Thursday, September 8, 2016


On our last day in California we drove to Hollywood like any good tourist visiting California. I’ve got to admit that this was exciting. It isn’t easy getting great shots because everyone is trying to get a great shot but I think for me, it was part of the excitement. We checked out Griffith Observatory and was able to get fantastic views of LA (and the Hollywood sign) through telescopes and even caught a show at the planetarium. Do you remember that feeling you would get when you were a kid and had a school trip on a particular day? Well, that's how I felt. And Sean was in heaven because he loves anything to do with the galaxies, etc. It was a fun and different thing for us to do whilst on vacation and was actually my most favorite experience while we were in Hollywood.


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After that we of course did the Hollywood Walk of Fame which I felt was a little lack luster. I don’t know if television really made me believe that it was so grand but I didn’t feel the way that I thought I would.


We stopped at Te'kila for drinks, soup, chips and salsa and then headed to Beverly Hills. Oh yes, we were asked for our zip code in one of the souvenir shops we stopped at and Sean said 90210. You have no idea how long he has been wanting to say this. And when the woman cashing us out realized what he did she looked up and said if only you knew how often people did that. I guess Sean is not as original as he thought he was ;).

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To be honest, the whole Hollywood Boulevard experience was just blah to me. And I hate to be that person because, well, I just do … but if I’m to be honest it’ll most likely be our last time visiting Hollywood.

I’m from the city (NYC) and I thought our traffic was bad. We both agreed that LA’s traffic is way bad. To get to Beverly Hills was insane. I did, however, get the feelings all back when we drove through Beverly Hills. I think it is because I’m a palm tree hugger but it was gorgeous. The grand homes, the luscious palm trees and the realization that you were actually in Beverly Hills. That made the whole Hollywood experience a whole lot better.

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Overall, our time spent in California was amazing. Beautiful views, wonderful weather and amazing company made for a serious awesome time. There were no lists over what we should plan out each day and no rush at all which made this trip even more special. And I must admit that I still feel the same way I did when I visited California for the first time as a 19 year old college student. Excuse me while I go off to listen to Tupac’s “California Love”.


  1. Griffith is where we had our family photos taken in July! There are some killer views there!
    Hollywood Blvd is so ew. Whenever family and friends come to visit and say they want to go there I literally just drive them a couple of blocks and tell them they've basically seen all that Hollywood Blvd has to offer.
    While you were in Beverly Hills did you stop at Sprinkles?! Please tell me you did.
    And the traffic. So bad, right?! It's like 3 miles from Hollywood to Beverly Hills, and it can easily take 30-45 minutes. It's plain dumb.

  2. Well I think you got Hollywood right - it does not live up to the all. Griffith Observatory is one of those very nice touristy things.

  3. Lol at Tupac! I feel like since you are from NY you most definitely should be underwhelmed by Hollywood hahahahaha it's nice but it's not like NIIIICE nice in my opinion :) glad y'all enjoyed!!!!!


    My, my, my! Those pictures were beautiful. My husband and I have been many places and have somehow missed Hollywood. We still plan to visit Southern California. I can see through your pictures you guys had a great time. No time like couple vacation, right?


    My, my, my! Those pictures were beautiful. My husband and I have been many places and have somehow missed Hollywood. We still plan to visit Southern California. I can see through your pictures you guys had a great time. No time like couple vacation, right?

  6. LOL @ Sean! That is original but I guess when you are in a souvenir store, you encounter a lot of tourists.

    I have never been to the boulevard and have no wishes to visit. I think pictures and movies is enough for me :-).

    Now, I am a sucker for beautiful houses so I would like to do that drive if I ever was in the area and had the time.

    Glad you enjoyed most of it though. Awesome pictures!

  7. I am so glad you wrote this post, Faith. My husband and I are planning to go to Vegas for our anniversary in November. We're not really into gambling or partying, but I wanted to go to the desert and it was more cost effective to stay in Vegas vs Sedona, AZ. In any case, I wanted to plan a little day trip to Los Angeles/Hollywood to see the Walk of Fame and Hollywood sign and all that stuff you see in mainstream media. However, now I think we will skip that, lay on a beach somewhere and visit the Griffith Observatory (which was also on our list of to-do's).

    Any recommendations for Vegas?

  8. Hollywood is the quintessential land of smoke and mirrors. I don't think anything is as grand as you think it will be once you get there.

  9. Oh good old Hollywood, it's a must see for sure but you couldn't pay me enough to want to live there ok, maybe if I was a multi millionaire :)

  10. I was not a fan of Hollywood or Los Angeles in general when I went. However, I still enjoy your pictures, and I'm glad overall you had a great trip. (Love Tupac)


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