Monday, June 28, 2010

.my pathetic, lame, whatever you want to call it, weekend.

Yeah, so my better half was gone this weekend. To my dismay, I was miserable! I thought it was going to be "so much fun" to just do what I wanted. I was going to cook myself this insane seafood meal (the hubs hates seafood) but I couldn't make it because the thought of just cooking for myself did not appeal to me at all. What a loser.

Friday night wasn't so bad. I hung out with my little sisters and my nephew. It was fun! Saturday afternoon, I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a friend and bought a few items for the house and that was fun!

When I got home that is when the fun stopped. I had NO idea what to do. It was kinda pathetic to be honest. I unpacked so much stuff and watched tons of HGTV to make me happy. Didn't work, HGTV always works! The worst part was because the hubs was in Montreal we didn't call each other because of long distance, crap, crap, blah, blah.

At points, I began to actually feel bad for myself. Had I become so dependent on my hubs that I just could not have fun without him? I began to tell myself that it was because for the last 8 months we have been together every single day. Slept in the same bed, together for the last 8 months, of course I am going to be feeling quite sucky.

I have decided that in order to be normal & in a healthy relationship again, I am going to have to start doing everything without him. Making plans without him. Hanging with only my girlfriends on the weekend.

OK, who am I kidding? I am happy that I found someone that I want to see every single day and sleep with every single night. I am not pathetic. I am just crazy in love with my best friend. When he got home Sunday evening, I hugged him like I was never going to let him go. I probably won't let him go anywhere again. I am going to chain him to the house. He is allowed to go no where.

Besides, I am sure you agree, we look a lot better together than apart! :)

Hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!


  1. I feel your pain. John travels for work OFTEN. Like July he will be gone for 3 weeks straight, he was gone for a week in the end of May, and September he will be gone for 2 weeks straight :( It sucks. The sucky part is that the July trip is over my birthday :(

    For July I've got several house projects lined up to keep myself busy. I eat a lot of veggies that John doesn't like (and are quicker to make than a full meal). It does suck that he is gone, but I try to make the best of it...

    Maybe now that you have had the first few nights apart, you will better know what to expect next time and can better enjoy the time?

  2. Hi Samantha,

    Ugh, how do you do it?! I would go crazy with that many weeks apart! Yeah, I think that I know better what to expect the next time. I was really under the impression that I was going to have a blast, lol, and enjoy some alone time. Ahhh, ignorance is bliss. Now I know better. I will def. be sure to keep myself super busy that way I do not think about how miserable I am the next time around. I also know that I would def. make plans to go out with some girlfriends too!

    Here is hoping that I will take it as great as you do the next time around! :)

  3. Awww, I couldn't stand it either! I'm just like you- if my husband is gone even just for the day, I'll call up my sister to visit or call my mom to go shopping, or drown myself in Etsy orders. Otherwise I don't know what to do with myself! Glad he's back home with you and you can cook for two now ;)

  4. I understand completely! My husband used to have to go to Baltimore a lot for work for 2 or so days and I HATED it! I hate sleeping alone and having the house to myself! Even if we are doing our own things at home, we always sleep together and I know he's in the house if I want him for anything. His goal is to move up in his career which would involve more travel, including overseas for a week or so at a time and I really, really don't want him to do that!

  5. My man is in the Nat Guard. I spent most of 2009 away from him with a crazy time difference. Now it's weekends here and weeks there. It makes the times you are together sweeter that's for sure. You survived!!

  6. i can totally relate to that. my hub travels a lot too. we work at the same place, but he stays late all the time and i always "wait" for him to get home... a little weird. i guess he works harder than i do.

  7. hi there. i completely agree that you two look better together. i think every couple do. i live with my bf for more than 3 years now. we are always together day and night, same workplace, same everything. sometimes i have thoughts that it is suffocating and i hate to think that i am becoming dependent on him. i want to see the independent me again, but just the thought of not being with him for a short time, scares me already. i don't want to admit that i cannot live without him around but i think that's the truth. i am happy when he's around so i guess there's nothing wrong about admitting it, right?

  8. Hello there! First time visiting your blog and I completely understand what you are saying here.

    Being comfortable alone, just like being comfortable living with someone, takes practice to get it "right." No worries!

  9. I understand completely how you felt. I went on a short vacation to NY last summer without my husband and it sucked. He was missing me like mad and I him. We couldn't talk enough on the phone (international calls) and all I thought about was him. That's love for ya! Ain't it great!

  10. glad to know i am not the only one! thanks ladies! :)


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