Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colleen comes to visit ♥

I shared a few weeks ago that Colleen and her husband Eric were planning on visiting us but because of Colleen getting sick at the last minute they had to cancel. I was bummed but Colleen immediately set up a new weekend for them to visit.

They came last weekend and to say I was one happy lady is an understatement. It was pretty incredible to see Colleen with a baby bump. You go years seeing a person one way and then being able to see them another way, as a soon to be mother, well it is a little mind boggling. She looked amazing as I knew she would and she was absolutely glowing.

We spent a lot of time talking and catching up. I realized after the fact that I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned on taking but the one I did get of Colleen and I makes me extremely happy because of the happiness on our faces. I love this girl and feel so, so blessed that I get to call her my best friend. Alrighty, here are a few shots from our weekend.

I was trying to figure out the right side of our fireplace and Colleen came bearing housewarming gifts and helped me complete it!
Colleen, I cannot wait to see you be a momma. Baby K is so incredibly blessed to be able to call you his mom. Just like with everything you do, you're going to be extraordinary at it. Love you so much VGB! ♥

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Showers & Pageants.

A few weekends ago, Sean and I went to Upstate NY for a baby shower and our niece's pageant.
I remember once upon a time when it was only invites to weddings and now only invites to baby showers.

Nicole and her husband decided not find out the sex (I have no idea how people do it because I'm so darn nosey and don't really care for surprises, at.all).

It was sheep themed and I know there was a cute reason for it but as I'm writing right now I have no clue.
The shower was in a building that was over 200 years old and I wish I took pictures of the inside but I never did get around to it.
Old buildings and their character get me every time.

This was so delicious!
Nicole, I cannot wait to meet little baby A! ♥
After the shower we quickly drove to get to Nadiyah's pageant in time.

She was so adorable and to be honest I planned on taking lots and lots of pictures but for some reason seeing her on stage just made me stop and watch her in awe. The fact that I knew her when she was in her mom's belly, and then being my flower girl when she was all but 2 years old, to now seeing a little person who is able to perform in front of an audience. Let's just say that my mind was blown.

She danced to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and she did so, so amazing.
She won talent for her age group and she earned it!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Road

Last Sunday, I decided that I needed to go through my computer and organize my pictures. I have lots and lots of pictures stored on my computer and sometimes they are double shots of the same thing because of course one might look better than the other.

Truthfully, they end up looking the same but hey, one of my favorite mottos is better safe then sorry.

As I'm deleting pictures, I come across one of Sean's mom and it's a beautiful, candid shot. It is of her looking at one of her grandchildren with a smile on her face. I decide that I want to see the album of that day and before you know it tears are running down my face.

Legit tears. And in the back of my head I'm thinking, girl, you're so ridiculous. But that does not stop the tears.
Because they're the ones that you sometimes just need to let out of your system.

As I'm looking at pictures I am so grateful that I have these moments frozen in time. Sometimes you don't want to take pictures because you want to be in the moment or you're just not feeling like it, but last Sunday, I was so thankful that I wasn't having "one of those days" when the pictures were taken. Pictures upon pictures of our family and friends. Of Sean and I. Seeing our moms so healthy and lively made my heart so full.

I came across some shots that I never shared on the blog because they were not "good enough" for the blog. Granted they are still not my favorites but I wanted to share them along with this post.

This day, Sean and I were driving to the ocean. It was a bit of a dreary beginning of a day but it ended up being full of sun and shine by the end of the day. These pictures of the road remind me that sometimes we may feel like things are just not good and we even get more sad to believe that things may never be good again. But it's just part of the journey and often at the very end of the journey things do look up and we get the pleasant reminder of why life is such a beautiful blessing and experience.

I'm so grateful to be alive.
To be able to have moments, to look back on those moments and be able to treasure them, even when they are not always "good enough".

Saturday, March 7, 2015

You can't kill these, they said.

So I went ahead and decided to give these a shot since I've never bought a plant I didn't kill.

Of course, I was later told (after I watered it) not to water the leaves.
Um, wait, what?!

They're probably already dead.
Good thing I've always known I possess a brown thumb.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Date Night.

Last weekend, Colleen and her hubby Eric were suppose to visit us and I was so looking forward to her visit. Granted, our house is not near done but we decided that as long as I don't judge her growing belly (Colleen is preggo!) she wouldn't judge my undone house. Good deal to me.

But with pregnancy comes moments of not feeling too good or at least I'm told so at the last minute (the day before she was to arrive) I got a phone call that we were going to have to reschedule. To say I was bummed does not accurately describe it. But you have no choice but to understand these things.

Sean knowing that I was bummed took me to our favorite restaurant and although I would rather have had Colleen that weekend it really was nice to splurge at our favorite restaurant.

We had a great time and I have to say that being married to Sean is my most favorite thing.

I hope that you all have fabulous weekends! ♥

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Insert super clever title here..

Now that we're in the month of March I've been hit with a bit of excitement. The knowledge that I may soon be able to walk the dogs without feeling like my hands are about to fall off has me feeling like I need to jump up and down with the cheesiest smile on my face and bust a move.

I won't tell you if I just did that or not.

But as the warmer weather comes there goes any desire to be a hermit. I want to be out and about doing stuff. I want to dress up and not use the excuse of "it's too cold to look cute". Worst excuse if you ask me since being cute is mandatory at all times. I want to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures of my everyday life. And now that we're in March I feel like that is about to happen.

Remember when I use to blog about date nights and actually take my camera out on those dates? I'm acting like it was years ago, ha I felt the desire last night and took a few pictures. Granted the ambience was low light and romantic but I felt like taking pictures and I know it's cheesy but it felt pretty good. There's something about being behind the camera and capturing moments that thrill me and when that was disappearing I felt sad. When you love doing something so much and then have no desire to do it, it makes you wonder what's going on. But yesterday, it was good.

A few weekends ago, Fella had just been given a bath. He is wiped down with a towel but he insists on licking himself dry. And while I watched him I decided it was time to get new pictures of him. He is our first fur-baby and I'm sure if you weren't here in the beginning of the blog you probably don't even know we have a cat. This was my favorite post of Fella. All the way in 2010. It was short, sweet and when I read old posts this one always makes me smile.

So here are a few shots I took of our first fur-baby that day. I hope that although the house is filled with dogs and humans he still knows that he is deeply loved, even when he decides it is a good idea to rub against my black pants when I am heading out the door to get to work.

So yeah, loving my cat and knowing that warm weather will soon arrive is where I'm at today. Oh and if you look closely you will see some peeks of the house and how it was looking at that time. A few things have changed (the magazine rack holder is no longer there) and I'm thinking I should blog about that soon but because things are still half-done, I am hesitant of sharing.

But anyway, hope you're enjoying the weekend! We're at a high of 32 degrees. Near heat wave if you ask me! ;)

Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to have the songs "Chandelier" and "Love Me Like You Do" on repeat all day today. ♥