Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Pose Differently"

{Top & Earrings: Forever 21 - Jeans: American Eagle - Pumps: Zaras}

Sean requested that I pose differently. I tried but when I saw the pictures I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I think I'll keep them for my viewing pleasure whenever I'm not in the greatest mood. So yeah, y'all only get one. You're welcome.

The outfit above is what I wore to the NKOTB concert. SO rocker chic, ha. The back of the top is really cute but I can't share those pictures. I mean, I don't know who asked me to pop out my badonkadonk. Trust me, I did.

Alright, I think I need to give an update.

We found an apartment! Hip hip hooray!

I enjoyed visiting our new area. I took some pictures and will share sometime soon.

Sean is in Phoenix (for training) for the whole week. He says the weather is killing him over there. Too hot. I'm glad he isn't having the best time. Lame to say that I miss him since he left on Sunday. But we'll only be seeing each other on the weekends for the next month so I'm allowed, OK.

I should admit that I'm enjoying controlling the remote and not having to worry about Sean eating all my trail mix. Just don't tell him I said that. Guilt trips don't work if .... any who.

I'm actually wanting to get this move on the road because I feel like my life is on hold. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I don't like waiting.

Last week, we had a get together with Sean's old co-workers for them to tell him see ya later, had a dinner with my in-laws to say see ya later, had a dinner with friends to say see ya later and then a get together with Colleen to say see ya later. Lots of see ya laters but I'm still here. Ha. I'll most likely be seeing them all for the next month.

But yeah, nothing to terribly exciting on this end which is why my blog is super boring right now. Nothing on my mind but this move. So thank y'all for hanging in there with me. I promise it is going to get a lot more interesting soon. Hmm, actually don't take my word for that.


two birds said...

yay, i'm so glad you found a place!! i don't like the feeling of just waiting, either...hopefully things get into motion soon! i love your NKOTB outfit. we went when they were in mpls., and it was so fun!!

Tenecia said...

Tell Sean welcome to AZ & quit complaining! It's been "cooler" here recently so if it's not one hundred & hell degrees, we're happy ;)


Life with J and J said...

Love the outfit. Rocker chic!

lori said...

yayyy for finding a place, and enjoying your time in your new city!

i am not getting to see a lot of my husband with the work schedule he's on right now, so i completely understand how ya feel!

Heather said...

I love your outfit! Congrats on finding a place, and good luck with the move! I'm like you in that I don't like waiting and would rather just get on with things.

Cece said...

Cute oufit! Hey, you might be a one pose blogger but it's a really GOOD pose! We are both without husband for a while. It's different and oh yeah I miss him but there are certain other little freedoms that go along with it. Glad you found an apt. Everything else will fall into place.

Nylse said...

its not boring - its just your life right now.
you look radiant in the pic.
continued good vibes on this new stage.

Mrs JK said...

hahaha, the little pleasures (remote and trail snack). Sounds like everything is moving along really quick...well from this end anywhoo. And congrats on finding a new apartment. Cool outfit...love it!!!

Stesha said...

what are you talking about, I love this picture! When I pose different it takes a while to get used to it, i know. Glad you found an apartment, things are coming together!


Nikki said...

Thank gosh I'm not alone with the posing department - I feel like my husband tells me that everytime we take photos :) So happy you found an apartment! Enjoy your TV and your trail mix :)
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

Katie said...

Ha! Love your pose and outfit. I think it is so funny that Sean is directing your poses...I need to get Derek that involved with picture taking.

I can so see what you mean...waiting for the move!! That would definitely be the only thing on my mind as well. So exciting!

YeamieWaffles said...

I don't find this blog boring at all Faith, not in the slightest, it's still the happy and pleasant haven that it's always been, it always makes me smile. I love that shirt too, just awesome!

N@NY said...

I love what you put on , enjoyed flipping through your blog ,

( Love Me Some Neutrals ) new outfit post on my blog .


jessica said...

This is how behind I am in blog reading - where are y'all moving to??? That's so fun! I'm excited at the thought of us moving away next year and want it to happen NOW. haha

Love that outfit and you look amazing as usual :)

Carolyn said...

Love that outfit! :) You should totally post the badonkadonk pic. :)

Discovery Street said...

how did you convince sean to take your outfit pictures?!?!

Law_Fal said...

Glad you guys found a place! Everything else will soon fall into place!

Desiree Macke said...

Perfect outfit for the NKOTB concert!

And, woohoo for finding an apartment. YAY!

K&R said...

ryan always tells me to try different poses, its not that easy. i always look goofy.
and can i just say you have the best skin ever, ok.
and yay for apartment.
we are still hunting
we have to find something by sunday so we can hopefully move sunday, ahhhhhhhh


Ralph Johnson said...

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josie renee said...

You are so cute! I love the outfit -- wish we could see the back lol!

Congrats on finding the apartment -- such a stressful process. Now, just the packing, unpacking, move, and then.... you can relax! woooo

Whitney Cypert said...

So I need to know what the back of that shirt looks like. You can just tell me, I don't need a picture or anything lol. Congrats on finidng an apartment! One big step down!

Kristen said...

Hey, us ladies KNOW what pose works for us. ;)

I don't blame you on enjoying the time without Sean so you can do what you like minus the guilt. I enjoy those too. ;)

Jane said...

I adore your outfit. Casual, but very cool. Nice tee!

Michèle Kruesi said...

fun shirt


Kristine said...

Can't wait for you to share you pictures of your new area and congratulations on finding a new apartment. Exciting times!

Patience is my biggest weakness, so I totally understand your frustration when it comes to waiting.

OMG! I have the exact same shoes you're wearing (I think, if not so similar)! They are my favourite ZARA heels. You're totally rocking the pose! x

Nancy said...

I didn't realize this will be all month!
If only we lived closely!
How far is it from where he is now to where you are?
I just know all of your friends & family will enjoy coming to see you!

TOI said...

you will move soon enough. wonderful outfit and your hair, please become my hair tutor please

Maria said...

Congratulations on finding an apartment!! I love your outfit for the Nkotb concert! I'm so excited for you! I hope you get to relax some this week...with all the trail mix and t.v control you want. :)

Kimberly Anne said...

Congrats on finding a place! :) I know that must be a HUGE relief!

The Mrs. said...

I'm so glad you guys found a place!!! Let the "decorating" posts begin!

Eesh said...

It's great that you guys found a place! It makes it feel a bit more real now doesn't it?

I know Sean is missing you just as much as you miss him! You two are so sweet you give me cavities. UGH!

Love those jeans woman!


Emily Gilbert said...

I like this pose :D And this outfit!