Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Some details & stuff ...

How gorgeous is today?! It is my favorite type of weather. Not too hot or too cold, just perfect. I seriously wanted to just sit outside that I actually watered the lawn and our flowers today. I never want to do that, lol.

Anywho, since today is Wednesday, I will share some wedding pictures. These were all taken before the ceremony and really do not have much relevance but I'll share them anyway. At the rate I am going with sharing these pictures, I will still be sharing them until our 10 year anniversary, hehe.

isn't she the cutest. yes, it wasn't a question.

my beautiful bouquet. wish it still looked like that. actually, wish i still had it.

my gorgeous sister

brushing my teeth to ensure i didn't have funky breath when it was time to kiss my new hubby ;)

all my bridesmaids had their first initial pinned on their bouquet. they loved it!

Goodness, I just realized I didn't do a getting ready post! I mean, how in the world did I get this far if I never did a getting ready post?! Ahhh, I suck at this. Next Wednesday, I promise!


  1. OMG I love it all!!!! I especially love the groom's suit - grey and pink are so pretty, and those fabulous bouquets. I love how you have the blinged out lettering for each! Super cute! Your ring bearer pillow is gorgeous too. It's ALL VERY NICE!!! Keep em coming!!

  2. It means you LOVE your wedding pics that you keep posting em and that's great. Looks like you really had a good photog

  3. beautiful! i loved that you have a pic of you brushing your teeth!

  4. Adorable flower girl, and your husbands suit was sharp! BEautiful pictures. Great photography!

  5. You were such a gorgeous bride!! And, I absolutely love your color scheme!


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