Thursday, April 18, 2013

I shudder to think how I'll be when I'm a mom to a human.

We took Izabella to the dog park last night and she was not well received by the other owners because she is a pit bull. We had to keep her on her leash the whole time that way the other owners would stop staring at her.

And you know what's funny? But not really. She was the only one not barking or growling at the other dogs. One owner actually told Sean that he was taking his two American bull dogs home because he did not want them playing with a pit bull. (Insert a million sad faces here) I felt like the mom who just sent her child to school and could see that none of the other kids liked my child.

I also wanted to get all crazy and be like, don't you discriminate against my dog! But I didn't. Didn't want to embarrass Sean and have people say, oh look at the angry black woman with the pit bull. I'm kidding, kinda. But yeah, Sean was like, that felt weird. And I was like, right?! Glad it wasn't all in my head.

So be nice to pit bulls or I'm coming after you. YA, HEARD?!

I took pictures though. After we left that lame dog park of course. I was too busy petting Izabella at the dog park that way she could remember that she is loved.

I think that is Sean's favorite outfit for our walks. I promise he has other clothes.


Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

this makes me sad:( My brother has 3 pits and they are the sweetest dogs I've even encountered. He has 4 kids ages 2-10 and they ride the dogs like horses, sleep with them at night and straight up annoy the crap out of them sometimes while the dogs sit there like nothing is going on. My little dogs bark more then his pits. When will people realize it's other PEOPLE that make pitbulls mean.. I really don't think they are born that way

Eesh said...

Ok that bites! I have friends that own pits and they are the sweetest dogs I know. Now there are some that are TRAINED to be aggressive but I don't see what the fuss is about Bella since she was all calm & quiet. Sigh.

Love the photos. They are clean & Bella is a cutie! (yes I keep nicknaming your dog, I know).


P.S You'd make a great mom!

Katie said...

You are JOKING!!!! That is seriously ridiculous and I'm extremely sad for Izabella. Poor thing I'm sure all she wanted to do was play!! Even thinking about this gets me fired up so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to stay silent. Even though that looks like a super nice dog park, I would definitely try another one because I can't imagine everybody feels the same way as those crazy people!

Kathy C. said...

That's really disheartening. Poor Izabella! It's so sad that pits aren't even given a chance to prove themselves because of the poor training done to their breed. :(
Love the pictures though! You're doing a great job with your camera.

Adrienne said...

Faith, I love your posts! You make me smile even when it's a bad subject.

I would feel the same way!

I LOVE pitbulls! I always have!

My friend has one and I only hear good things about him.

I'm so tired of the discrimination against them :( Poor Izabella!

And these photos! Faith! You have such an eye! I love!!!!

Random but...
Blog Question!
I love how you respond to me in emails. How do I return the favor? ;) I only know how to reply to the comment ON the post :D

Tricia said...

This is horrible. She looks so sweet. It is all about the training. Some of the sweetest dogs I've met have been pit bulls and some of the scariest dogs I've met have been pit bulls. It's not about the breed though, it's all about the owner and the training.

So forget the haters. You know what, she's too good for those other dogs anyway! Izabella can play with my Bruin ANY day. Because Bruin doesn't see breed he just sees other dogs who will play and cuddle with him.

I say keep going back to that dog park and prove them wrong!

lori said...

maybe i'm a little sensitive and hormonal, but oh my goodness, this breaks my heart. how rude of people to say those things to you and poor izabella!

and for the record, you will be an amazing, loving, protective momma!

Law_Fal said...

I wish people didn't give those breeds a negative stereotype. It really is discrimination and alot of people are so cruel to those breed of dog just because of misconceptions. They have a nonprofit out here that is dedicated to caring for and matching them with people because they end up left at the pound or worse because people are afraid of them. That park looks so serene.

Brittany said...

People can be so cruel, poor Izabella. Why are people always, ALWAYS, so quick to place judgement? Oh well, you know what a sweet girl she is and that's all that matters. I know you and Sean are great parents to her!

Ummm, can we talk about how AMAZING these pictures are?! I really love the fence have such a great eye for photography!

Whitney Tomlin said...

This made me so sad :( I hate the repuatation some breeds have. When are people going to realize that it's the HUMAN who raises a dog and they are the ones to blame for their repuation!? Makes me sick! We have three dogs now, but I have always told my husband I would love to rescue a pitbull one day. I hate how they're overlooked for adoption just because of a stupid (inaccurare) repuation!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

well your puppy is the cutest.
i might be afraid of some dogs at first, but i always will try and pet them to find out if they are nice.
love your pictures!


