Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rugby in Vegas.

When Sean asked if I would be interested in going to Vegas for a rugby tournament I'll admit that I was not jumping up and down for joy. I mean, for rugby? Seriously?! But he was jumping up and down for joy and when he told his parents they signed themselves up right away. I finally agreed and I'm glad I did. I mean, it's not like I had anything important to do at home anyway.

I'm not a sport fanatic. I'll watch without being bribed but I won't voluntarily watch on my own. But I've grown to really enjoy watching rugby and watching in Vegas was exhilarating; especially due to the fact that teams from all over the world were in attendance. Trindad & Tobago, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, etc. It was just incredible seeing all these countries come together due to their love for rugby.

Sean got a hold of several teams who were playing to see if they needed extra players and Portland got back to him saying they'll be happy to have him. That's another thing I love about rugby. It's really a brotherhood. How many other sports will welcome a person they don't know to play with them especially when they don't know that person's skill level?

Once I got on the field I didn't mind that I woke up at the crack of dawn that way Sean could get to the field on time to practice with Portland. I used the time that he practiced to walk around and take shots of players getting ready, the gorgeous scenery and several games.

I am the biggest people watcher to the point of being downright creepy. I've always enjoyed doing it and with a camera in hand it has only made it easier for me. I love snapping candid shots of people in their element but don't always get a chance to. I went overboard with the pictures as usual but I could not get enough once I got started.

I loved every moment of being on the field. Portland did not win but they played hard and I was proud that they gave Sean the opportunity to play with them. Portland you have a new fan.

A few things to pay attention to:
1. Hairstyles
2. The amazing athleticism
3. Major eye candy I mean you Sean ;)
So yeah. That was a lot of pictures.


Love Jones said...

Great photos! Always tree by your love's side. SO sweet!

uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

very nice pictures. love ruby sport

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

How cool! I was just watching this (I think it was the Canada v.s. South Africa game?) the other day. It was playing on the TV at my favorite restaurant. I had no clue what was going on but, it was interesting trying to figure it out. Lol It looked like soccer but, played more like football, and a tiny bit of hockey. I don't know. It's nice how your husband was able to play in such a major event. Go Sean!

Kathy C said...

Awesome action shots!!
#4...massive legs! Dear Lord I wish I was cut like that lol

Cece said...

Rugby guys are hot!!! I know I love taking pics of MJ's football group. It makes you feel like a "real" photographer. Well, I totally get not wanting to sit outside watching rugby all day but at least you got to go to Vegas!!

Katie said...

That is completely amazing that another country accepted another player no questions...too cool! Love your pictures and that USA chick's outfit!

Heather said...

How awesome! I have never actually watched a rugby match, so I love seeing your pictures! It's too cool that they let Sean play!

Nylse Esahc said...

no one is looking at the hairstyles since it's clear you love photographing the player's backsides or their legs. I appreciate the pics and this was a fun post!!!

Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures; I can tell you had some fun.

two birds said...

how fun. and i'm a creeper people watcher too...nothing wrong with that!

Keshia Langevillier said...

the pictures are very pretty
xoxo :D

Law_Fal said...

I wonder if there is a local rugby team I can be a groupie for. I mean fan of...... lol!

Life with J and J said...

Oh wow! You took some pretty awesome pictures! Looks like it was fun.
I am glad you went. I like the eye candy :-). I'll take that since there's no food pictures :-D. I can look and not gain weight. Win-win!

Desiree Macke said...

Great pics! Looks like the scenery was awesome (and the landscape was pretty, too).
I spy some crazy hair styles. Yikes!!

Christine said...

Love the pictures! My husband used to play rugby in high school and it always made me nervous because of how rough they are! It is a fun sport to watch though :)

Tomes Edition said...

Great shots! Have you thought about doing Photography full time? I asked because you pay great attention to detail in your shots.

EmilyJane said...

Awesome photos !! I saw you were in Vegas on Instagram ALL weekend (i may or may not have lived vicariously through you the entire time). <3 <--- new url, dont ask.

TOI said...

Glad you went, you took great shots, especially of some Rugby players - do they know about these candid pictures ;)!

I'm always shy when taking pictures of people I don't know especially if I will share it on my blog, due to privacy laws these days I'm scared to be sued for displaying images of people I don't know on internet.

Maybe I'm just too paranoid

TOI said...
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Pegster said...

This was some serious eye candy post. Thanks for the pic heavy post, I think I got my fix for the year :)

Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful pics!!
Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

Lovelyladyjb said...

I love all the photos, creepy or not :) Sounds like a great reason to head to Vegas to me!

Amy said...

Your photography skills are absolutely amazing!

eaduran08 said...

Wow sis! These pictures are so well done that they make me feel like I was there. Amazing fit bods too:) I love when people take great care of their bodies, and knock out all the anorexic looking models/actors out of space :)

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

what a cool thing to see in person. I like watching sports...but specific sports. Like American football and baseball. I just went to my first ever hockey game and it was a blast! I know I won't get into the sport itself but time will tell haha. I have never gotten into Rugby. Nor has my husband. But, what a cool place to be!


Brittany said...

I'm so in awe of rugby. It's a badass sport. I think it's awesome that Sean plays. And you're a great cheerleader :)!

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

the photos are the one with the canada sweatshirt...go Canada!!!

NikG said...

I'm not that into sports, but hey, at least it's Vegas!!! :D Great photos!

Georgina Castellucci said...

Loved all of the photos Faith (and WOW there is a lot of eye candy!) So many action shots too, you should be proud of how you photography skills have developed xo

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Beautiful photos! You are such a great wife!!! So supportive! :)

Jenna said...

Ooh what a fun trip! And such great photos! The mountains look so majestic in the background, too.

I have never been to a rugby match before, but now I am more intrigued than ever! I love how you described it as a brotherhood...and what a great example of that with Sean being able to contact teams and hop on board. Very cool stuff!

THE mom said...

You know I heart rugby!!! I'm so jelly!! And omg, the pic you took of the Serevi of those guys plays with us :-) Curtis. I'm gonna have to show him. LOL

Thats so awesome that he got to play. Rickey played last year and loved it. Some of our guys played with the other Austin team (Azul) but like I told you, Rickey couldn't get the time off work.

I hope to go again next year...maybe y'all can be there too :-) Oh and of course, we'll be in Houston in the summer for the Eagles test match.

Whitney Cypert said...

You weren't kidding about the hairstyles! Or the eye candy ; ). Those are the most muscular men ever I swear! I think it is so awesome that y'all got to go to Vegas for Rugby and that Sean played with Portland. That took some bravery for him to play with people he didn't even know. Glad you had fun!

Eesh said... dude sporting a mohawk pigtail hairstyle? home skillet wearing red rain boots?

WAIT! OH GAWD she gave me legs!!!

Amazing photos, always!


Myisha Turner said...

Woweee! You got some amazing shots....eye candy, funny hair do's, cute boots and all. Lol!

Morgan said...

You were not kidding about the interesting hairstyles.... I want one of those team jackets! They look so cool! I have always been a fan of track jackets and it looks like each team has there own personalized ones.

Maria said...
INCREDIBLE photos!! you captured some amazing moments, faith!!

Christelle said...

Boy oh boy, have I missed out by being in trial the past three weeks! Legs and butts for the win! OH MY!!! Thanks for sharing that eye candy ;)