Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bally's & the Palazzo in Vegas

Hotel "reviews" probably aren't anyone's favorite posts but maybe one day you'll find yourself heading to Vegas and need recommendations on a place to stay and will be like, oh yeah, that crazy Faith girl shared a million pictures of (insert hotel name here) which I'll admit was so annoying but let me check out that post now ;).

Whenever we go to Vegas we make it a point to stay at a different hotel. We choose the hotel that we'll stay at the majority of our stay first and then the second. We do this since we usually catch the red eye traveling to Vegas and since we arrive late (or rather early in the morning) we choose a less expensive hotel our first night since all we'll be doing after a quick walk on the strip is sleeping. And then the following day we check into the second hotel. Yes, this might not be your cup of tea but it works for us and we get to save a few bucks this way. It also allows us to experience another hotel to keep in mind (or not to) for the future.

Our first night we checked into Bally's and they surprised us by upgrading us all! When they learned that Cinthia's mom (who traveled from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria) had been without electricity for almost a month they wanted to give her the bells and whistles. And then did the same for us which I thought was super sweet because they did not have to do that at all.

Our view at night when we checked into our room.


IMG_9650 IMG_9653



IMG_9659 IMG_9658

Excuse the messy bed, this was taken in the morning. I did try to straighten it up a bit.


IMG_9691 IMG_9672

Our view in the morning.


IMG_9709 IMG_9705


Our room was gorgeous and we seriously would have stayed and just switched to another room had they not told us they were sold out the following day. I loved all the modern touches in the room but my favorite was the tub. I wished that we had enough time to use it but we were basically in and out. We did manage to check out the pool to relax a bit and grab a drink but we didn't last very long before we had the itch to check out the strip. One of the employees, Robert, was so great to us and gave us pins that read Vegas Strong. He talked about how the shooting affected the overall vibe in Vegas in the last month but that he could see the true spirit of Vegas coming back which was nice to hear. And seriously, whenever anyone heard that Cinthia's mom came from Puerto Rico, people went above and beyond to give her great service. It was really incredible to see just how much people care. Above are some pictures of our room, view and the pool area.

The following day we checked into our second hotel, The Palazzo which was another great hotel! The Venetian and Palazzo are actually connected to each other on the strip. The Venetian was the first to open in May 1999 followed by the Palazzo in January 2008. We really enjoyed our stay. Our room wasn't decorated as modern as Ballys but still beautiful. I liked that they had security before entering the elevators to ensure that you had proof that you were staying at the hotel. It takes a few minutes if you're like me and have to dig in your purse but worth the safety precaution. Here's some pictures of the hotel and room we stayed at.

IMG_9733 IMG_9735



IMG_9739 IMG_9742


IMG_9749 IMG_9750


IMG_9740 IMG_9741


We received great service at both. Enjoyed clean and nicely decorated rooms. Locations ideal as they are both located right on the strip. What's not to like? OK, hopefully this wasn't too annoying! Happy Wednesday! ♥


  1. I used to live in Las Vegas and when you and Sean would visit I wanted to try to arrange to come down to the strip and say hi really quick. Never did,now I'm in Dallas. I love your blog.

  2. I think your hotel swap is such a great idea! And, how awesome of Bally's to upgrade you all.
    We've never stayed at the Palazzo, but it looks amazing!

  3. WOW your rooms look amazing, and that purple has me like all the heart-eyed emojis (purple is my favorite color). That was very sweet of them to upgrade your rooms. I'm sorry about Cin's mom having to uproot her life from Puerto Rico, but thankfully she's alive and OKAY.


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