Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ♥

i wish you all a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

i have no plans. nada.

i think i should kinda feel lame but i don't.

there will just be extra cuddle time with Izabella and Fella.

and time to reflect on how much i want to choke Sean for being on vacation.

although, i admit, it will be sucky to come back to blogging after the weekend and have nothing fun to post.

and then i'll see all the fun things you guys did and be slightly jealous.

hmm, maybe i should try and make plans.

darn it.


  1. I don't have any plans either girl. If you get bored we can skype and drink together. haha. I kid, I kid.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. There is no shame in being homebound my friend. I’m in the same boat and felt slightly jealous of all my camping/boating/roadtripping buddies until it started snowing here today. Snowing. Ha! I’m lazy and a genius. Although it should be back up to the eighties by Monday so hopefully by friends get some sunshine in.

  3. i hope you'll enjoy your weekend and heve a lot to post afterwards. we plan a sunday goodbye picnic with office folks and friends. i hope the weather permits (now it says isolated t-storm).

  4. Have a great weekend Faith, no matter what you're doing so long as you have fun then it's all good!

  5. Enjoy your weekend! Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and relax. That's what I plan on doing! ;)

  6. I don't really have any fun plans either but the patio and some drinks are calling my name :)

  7. If I lived close to you, we could go to dinner & shopping!
    Have the most relaxing weekend!

  8. haha i feel the same way! my hubs is working all weekend... and since im sick, i don't have anything planned. i hope you enjoy it, whatever you decide to do.

  9. enjoy not having plans! O man I wish!

  10. Enjoy relaxing at home with the fur bambinos!!

  11. I hope you have a good weekend! Sometimes it's nice to have the place to yourself, and distance makes the heart go fonder!


  12. just stumbled upon your blog! you are lovely and this post made me laugh :) i don't have plans for the weekend either haha



  13. I did ABSOLUTELY nothing as well! Don't feel lame!! :)

  14. Having no plans can be the best!! I always enjoy waking up and having no're free to do whatever you'd like!!


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