Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend & Restaurant Highlight: La Lupita Taqueria

For our Friday date night, Sean and I decided on dinner and a movie. We went to La Lupita Taqueria and absolutely loved it. The staff was extremely friendly and as soon as we sat down we were given complimentary chips and salsa. I enjoyed the chips so much that it took everything in me not to eat it all.

For dinner, I ordered Grilled Shrimp Ranchero with poblano pepper, onions, tomato in green sauce with a side of rice and beans. Sean ordered the Pollo Loco which was Cajun chicken breast with portobello mushrooms and melted Monterrey jack cheese in puebla sauce with a side of rice and beans.

Like I said on my Instagram over the weekend, if it was acceptable to lick one's plate in public I so would have. It was just too good. And you know how some restaurants skimp on the shrimp, not this place. I felt like I had a piece of shrimp in every bite! Sean loved his meal too. The sauce had a great spicy kick to it and was delicious. I think I have found my Mexican spot in PA, of course this doesn't mean I'll stop looking.

Unfortunately, my pictures do the food no justice. I really have to stop going to dinner so hungry that way I can share good food pictures!

We intended to see Last Vegas after but we didn't check the playing times (yeah, smart of us!) so we decided to go home and watch a movie. We ended up watching "Olympus Has Fallen" which was surprisingly very good.

Saturday was Sean's last rugby game of the season. It was an away game not too far from Philly. Any who, if they won they would have the opportunity to play at Nationals. So a pretty big deal to the guys.

{See this smile over here ... Glad the season is over, ha)

They won and it was a great game that completely kept me on the edge of the bleachers. Nationals, here we come!

After the game we went to the Temple Bar for the drink up. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of food. I'm thinking the other team was just a tad bit bitter. Since we were so close we decided to head to Philly and get dinner after the drink up. The remaining pictures (except for two) are from my iPhone, fyi.
{For "fun" they choose 4 guys from each team to have a chugging contest. Mr. Sean does not have a gag reflex and let's just say in college Sean was always, always chosen. I'm not even kidding when I say it is kind of impressive. Well, they completely won. After, all the guys kept coming up to me asking if I knew about this "talent". So that's what they are calling it these days}

He seems so proud, right? Oh the little things ;).

Sean was set on going back to Nodding Heads and I'm glad we did because the last time we went I was not impressed with my meal. This time around, so so good! I didn't take pictures (hunger won) but I had the most amazing corn chowder soup I've ever had. I also tried their Thai chili chicken wings and they were fantastic!

So I've been thinking. I'm moving to Philly. Now if only Sean can get Amazon to relocate him. As for me, nothing is holding me back ;). Well, except Sean & his job but everything is negotiable.


tomesedition.blogspot.com said...

Olympus has fallen was a good movie but I preferred "White House Down", same concept thou. That Black and white photo is simply Gorgeous!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I love the rugby pictures...that food...nom nom. Congrats on nationals for Sean, and Jarritos?! I am a stalker fan, for real. I don't like soda but I love Jarritos!

EmilyJane said...

YUMMY! Your dishes look awesome, and so does the restaurant. I love when restaurants are all festive. Your Philly photos are awesome too!

Congrats to Sean for finishing the season, and congrats to you for getting to do something else on the weekend ;) LOL.

Cece said...

Looks like Sean walked into a strong team! Very cool. That Mexican food does look delicious. I could probably eat 2-3 chip baskets alone!!

Law_Fal said...


Mrs. K said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love the pix. What is the name of the lipstick/lip gloss you are wearing. I love that color and would like to try it on me. Let me know. BTW congrats to Sean.

Kirsten Noelle W said...

looks like a great weekend to me. and that food, you always do this to me. take me out and teach me to eat good food and not care how fat its making me. um love your pictures. as always.


Pegster said...

I love those pics of your smile, that is one happy smile. I would be so happy not to have to be outside in this cold weather too :).

Sean's funny faces just crack me up.

Whitney Cypert said...

Fun weekend! I must admit, I am sad there was no picture of those wings because they sound GOOD! Where are Nationals played? That's awesome that they get to go!!

Desiree Macke said...

Your Mexican spot sounds awesome! Any place that doesn't skimp on shrimp is a winner!

Congrats to Sean and his team - YAY!!

Kristen said...

Oh Mexican food...how I LOVE thee! ;)

Congrats to Sean!!!

Maria said...

the mexican restaurant looks so cute! mexican food is our favorite...and i can already tell miss piper is going to like it too. :)
i'm sorry the temple bar didn't have much food...it looks like a neat place!
i LOVE your city photos...and the ones of sean and his funny face at the end!
i hope you're having a great week, faith! xoxox

Vett Vandiver said...

I love Mexican food and this looks awesome -- and your smile looks very genuine about the season ending haha, pretty lipstick too!

Eesh said...

Faith, Faith Faith! I'm blaming you for my new found obsession of legs. Keep that team away from me!!! :D

Congrats to Sean on Nationals! Wooooo! Big deal indeed!

Your shrimp though! YUM!

And as always, that smile! Just beautiful.


BKCsquared said...

I love love LOVE all of your restaurant posts! & that's so fun that your husband plays Rugby!

xo, B

YeamieWaffles said...

Your weekend seems awesome Faith, like seriously. I find it so cool that Sean's team always wins, before his first team were always dominating and now these other guys can't stop winning, I'm beginning to think it's because Sean is that damn good! Would I be right to say you're settling into PA perfectly now?

Katie said...

Yay, sounds like such a great and fun weekend!! That is so exciting that Sean's rugby team won.

Haha, laughing over the chugging contest!!

Kiki said...

Philly looks awesome if you move so will I!(; You food looks so delish. I love pineapple Jarritos!!