Kay @ Slightly 0bsessed said...

That makes me so sad for Izzy. Talk about discrimination....

My yorkie thinks he's a big man, and HE's the one who tries to start sh*t with big dogs (the bigger they are the more bark my yorkie has). I wish that people were more inclusive and educated about dogs. It's a shame since these are also dog owners.

Please give Izzy lots of loving for us!

Maria said...

i'm so sorry for the way sweet izabella was treated!!
poor pup!
ughh, people make me mad!

on a happier crack me up always! i love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photos!

i lol at the comment on sean's clothes. i say the same to steve. he has his favorite outfits and seems to wear the same thing every week.

i hope you are having a great day! xoxox

Jess said...

Aw, poor puppy! Despite the harsh judgement she received (for no reason!) it sounds like you guys were really thoughtful about it. It would have been so nice for her to just run about, but it was kind of you to keep her on her leash so that people wouldn`t be uncomfortable. I hope she gets to run around really soon though, with some friendlier dogs and owners. No fair :(

Some Snapshots Blog

Angela K said...

Ugh, that angers me. First it was German Shepherds, then it was Rottweilers, now it's Pits. We just keep scapegoating dogs when it's the irresponsible owners that are the problem. Have you heard about Lilly the Hero Pit Bull? If not, look her up. Her story is amazing and she does a lot of advocacy for the breed. I'm so sorry you had
to go through that. So happy Izabella has owners that love her unconditionally!

Sarah said...

That's sad! Poor puppy! People are mean. And yes, I am a mama bear and if anyone were ever to be mean to my human baby... watch out!

josie renee said...

Are you serious? Look at that pup. That's absolutely ridic. I mean... sure if she was showing signs of aggression or whatever I would be weary but thats true of all dog breeds. I think the analogy you made to children is an important one. Because as much as we want to pretend like we live in a race-blind world, minority children (including birracial children) will often get a sideeye when they linger into a park. Not by all, but by some. #ijs

Kristen said...

:( :( Poor Izabella! :( Now we definitely need to meet up so Sammy and Izabella can play. :)

Sammy doesn't get a chance to play with the other dogs either (unless it's his cousins or it's set up with friends), but it's because he's annoying. lol Which, annoys me, but deep inside makes me sad. He's the dog that barks and whines at other dogs mostly because he wants to play. Annoying? Yes. So whenever we go to the park and see other dogs there, we tend to avoid them period just because we'd rather not deal with him like that. And besides, the park we take him to, is not a dog park so it's not like he can let loose. Though we do whenever we're there alone so he can run like the mad dog he is. Seriously, he flies like the wind.

But I can't believe someone told you that. I get the reason some people are hesitant when it comes to pit bulls, having had a scary pit bull incident myself, BUT I fully agree it comes down to the owner and how it was raised.

You and me are so the same. lol I'm a protective dog momma to the core and it makes my heart sad when they can't play well with others, and all I want to do is fix it. :(

LB said...

That's so sad! I love pit bulls! I send her extra love!!!

Desiree Macke said...

I love pits! I hate the bad rap they get. It is PEOPLE who turn out aggressive dogs. People are so ignorant.

Your pictures are gorgeous. The one of the fence is my favorite!

Kiki said...

Shes a beautiful dog!! i hate when people discriminate against pit-bulls! any dog can be mean it just depends on how the owner treats it!! my parents have a pitbull and a chihuahua. The pitbull is the sweetest friendlies dog ever its the chihuahua thats mean! sorry you had to deal with this!! that park looks beautiful!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

are you serious?? he was leaving and he had a bull dog. honestly your dog doesn't even look ferocious and i am sure you two are responsible dog owners. besides there are dogs that are worse like a chihuahua, like believe me on that, one reached up and bit my lip made me bleed chihuahua are devil dogs

Emily Gilbert said...

WHAT!? People are ridiculous. I would've probably said something, but I tend to go all "yo mama" when I'm angry. The dog was on a leash with it's owners, and being completely calm. I don't see why they had to bash your dog.

Dogs are pretty much a reflection of their owners. If you train it to be good, it will be!

