide was hilarious and very informative. We learned so much about the history of the buildings in downtown Chicago. One bit of information that I found really interesting was the story of a woman who was blamed up till her death for a fire that nearly destroyed all of downtown Chicago but she wasn’t the one actually responsible. I found that to be a little sad that she had to carry this burden when it wasn’t even hers to carry until she died.

I think I just might have to stop here because after this we went to the John Hancock Building that way we could take in the views of Chicago on the 96th floor. And well, if I didn’t stop here the amount of pictures that would be here would be insane and no amount of apologies to you will do. One more sleep till Friday!