Monday, January 27, 2014

Restaurant Highlight: Shogun

One of the things I enjoy more than anything is going out to eat. I really enjoy food and I'm not big on restrictions. Although I am pretty picky and there are certain things that I just won't eat. One of the big things I refuse to eat is mayonnaise. Sean says I've missed out on so many meals because of the simple fact that I was made aware that mayonnaise was in the dish. I hate to think about the fact that I might be missing out on some mind blowing meal but I'm sticking to my feelings and that is mayo is just plain nasty. I also don't care for mustard, ham, pork chops, ranch dressing, blue cheese, hot dogs that aren't all beef, walnuts, pecans, pie, apples, anything not cooked well done, etc. So yeah, I'm missing out on tons of good stuff I'm sure.

Regardless I think I enjoy the foods that are important ;). When I was in upstate New York several weeks ago Colleen and I went to Shogun an Asian restaurant for dinner. I absolutely love this place and wish I could pick it up and bring it to PA with me. The food is always so fresh and delicious and the service is all you can ever ask for when you go out to eat. Also helps that the interior is gorgeous. I'm not good at describing interior design so just take my word for it.

For an appetizer, I ordered Baby Lobster Tempura (fantastic!) and Colleen ordered shrimp gyoza (SO good!). For my entree, I ordered California rolls and Shrimp Pad Thai. Colleen ordered sesame chicken and when I tell you that it is the best sesame chicken I've ever had, I'm not exaggerating.

I was stuffed but for some reason whenever I go out for Japanese with Colleen I have to order fried ice cream for us to share. Probably because I know that Colleen will always be so stuffed and not have enough room for dessert which leaves a lot more for me.

Our food was amazing. Our service was great. I loved my company. What more can you ask for, besides more food?

I'm so tempted to lick the screen.


  1. You just made me hungry! *picks up bottled water*

    Everything sounds and looks soooooo scrumptious! Why did you do this to me??? Now I'm having sushi withdrawals.

    Amazing photos every time.


  2. I love going out to eat, too, and sushi is my all-time favorite meal! Now I'm craving it big-time! LOL. I'm glad you had a great experience at this restaurant!

  3. I'm sorry...did you say you don't care for ranch dressing?! (Re-evaluating of friendship!!)
    haha... you're too cute though. And MAN...I can't wait to drop this child so I can eat some sushi!! This is torture!

  4. you always eat at the best places.
    also, mayonnaise is disgusting, no worries.
    i don't eat meat, whoops which does cause some diet restriction (besides bacon of course)

  5. It all looks SO good!
    And, I'm pretty sure I'll be on the hunt for some fried ice cream the next time we're out and about. YUM!

  6. It all looks so yummy! I am with you on foods that's not all the way cooked and pecans but girl, I LOVE pies! Blueberry pies especially :-).

  7. Yup Mayo works on almost anything. That food is so inviting you're making me hungry.

  8. I LOVE EATING OUT AS WELL :) and trying new restaurants. Girl, I am so picky as well. I have a long list as well. Mayonnaise, mustard, hot dogs, hamburgers, pretty much anything in sandwich form, anything under-cooked, ketchup :( yuck.. those are the things that I will not eat. And Lord knows I am probably missing out but oh wells! Fortunately I have plenty other options of places to try! If we stayed close we would so have a supper club/ or a brunch bunch and try all kinds of places ;)

  9. When you say you don't like you mean ANY pie?? Pie's my favorite. And that fried ice cream looks amazing! I have never had that before.

  10. me too...i could totally lick the screen!! hahaha!
    the food looks amazing! and my dinner or salad, chips and coffee ain't cuttin' it! lol!

  11. I can't stand mayonnaise either. I too refuse to eat anything with mayo on it or in it.

  12. I wasn't mayo enthusiast then i tried and since then i even eat jollof with mayo.

    Create pictures as always

  13. What BEAUTIFUL pictures.
    Yum to all. I think you should be editor of a food magazine.

  14. This sesame chicken looks AMAZING! That is my go to Asian dish. Trader Joes has a really good version of it in the frozen section that I use when I crave it...or is that General Tsos? lol They are similar though.

  15. that sounds amazing. good food, good compamy, and fried ice cream, can't beat it!

  16. ALSO tempted to lick the screen. My my. You don't like Mayo? Goodness I find reasons to use mayo all the time LOL no bueno. Fabulous pictures!! you really should start putting a logo or something...didn't you do a post on that way back in the day? Your pics are so good I don't want anyone to steal em :)

  17. your food pictures always makes me crave food.
    the chicken looks very delicious.

  18. Oh yum, everything looks delicious! xx

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  20. I love Shoguns...we haven't been there in years. I love fried ice cream too. Your pictures always make my tummy growl. YUM!!

  21. I have a similar mayonaisse issue - I don't like it either, but I can't even touch the stuff. It freaks me out and makes me gag - just the sight of it. Blech! I think I live a very happy and whole life without it too! (o;


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