Tuesday, August 30, 2016

San Diego, California ♥


We rented a mini cooper convertible (why I didn't take a picture is beyond me since it was an adorable little thing!) while we were in California. It was a great decision because the views you could see with the top down from Santa Monica to San Diego were incredible. It’s almost a surreal experience being able to see such natural beauty with your own eyes. I was surprised when I got home and realized that I did not take any pictures with my camera of the views during our drive so unfortunately I do not have any to share. #Badbloggerstatus. Snapchat is basically killing my camera time.

We stayed at the Gaslamp district in San Diego and rented a studio apartment through Airbnb. I am so disappointed that I failed to take any pictures (slacking!). It was our first experience and certainly not our last. What a great experience! If we could have taken that bed home with us we would have. The location of the apartment was also so convenient because we were walking distance to so many restaurants and bars. That was actually one of the first things Sean pointed out when we dropped off our bags and started walking around downtown San Diego.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, we had no plans but to eat, drink, beach and relax on this trip and it is pretty much what we did. I’m trying to do these posts as quickly as possible so will post our San Diego experience in its entirety as I did for Santa Monica.

Our first night I grabbed Indian food to go from Gourmet Indian a mere minute from the apartment. It wasn't great but it also wasn't the worst. Sean was in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs so he ate at PO5 Pizza Lounge and enjoyed his meal. We both had drinks there and mine was awful, lol. This was also the first time the both of us got food from separate places whilst on vacation.

At night, we checked out Whisky Girl & Henry’s Pub (and another place but I can't remember its name) for some drinks and dancing which ended in some late night pizza (or should I say morning?) at PO5 Pizza Lounge. We had a little too much fun that night! And I must admit that I have the most fun with Sean. We laugh about the silliest things and it feels really nice to be married to your best friend.

We didn't get back to the apartment until four in the morning that it’s any wonder that we were able to be up bright and early the following morning to head to Coronado Beach.

Coronado. The homes are beautiful; the landscaping in front of these homes are beautiful; the palm tree lined streets are beautiful. It's all so beautiful that it’s no wonder I could not stop snapping pictures while we drove around looking for parking.


And this house. Look at how the greenery just swallows up this house.

IMG_7387 IMG_7389

OK, I believe you get the point. The homes are beautiful here.

Coronado beach is beautiful.
I'm sorry, I realize the excessive use of the word beautiful in this post. I will think of another.

IMG_7371 IMG_7372

Finished reading "The Girl on the Train" on the beach! Great read, pick it up!


After the beach we decided that we needed a little bite to eat to hold us over before getting ready for the night. You all know what a long process that is, right? Right. I tried really hard to keep track of the places we went that way if we liked them I could have recommendations but of course I can't remember the name of this place. Our food & drinks were so good and we made a friend from Australia when he overheard Sean and I laughing and talking about "Trailer Park Boys".

IMG_7411 IMG_7415

That night we decided that we needed a low key night because we were out and about basically partying every night since we got to California. We decided on dinner and going out to a movie (we never did do that movie and instead went back to the apartment and began "Stranger Things" instead). For dinner we ate at Osteria Panevino and it was a bit of a disappointment. Huge potential due to the atmosphere but the food left a lot to be desired. I feel like I should have done more research on restaurants because I can't say that anything blew me away this trip except for brunch in Santa Monica (and the place that I can't even remember the name #bloggerfail) which let's be honest, you can't really mess up waffles. Wait, I take that back, you can mess up waffles.


"Where's the basil?" Didn't we order a margherita pizza?" - Sean to me.


Sorry so dark but I had to include because I realize that I did not get any other pictures of myself while in San Diego.

IMG_7424 IMG_7423

It was suggested that we go to Puestos whilst in San Diego by some people we met in Santa Monica but we unfortunately did not get the opportunity. Hopefully next time!

Regardless of not being too impressed with our food choices (my fault since where we stayed in San Diego is known for great restaurants and nightlife!) in San Diego I had some amazing cocktails and I laughed and danced more than I had in a long while. It's such a beautiful stunning place and the weather is perfection. Sean and I already can't wait to go back in the future but not before we go somewhere on his list. The Sean has spoken ;).

Next up, Hollywood!


  1. My all time favorite SoCal city. I'd go every weekend if the 405 wasn't such a beast.
    Such a bummer about the food! Next time you go to SD let me know. There are some AMAZING spots with the most stunning views!
    Regardless of less than stellar food, you hit up some of the best places the city has to offer!

  2. I was thinking about heading up there soon, thanks for the insight. I 'm such a foodie as well and it sucks nothing quite stood out.

  3. Coronado is so beautiful. I could have given you some great food recommendations! Good thing you finished the book...Girl on the train movie comes out in October.

  4. I am so in love with the palm trees and blue skies in this post!! I was listening to a podcast recently and they went through the 10 most beautiful beaches in the US, and Coronado was one of them. It sure looks awesome from your pictures!

  5. I swore you and Cece would meet up. But Coronado is beautiful. Heck California is a naturally beautiful state. Glad you're having a wonderful time.

  6. Looks like fun! It is so pretty.

  7. I'm so glad you both took time out for yourselves! Looks like it was an awesome time together. Oh and I agree with your assessment on Corona Beach. Never been but it looks like a really beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your experience :-).


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