Thursday, June 29, 2017

Random Thursday Morning Ramblings


- Ever want to feel old? Ask Alexa to play current hip hop music. I don't know ANY of the latest songs or their artists!

- So real question. Can gray hair turn back brown? Because that's what is happening to me! I got my first grey hairs last year. They actually came up during the time I got ill last year and now those grey hairs are growing brown so I now have grey tips. So weird!

- Last weekend, Sean and I played basketball at a local bar and I beat him! Not sure if it'll ever happen again so it needed to be documented somewhere ;).

- My little sister is getting married on Saturday. Saturday!

- Is there any better, more refreshing, drink than ice cold water? Obviously this is a trick question because the answer is always no.

- Work is really, really quiet without Cinthia. I don't have my walk/lunch break or talking partner and it stinks. I've been at my desk a lot more the last week so I'm most likely more productive. Great for the company, not so much for me.

- On the right hand side of my blog I have my popular posts from the last seven days listed. It’s so strange to me that some of my older posts (like 2011, 2012 old) are coming up on them. Of course, I had to read them and they made me laugh. I use to be so funny and young.

- This four day weekend cannot come quick enough. Any fun plans for the long weekend?


I hope you all have fun and safe long weekends! ♥


  1. Yes- gray hair can turn back depending on what made it gray in the first place. Fluctuations in your hormones including your emotional well-being can affect the pigment in your hair. Because it doesn't have to do with your body actually reaching the time for it to legit turn gray, it will revert back to its natural color! Isn't that crazy! :) It's happened to me before too.
    Seriously, I didn't even remember there was a four day weekend coming up. Your sister chose a great time to get married! I hope there will be fireworks!

  2. Your sister is getting married, wooohooo. Is this the one with the adorable nephew.

    I love that I am back to reading blog, you used to be really funny and carefree Faith. Life has been tough for you the past few years so it's hard to be light hearted through it all but I think you are getting your grove back tho.

  3. I think you are still funny in a more mature way. Not a bad thing.
    I did not know gray hair could turn back but in your case it makes sense considering your operation and hormone fluctuations.
    My gray hair stays gray and requires henna to turn reddish brown.
    I forgot about the 4 day weekend but will surely enjoy it.

  4. So interesting about your hair!! That's great that it's turning back brown though! :) Have fun at the wedding!!

  5. No -- There is absolutely NO other drink more refreshing than water. Every. In LIFE.

    And congrats to your sister! I'm sure she'll be a gorgeous bride!


  6. I feel the same way when I listen to rap on the radio. Occasionally I'll hear something I kind of like and have to Google it.

    I think it can! Medications, hormones, and stress, can all effect that sort of thing (your hair).

    YAY for your sister & congrats on beating Sean.

    Sorry for having to work without Cinthia :( I hope you two get to spend time together again soon.

  7. I'm SO out of the loop with the new hip hop stuff! I have to keep my radio on the "old school jams" if I want to listen to something I actually know.
    I WISH MY gray hairs would start going back to their original color! Lucky you!!

  8. I will not be asking Alexa such questions! Thanks for the warning. Your gray hair is reversing? How do I get that to happen for me! I love looking back on old posts so much. It's so nice that we have it all hear to look back on. Blogging definitely has it's perks (even if it 'aint money!).

  9. You must be pretty good to beat Sean at basketball. I can't play so I count anyone who can make good throw as "good" :-).

    YAY for your sister getting married. Congratulations to her!

    I am totally with you on blogging. I sometimes go back to read my blogs just to guage my state of mind when it was written. I wish I still kept a daily journal. I haven't done that in almost 4 years. I miss it.

    Have a FABULOUS time at your sister's wedding!


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