Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fremont St.

Even though we've gone to Vegas multiple times over the years we've never gone to Fremont Street.
This time around we decided that we'll check it out.

It was definitely different than the strip.
Not as lively and a lot more hobos.

I heard that going at night is a better option especially if you're visiting for the first time but checking it out during the day wasn't horrible.

Nothing to write home about but I'll make sure that the next time we go we check it out in the evening that way I can at least give it a proper chance because it was not much of an "experience".



Kristen said...

Never heard of Fremont Street…lol But YOU looked fabulous!

EmilyJane said...

I've never been to Vegas before except stuck in an airplane at the airport between flights. :)

Well despite it not being anything to write home about, it certainly was photogenic ;) Loved all the photos.

Maureen S. said...

I agree, you look great! Those shorts (?) are fantastic!

Life with J and J said...

Nice pics! I didn't even know about Fremont street. Haven't been to Vegas in forever.
My sister mentioned she might want to do there for her bachelorette. Not sold yet but we'll see.

Law_Fal said...

I didn't visit that area whenever I was in Vegas, but I agree with everyone else! You look great, love those shorts!!!!

Katie said...

We've never explored Fremont street either! My brother and his wife always go when we meet them in Vegas. Derek and I always skip on going to Fremont st. With them bc we can't imagine why we would leave the strip lol.

Carolyn said...

Awesome photos! Definitely go at night because that whole ceiling is a light show!!!

Angela K said...

I've been to Fremont St once, at night, and it was crazy. Lots of light effects and crazy people. Very different than the strip and kind of overwhelming. I think most things in Vegas are better to take in at night.

I agree with everyone else; you look amazing!

Desiree Macke said...

Fremont is MUCH better at night. I pinky swear!

Caroline M said...

I adore Vegas (going twice this year!) but I rarely venture off the strip - I'm starting to think I really should. I've been to Fremont once but not at night. Can't wait to get my ass back there! :D

Caroline x

Tomes Edition said...

I visited it at night and it was very colourful and alive. Yup its nothing like the strip. Your twist out is gorgeous!

Jess said...

I've never heard of Fremont Street. If i make it back to Vegas that may be a place to check out.

GLAMOUR said...

You are SO adorable Faith!!! LOVING this girly casual chic 'fit!!

uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

i love your pictures and you look very chic.


Ashley R said...

I am dying over this outfit. One of your best yet! I wish I could pull off lace shorts- they are adorable. My family stays at the Golden Nugget fairly frequently, but I do prefer the strip. That being said it can be a lot of fun at night depending on who you're with and what is going on. We've gone for New Years a bunch of years and they close off the streets and it's a huge party with bands and live music. That is a hoot, without being too crazy like the strip can get for NYE. :)

Cece said...

I have yet to make to Fremont street! As often as we go we should be able to some day...just to go. I guess!! Glad you finally did and at least you found out you weren't missing much.

his little lady said...

What fun pictures! Definitely missing palm trees right about now!
xo TJ


Allie said...

I was just in Vegas last weekend! Hope you had a great time :) Following you now!

Morgan said...

I've never been to Las Vegas before. My friend went with her parents in high school and I remember looking at the pictures and thinking how cool the place looked! Your pictures are cool too - I see what looks like a castle in the back of one of them. I wonder what it is.

I love your lace shorts! So cute. :)

Did you see any shows while you were there?

N@NY said...



Maria said...

i love those shorts and that necklace!!! such pretty colors! i remember always seeing freemont street on chris angel's show!
those drink machines are crazy!