Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was tagged by the ever gorgeous Katie @ Married...With a Pup. You know a person you "meet" in blogland and you just know you would be incredible friends with them in real life. She is one of those people.

OK, here are the 11 things you may not know about me:

*I’ve never been stung by a bee {I hope I didn’t just jinx myself}

*When I was younger the only thing we didn’t have to ask for was water. Due to this, I am addicted to drinking it. I am that person that says, water taste so good.

*Everyday I bring grapes or strawberries for a snack to work. Almost everyday I go back home with it.

*I decided one day that I wanted to eat gluten free. Then I saw all the foods that contained gluten and changed my mind. I love gluten.

*Sometimes I buy an outfit in secret, meaning I do not tell Sean. Every single time he knows and asks, “When did you get that?” I tried the whole, “Oh, this old thing. I’ve had it forever.” It doesn’t work. He knows EVERY single outfit I own. Stinks.

*I hate when Sean watches those ghost shows on television because I feel like the ghosts will come into our house through the television. Freaks me out.

*I am a great cook. Sean tells me so by licking his plate.

*I am obsessed with my sisters. The amount of phone calls, emails and texts they receive is ridiculous. And now that I have Facetime, it hasn’t gotten any better.

*I didn’t understand what the big deal about 24 was about. I mean, I hadn’t watched one episode so of course I didn’t. I watched one episode through Netflix and now I’m on Season 6.

*Am I the only one who doesn’t get the Bachelor/ette? I love trashy reality television as much as the next person but I just can’t get into it.

*When someone is talking and you can’t hear them, don’t nod. Because sometimes they may be asking you a question. Lesson learned. Just say, “can’t hear you!”

*** Now I'm going to ask my 11 tagged people these questions and answer them myself ***

1. If you had 10 minutes to be on a popular television show, which show would it be? No doubt I would choose Lost. I just loved that show. I also really enjoyed Prison Break's first few seasons so that one too, haha.

2. If you could have one superpower what would it be? I would love to be invisible. I just want to see what people do when they think no one is watching. I'm such a creeper.

3. What TV show are you embarrassed about watching? That would have to be Jersey Shore.

4. What is your favorite book? I really loved Hunger Games so that is my favorite book now.

5. What is the worst flavor of ice cream? Strawberry, yuck.

6. What is your favorite condiment? Ketchup.

7. What is the ideal comfort food? Pizza with tons of cheese.

8. What is the most important meal of the day? They say breakfast, I say dinner.

9. What is your dream job? Personal shopper.

10. What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in school? Geography.

11. What musical instrument do you wish you could play? Piano. It just seems like a smart instrument to know how to play.

*** The 11 people tagged can either answer the 11 questions or create 11 themselves or not do it at all. ***

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  1. I got my first bee sting last year and let me tell hurt like hell! I wish that I had sisters to send ridiculous amounts of texts and e-mails to! I'm glad your back!

  2. funny funny stuff here, but for some reason I can not stop laughing about the grapes/strawberries. I do the same thing with bananas. I have wasted so many bananas it's not even funny. will we ever learn?

    and you just tagged me didn't you ... I'll let baby Jack write my post for me tomorrow. :)

  3. @thecoffeehouse: hahaha, ooops. you don't have to do it ... but i'll pay you money if you have baby Jack do it!

  4. i love this. so much good stuff seriously.
    we also love all of the same tv shows, but really, except i haven't started 24.
    also pizza is my favorite and lots of cheese is all you need.
    dinner is the most important bc you can eat pizza. lol


  5. That's a beautiful wedding pic!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  6. I totally agree with you about The Bachelor/ette! I cannot get into these shows at all. I think they are so ridiculous. I was starting to feel like the only one too - most of the blogs I frequent are all about Emily and I could care less!

  7. I 100% cannot get into the bachelor/ette either....I see a post about it and just keep scrolling because I know I wont understand or care. Ketchup is my fav too! Loved the post!

  8. Great post! I also can't handle anything having to do with ghosts -- shows, phone apps, etc. -- because then I feel like they're in my house (even though I don't really believe in them).

