Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap!

My weekend was pretty awesome! Not because we did anything extremely special but because we could just chill out. I didn't have to wake up early to go to the hubs rugby game so we finally slept in on a Saturday!

Friday was my SILs wedding! (If you would like to see pictures click here) It was a great wedding!

On Saturday, hubs and I woke up and he made breakfast. We then went to the house and began painting the office! Sean picked the colors for the office and I have to admit that it makes the room so bright and happy! I love it!

Here are some pics after the first coat of paint:

Sean wondering why I am taking pictures of our un-finshed work, lol.

After the second (and final) coat!

Here are some pics of the living room that we finished some weeks ago before we were professional painters, lol!

Just one more room to go and we might do an accent wall in our master! :)


After we did some painting on Saturday we went to Lake George and went to a few shops. We didn't find anything very good but we did have an amazing dinner!

Because we all know now that I am ridiculous during car rides!

Then Sunday consisted of church, babysitting my beautiful nephew Zach & dinner with our new neighbors at a Hibachi restaurant! This was such a great experience and it was the first time for Sean and I. We will def. be doing this from now on!

The cutest lil boy in the world! He thinks I am so funny! (or maybe I think, he thinks, I'm so funny ... whichever)

Sean getting a shot of Sake, haha! (he really needs a haircut)

Such a FUN weekend! Hope you all had great weekends too!!!



  1. great paint job! I adore the wood floors and paneling in your house!

  2. Your house looks great!

    Your nephew is absolutely adorable!

    I love hibachi! We go pretty often, it's fun!

  3. Love the green paint...Hibachi is one of my favs, I go for the show more than the food :) Your nephew is too cute for words!

  4. the hibachi! where do you live? The pics are gorgeous!

  5. How Fun! We both have nephews named Zach :) He's adorable. Nice job on the painting!


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