Thursday, November 2, 2017

The last of New Orleans


Here are my last pictures of our time in New Orleans. These are just some pictures that I haven't shared on the blog yet but of course I feel the need to. We really, really enjoyed our time in New Orleans and we can't wait to visit again. The music, the food, the buildings, the abundance of colors, the people ... it was all just fantastic. I feel that we were able to relax and also do some touristy things. As a result, we did not need a vacation from our vacation, which is exactly what I think a vacation should be.


IMG_7916 IMG_7919


IMG_7932 IMG_7923

I complimented him on his yellow attire and he complimented me on my yellow earrings :)

IMG_7930 IMG_7931


IMG_7675 IMG_7951


IMG_8002 IMG_8003

IMG_8007 IMG_8010

I hope you all enjoyed the New Orleans recap. Happy one day closer to Friday! ♥


  1. I feel like the exterior of my house should look like the french quarter... just saying. Beautiful photographs Faith.

  2. You took such beautiful pictures! I agree with you. The best vacations are vacations you don't need to recover from.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience in pictures.


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