  9. Thanks so much for playing along!! I agree with you, I think we would be instant friends as well. Especially after this post, we are SOOO similar! I cannot get into bachelor/ette either. I love everything else reallity though!

  10. Lol I bring a banana or apple and it goes home with me as well :)

    I wish I had your sisters! Or my own I should say lol. Basically I want sisters!

    I love love love the Bachelor/ette. And I love this season's Emily... loved her on the Bachelor and am glad they picked her for this season. She's adorable! How can you be so beautiful and sweet all in one?! She's probably secretly a bitch in her real personal life though lol.

    I did love Lost until it started getting so confusing and stopped making sense. Loved the 1st few seasons of Prison Break too, but again, started to get silly.

    Loved reading more about u! :)

  11. Awesome answers Faith, I'm with you on Strawberry ice cream sucking too, I seriously can't see the appeal that everyone else seems to have from it, and this comes from a huge lover of strawberries!

  12. haha i love that one i decided to try going gluten-free, changed my mind i love gluten. yup me too good thing i am not allergic to gluten or however it is put. give me gluten!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't watch the Bachelor/ette!

  14. you are so funny. lucky to not get stung by a bee!!

  15. Lol at not telling Sean about your purchases...I think we all do

  16. I think it's awesome that you are obsessed with your sisters. That's so sweet. Bummer for not being able to buy secret outfits! That husband is on to you. PIZZA is my favorite food in the whole world!!

  17. Thanks for the tag Faith. When buying secret outfits why do husbands always seem to notice them lol!!

  18. But grapes and strawberries are wonderful snacks! lol And I'm with you on the gluten. It's toooo good!

  19. Faith

    I use to get stung by bees all thebtime and I too think water taste great!!

    I lovvvvvved Prison Break I was in love with Wentworth Miller deep in love.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Lol! I buy outfits on the sly too! But I NEVER get away with it! Rod always knows when I have something new too. I'll even hang it up for a few days before I wear try to "ease" it into the wardrobe. But he always knows! Haha!
    It's so funny that someone else does this! :)

    Oh...and I don't know how people can eat gluten free! I admire them! It must be really hard!

  21. You don't love the Bachelorette? haha I can't say I blame ya, but I can't kick the habit of watching every season! It is more entertaining to watch with people (aka my mom or sister) because we can make comments about how crazy everyone is!

    Thanks for the tag!

  22. I am sending wishes your way that you NEVER get stung by a bee. Not ever.

    I’m with you on the gluten! I went gluten-free for almost 3 weeks and it was a fun adventure but it was even more enjoyable afterwards to say hello to bread and cookies again!

    I’m amazed at Sean. Only guy I’ve ever heard of that notices when something is new when it really is new. :)

    Ghosts DO come into your house when you watch about them. I am thoroughly convinced. Which is why I adamantly will not let anyone watch those shows/movies in my house. **shudder**

    Sean licking his plate made me laugh! Hahah!

  23. Thanks for the tag! I've never been tagged before. You make me feel like a real blogger! :) I will write a post today!

    And in my opinion, I think most people should be ashamed of watching any reality show. Period. They are all trash... But I watch them too.It's addictive. *raises hand for Basketball Wives & Lala's Show*

  24. I don't get The Bachelor/ette thing either. Never watched it, never will.

  25. I wish I had paid more attention to geography, too! Sometimes it's embarrassing how little I know/remember.

  26. This was a great read, lady! I'm the same with the Bachelor (and Bachelorette).. I've NEVER gotten the appeal of it! xo

  27. How did I miss this post, so awesome. Thank goodness for the weekend. I don't watch the Bachelor/ette either. I used too but really I feel they are a waste of time.

    Thanks for the tag, I am so psyched :). I will work on my eleven things tomorrow.

  28. Um yeah Prison Break... making out with Michael Scofield (even though I heard he's gay in real life). I don't get the whole bachelorette thing either. I watched it the year Trista was on and that was enough for me. I love that you say "creeper" it makes me chuckle! and you can be my personal shopper anytime you want!


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