Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank You

A few weeks ago, I heard this song. And I felt it go right through me. I felt like it was the words I needed to hear. Especially when all I could think about was what my doctor was going to tell me at my next appointment.

Here is the song’s lyrics by Sidewalk Prophets:

Three in the morning, and I'm still awake
So I picked up a pen and a page
And I started writing just what I'd say
If we were face to face

I'd tell you just what you mean to me
Tell you these simple truths

Be strong in the Lord
And never give up hope
You're gonna do great things
I already know
God's got His hand on You
So don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don't forget why you're here
Take your time and pray
These are the words I would say

Last time we spoke you said you were hurting
And I felt your pain in my heart
I want to tell you that I keep on praying
That love will find you where you are

I know cause I've already been there
So please hear these simple truths

Say... from one simple life to another
I will say... come find peace in the Father

Be strong in the Lord
And never give up hope
You're gonna do great things
I already know
God's got His hand on You
So don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don't forget why you're here

Take your time and pray
And thank God for each day
His love will find a way
These are the words I would say

At my appointment yesterday my doctor was so positive. Wow, do I love her. Talk about God referring the right doctor to give me peace of mind during this time.

Unfortunately, my ultrasound images were not sent to my doctor so she could not give me the answers I crave. She only had the radiology report that didn’t tell her where my fibroids are located. I have another appointment in two weeks for an abdomen ultrasound and I’ll be able to update you all with that.

And yesterday, when I read your comments about how you were thinking of me and praying for me my eyes watered. OK, who am I kidding? The tears dropped and rolled down my face.

It is so incredible to me that strangers who do not know me took a moment out of their day to send me positive thoughts. I am so incredibly grateful for you all. I pray that God gives you all everything your hearts desires and that when you ever are in need, I am there to say a prayer for you too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥


PrettyPhysicist said...

You're so sweet! Of course I was thinking about you all day ... and I totally would have texted you to see how it went ... but I don't have your number. ;) You should fix that.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

such great lyrics. i know that no matter what you will be blessed. you are such a great and strong woman that has much support. i hope all is well and goes well.


LWLH said...

Beautiful lyrics.
Stay strong love, I know that things will work out for you no matter the outcome. XOXOXO

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

It's gonna be okay. The waiting is the worst right? Glad you found a good doc.

lori said...

im sorry i missed yesterdays post so i didn't know to be praying for you... but i definitely will now! i am so glad you liked the doctor. that makes all the difference in the world.

Nicholl Vincent said...

Praying for you right now.

"When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than i." palm 61:2

Ashley said...

Oh Faith! Thinking and praying for you sweet lady! Thank goodness for blogger, right? It's amazing how a community full of strangers can show so much support! Everything will alright :) Sending hugs and positive vibes your way!!

YeamieWaffles said...

I love the lyrics Faith and I'm also so happy to hear that your doctor is a lady who's understanding even if you must wait a while longer for this news that you'd like to hear. It's great that you appreciate our well wishes too, we really mean them Faith, here's hoping this all works out.

A Work in Progress said...

Those are some great lyrics and it's true: his love will definitely find a way. I'm glad you have a doctor that has a positive attitude since I'm sure that's helping you with this too. You are still in my thoughts and I'm hoping that everything will work out.

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Sounds like such a beautiful song.... thank you for sharing darling!

I love your posts so much. Seriously one of my favorite bloggers ;)

Ill miss them when on vacay this weekend!

Nancy said...

God's speed for your next appointment. We all will continue to pray for a good outcome & good health for you. I think you are one of the sweetest soul's & I am so thankful to know you through your blog & the way you always lift everyone up with your comments is truly genuine.

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

You know we love you :) Still going with no news is good news! Try to stay positive (like your Doctor!).

love jenny xoxo said...

that's scary stuff you are going through, and it's so hard waiting to find out something so important. But i'm putting good thoughts for you out there and I think everything is going to turn out great for you :) You'll be in my prayers


Melissa said...

Sorry the Dr. couldn't give you the answer you really needed yet. I'll continue to pray that it's all OK :)

Marie said...

Oh Faith, I really, really hope that in two weeks the doctor will have good news for you. This waiting game is horrible.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

You deserve all the kindness because of who you sweet and genuine! Wishing you nothing but good news..prayers will continue!!

dreaming en francais said...

Those are beautiful lyrics! Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for good news! xo

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Faith- I hate that I have not been around to keep abreast of what's been going on with you! I am glad to read though that you have a very good doctor! You will definitely be in my prayers!! :)

ruthy ann said...

you are loved in person and on the internet! Prayers are still with you while you wait for answers!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I am so sorry that I missed you yesterday. I am thinking of you extra hard today though. You are so strong and you have so many positive thoughts coming your way ... strangers, friends, us.

Brittany said...

Beautiful, powerful lyrics. I'm glad you have a great doctor and will keep fingers crossed until you hear results! Chin up, sweet girl!

Love & Tangles said...

Those lyrics are beautiful! Its amazing how God is always there holding our hand in some kind of way. Still praying for you and sending positive thoughts. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog even though you could've seen mine as silly. Your advice WAS my epiphany. You are such a beautiful person. Keep the Faith! ;-)

Monique said...

Sorry to hear you still have to do some more waiting. Of course I'll be thinking of you and hoping the results are in your favor. I'm glad you are finding inspiration in music. Much love, I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Danielle said...

Just last week you were sending me sweet and encouraging words, now it's my turn. We serve a might God that has an incredible plan for you and Sean. I will continue to pray for you, from one fibroid carrier to another! Xoxo!

Rachel Andre said...

Dear Faith, And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose for them. Nothing's 2 hard for him.

What I Did Today said...

A beautiful song at perfect moment. How perfect. Love when that happens. I'm sorry that your mind was not put at ease, but will pray you have peace of mind as you wait. I hope and pray that everything is ok with you.

Mrs. Sergeant said...

You are always so amazing and positive when you come to my page and I'm here to return the favor. That song you posted is one of my favorites and it has brought me through so much and no matter what you go through or what the results are stay strong in the Lord, lean on Him and not your own understanding, trust that His will for your life is perfect and that He will carry you through this. I'll be praying for you my sweet, sweet, precious friend and if you need anything please let me know. I'm definitely here for you! Sending you lots of love, positive thoughts, and prayers all the way from across the world.

Mrs. Sergeant

Desi said...

Sorry you still have to wait but I'm glad the doc was positive! Of course we are thinking and praying for you! Hope everything is fine and keep us updated :)