Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pillows, flowers & plants.

So, if you think you've already seen this post or even commented on it, it's because you have. It just dawn on me that I must have deleted this post by accident, which is the first I've ever deleted a published post in my almost 8 years of blogging.
First time for everything.

Three things I love to decorate my home with. It also helps that they are all relatively inexpensive so it is a guilty free pleasure. There is something so stress free to me about creating a bouquet. I honestly don't know if I'm doing it right but I know I love doing it. I love the process of entering Whole Foods and going through a bunch of flowers and imagining in my head how the flowers would look together. I know that it would be a much easier and quicker process to just buy the bouquet already created but I enjoy the process and it is one of the few ways that I feel that I can actually be creative and it work OK in my favor.

IMG_8481 IMG_8487




And I've become a plant lover. I was that person who could not keep a plant alive. I started small with succulents when I decided that I wanted to give it a try again. I had some lost along the way but I've finally figured out what works for succulents and I've had some of my succulents for a couple of years now. And I'm happy to report that my majestic palm is doing nicely as well. I don't know how it will go in the winter but I'm crossing fingers and toes that it stays vibrant and most of all, alive.

IMG_8455 IMG_8451

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this turkey pillow and walked away from it three times because I could not understand why I would like such a thing. I sent a picture of it to Cinthia for her opinion and she wrote, “def not my style too in your face”. Well, thanks a lot ;).


IMG_8518 IMG_8507


But I won’t fault her for her honesty. The thing is her house is only shades of white, black, grey and gold so of course I expected that answer. There are just those four colors in her house, where my house has turquoise, yellows, greens, greys, reds, golds, blues ... well, if it is a color my house most likely has it. So I “LOL” her text because it was funny and put the “too in your face” pillows in my cart. And well, to me, it goes. It goes just nicely. Just like all the do it yourself flowers and plants around our house.

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