Aside from the doggy drama, I do think these photos are gorg <3

Jenna Brianne said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE pitties! i have the sweetest pitbull neice, Sophia, and she would lick and kiss your face off before she would EVER bite you. I hate how pitbulls get a bad rep- they are truly a product of their raising, and I know you are a wonderful pittie mom!

-Jenna Brianne

Susannah said...

Stupid people. You should have told them what's what. ;-)

Mrs JK said...

My dogs are coli-lab mixes. The youngest one is super friendly so whenever she sees other dogs at the park she wants to play with them. The one time this old man looked me in the eye and said "get your do away from mine". I was so shocked cause I mean its a park with tonnes of dogs, like really, he should have just stayed at home. I think next time you should just ignore them. if they don't want their dogs near yours, they must leave!

Nancy said...

How sad!! Poor Iza! Not right!
I'll tell you ~ we have a dog park right across the street & the dogs you would think would be friendly (labs, standard poodles) are the most aggressive. It's the pit bulls & german shepherds that mind their own business!
Hug her for me!

Monica Pitts said...

Sorry for your experience. It is tough raising kids in this society now a days. You have to teach them how to be strong, confident and independent because there is so much pressure to be perfect and accepted. I am sure you will be a great mom. You handled that situation perfectly. I think I may have said something but you held your tongue which shows great strength and maturity. :) Your dog is beautiful.

PS. We just recently had to lay our pit down. She was the sweetest dog. When my daughter was little she was terrified of anything with fur...even stuffed animals or furcoats. Then one day we found her laying under the covers with our pit "LUNA". She has since grown up calling her her sister.

LWLH said...

Awww poor Izabella...if I ever meet her, I'll make sure I give her lots of love and hugs! :)

YeamieWaffles said...

I honestly don't think that you have to worry Faith, you're going to be a wonderful mother some day, I have no doubt about that. Your protectiveness over the dog proves that, you're going to do great! Saying that I can understand why I'd be scared of letting a little scamp of a dog play with a big pitbull, I wouldn't be rude about it though like she was!

Sharon said...

You will be a great mum!

And I know how you feel, ugh I have a German Shepherd and other people are always like, does he bite? Is he dangerous? But he's the sweetest dog ever, while their own little monster is being a little terrorist! So frustrating

Desi said...

That is strange that the person actually told Sean that! I can see if he was just thinking it, ok take your dog and go. Whatevs! Loving your tree photos. And I can't WAIT to go kayaking this summer!!!

Kimberly Anne said...

That's sad! I know so many lovely pitbulls. I would gather that your dog is probably better behaved in comparison to my miniature poodle. (She swears that she is at least the size of a Saint Bernard...with an attitude to match.) tis tis for all the judgmental people who judged your obviously well behaved dog.

Xlovehappyx said...

Nice photos of the park! The water looks so soothing...Too bad people were being jerks about your dog. I probably would've let them know that my dog was the best HAHAHA and then I would've been the angry black woman with the pitbull, mm.

N@NY said...

i love those pictures , so clear , it is like am there with you guys ,
i really like your blog & style in writing ,


Ashley R said...

Aw, I'd let my pup play with her any day! There are no bad dogs- just bad owners. So sad!

Whitney Cypert said...

People are so damn ignorant when it comes to pit bulls! It just makes me sad and angry! She can come play with my cats any day she wants, although I would probably want to steal her! Tell her I love her and not to let other people get her down! : ) Great pictures, as always!

Alexandra said...

Beautiful snapshots! Your dog is so incredibly adorable.

Alex xo

What I Did Today said...
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spontaneousday said...

I'm sorry. It's sad when that poop happens and yes, it happens with kids too. And over the dumbest, unimportant stuff. Over misconceptions that could be easily cleared up if people just took the time to listen. **sigh** You are a very talented photographer. I love what you've done.

CoastWithMe said...

Aww poor Izabella:(! I hear you Faith! I can't imagine being in that position as a mother and someone doing that to my child! So sad!

CoastWithMe said...
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curly purplepig said...

such gorgeous photos! you have a great blog

sergio castaño peña said...

really love this amazing and natural place!!!1
so so cool!

Carolyn said...

OMG! That's so sad!!! :( Poor Izabella!! If I saw her in person, I'd hug her and kiss her and roll around on the floor with her for like 25 minutes. Not even kidding. :)

Kasey Lynne said...

How could anyone be scared of Izabella cute face?!?! That is so sad about your experience at the dog park. I understand that pit bulls have a reputation, but not every single pit bull is LIKE that!