Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Relaxing weekends are my jam.

Two weekends ago, the weather called for thunderstorms so we made plans to watch as many movies at home as possible. Sean is not the best movie watcher because he always falls asleep but this time around I was the one who fell asleep; not normal at all. I guess the movie “Gold” wasn’t that great to me. But know that I stayed wide awake for “Get Out” and “Split”.

They were such “my mind is blown” kind of movies and I highly recommend.

We took a break from movies at home to meet up with Cinthia for a Mexican brunch at Torre to celebrate her new job. Torre is now my new favorite Mexican restaurant in our area, so good! After brunch we went to see “Wonder Woman”. I’m the biggest fan of women being seen for the compassionate, intelligent and powerful beings that they are so I really enjoyed the movie.

Ahhh, to think that I have a four day weekend coming right up to do all the relaxing I can. If you can't tell, I'm extremely excited!

IMG_5869 IMG_5871

IMG_5870 IMG_5872


IMG_5875 IMG_5887

Cinthia and I started with the Blood Orange mimosa but when Sean ordered the Margamosa (margarita mimosa) and raved about it we ordered it next.

It was the clear winner! Whomever came up with that concoction is brilliant!

IMG_5884 IMG_5892

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and have great weeks! ♥


  1. I just love all of your pictures! You always get such beautiful shots. Haha I am the one to usually fall asleep on the couch when it comes to movies :( This Mexican place looks so tasty. It's one of my favorite foods and now you have me craving some! Beautifully Candid

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  3. Saw both of those movies. I liked Split better than Get Out. I think Get Out was so hyped up for me that it fell flat to my expectations. Relaxing weekends are my life these days with my busy body other half not around. Don't mind it at all...except for the missing my husband part.

  4. Those empanadas look sooooo good! Gosh...I miss the days of relaxing at home and watching movies. ENJOY!

  5. Those are the best weekends! That restaurant looks so cool! Love the style and all the red!

  6. Your photos are always so bright and beautiful. (hi Cinthia!)

    I will have to check out Split. I love Get Out I've watched it a couple times now.

  7. Blood orange anything is a yes!

    Congrats to your friend on her new job. :)

  8. I need a weekend filled with movies!! And that margomosa sounds like it was made for a good, long weekend!!


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