Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Farmers' Market & Good Eats.

Now that Mother Nature is playing nice, being outdoors is a must. I do have to pop some allergy medicine to ensure that I am not ripping my nose or eyes out, but once that is controlled my eyes and nose are safe.

Last Saturday, Cinthia and I headed to the Farmers' Market. It was their first day back this year so of course we did not want to miss out on all the fun. We made a mistake in going a little later than we should because people take their Farmers' Markets seriously.

Duly noted. Mistake never to be made again.

Regardless, we had the best time and I foresee a lot of visits to the Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings. I love that you can shop or simply come to enjoy the live music, sit on a blanket on the grass and munch on delicious pastries from one of the vendors.

Free wine samples.
Count me in.
I got the potato rosemary bread and it took everything in me not to eat it all in one sitting.
Bread lover problems or like people love to say #firstworldproblems
Biggest mushrooms we ever did see!
After the market, we walked around in search of a restaurant with outdoor seating to continue to enjoy the beautiful day.
IMG_9818 IMG_9817
IMG_9833 IMG_9834
IMG_9836 IMG_9837
We were pretty excited when Third & Ferry had available seating outdoor.
Let's just say we hit the jackpot with this restaurant.

The food is unbelievably good and I'm so happy I have a friend who loves seafood as much as I do because poor Sean would be gagging the entire time.

Now he doesn't and we can stay happily married ;).

IMG_9838 IMG_9851
Give me all the lobster flatbread.
Cerviche with plantain chips - I could eat this all day.
And the winner of all fries, I mean the best fries I've ever had in my entire life go to this crab topped fries.
So amazing I can't even give it enough praise.
Delicious fish taco.
We had to share the dessert because as much as I would have loved to say, "I'm stuffed" when there's Mississippi Pie on the menu you get Mississippi Pie.

And it was worth every.single.bite. So airy and light and just so crazy good.
I hope that you've all had dinner.
Happy Hump Day!


Law_Fal said...

Your city is so picturesque. And oh my goodness. Everything looks so delicious. The thought that those fries exist and I haven't had them makes me super jealous! I'm glad Yall have Spring finally. Meanwhile down here it's about to be blazing so my spring will start feeling real summery sooner than later!!!

Desiree Macke said...

I love a good farmers market, and that one looks like it doesn't disappoint.
But, oh my. Let's talk about that restaurant for a minute. All the food - GET IN MY BELLY!

Joy B. E. said...

Oh my, yummy delights! I love farmers markets. Wish they had one closer to us.

Joy B. E. said...

Oh my, yummy delights! I love farmers markets. Wish they had one closer to us.

Heather said...

I love farmers markets, and all of that food looks delicious! Crab-topped fries? I need to find some of those!

Ayesha Charlton said...

So beautiful & fun! I love that there's live music. Our farmer's markets are bleh. Maybe I should show em your post *whistles*


EmilyJane said...

Food looks delicious! Beautiful pictures Faith, glad you had a great time.

TOI said...

Everything looks so delicious. You make me wanna got o farmer's market more often :)

Ashley R said...

Your food photos always kill me- you know how to do it right!! And that looks like such a fun farmer's market- yay for wine!

vijay said...

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