Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Paris: Jardin Du Luxembourg & Le Crazy Horse de Paris


Our vacation to Paris began on quite the foot; and that's saying it simply. Thursday night, we had a red-eye flight to Paris & had grand plans to sleep on the plane that way when we landed in Paris on Friday we would be good to go. You know, beat jetlag & all.

Well, you know the saying … make plans, God laughs. I don’t think He was laughing but yeah, that isn’t exactly how it went down. Instead our Thursday night flight was cancelled until the following afternoon and then Friday afternoon it was delayed three times! You can say this girl wasn’t a happy camper but we made the best of it. In fact, prior to getting to the airport we saw the most gorgeous sunset that actually made Sean pull over. It was that gorgeous and we saw many others had done the same.


And our hotel for Thursday night (complimentary of the airline) was near a beach which we visited to kill time (before heading back to the airport) as the weather was perfect that day. It surely helped to add some calmness after our hectic experience.


We flew XL Airways France and I would not recommend them at all but I’ll admit they were a lot better coming back home. We would rather spend our money on our hotel, food, experiences vs. our plane ticket but this airline left a lot to be desired and actually made Spirit Airlines feel like luxury. Yes, that bad, haha. And after that experience I don't hate Spirit quite as much!

When we finally arrived in Paris it was late Saturday afternoon and we had lost nearly two days with the time change. That was unfortunate as you all know how valuable vacation days are when you work full time.

Although we were so tired we pushed through because we were in Paris! We checked into our hotel, Residence & Spa Le Prince Regent and I cannot say enough good things about our stay. Our room featured a full kitchen and was walking distance to so many attractions in Paris. We also received such great service and because of that every time we would leave or enter the hotel we would stop at the front desk to talk to whomever was working the desk at the moment.

IMG_6656 IMG_6658


IMG_6666 IMG_6670

I think I should mention that the elevator is tiny, tiny that when we first arrived with our luggage Sean and I had to go at separate times. It was quite fun riding the elevator while we were there as it would make Sean nervous each time, haha.

The first thing we planned to do was visit the Catacombs of Paris but after waiting in line for two hours we ditched our plans because we could tell that we were going to be on line for at least another two hours. This was something Sean really wanted to do and I felt bad that we were unable to do it during our stay. I highly recommend booking tickets in advance!

When we were driving in our Uber to our hotel, I was in awe of the architecture! Of course, I have seen pictures of Paris but seeing it in person was just surreal to me. My eyes actually watered when I saw my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower on our way to our hotel. I just love architecture and Paris did not disappoint one bit. I'm looking forward to sharing more of our trip but losing two days definitely affected all that we wanted to do and see but I'm hoping that we're able to go again someday!

Scenes from our walk to the Catacombs of Paris.


IMG_6671 IMG_6675


IMG_6678 IMG_6685



After we decided to leave the long line we headed to Jardin Lu Luxembourg and it was absolutely gorgeous. And so many times I could not believe that I was actually in Paris taking in the views in real life. It felt a bit surreal and like I was in a dream since Paris has been a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since I read a book about Paris when I was 12 years old.







IMG_6704 IMG_6719


IMG_6712 IMG_6711




After walking Jardin Lu Luxembourg we became hungry so we stopped at Brasserie Les Patios for an earlier dinner. I will admit that this was our least favorite meal of our trip but it was still good! I loved that and kinda feel like it might be impossible to get a bad meal in Paris. But of course, take that with a grain of salt granted I am not an expert on Paris.


IMG_6721 IMG_6722


IMG_6728 IMG_6729

I ate so much bread while in Paris.
Just so, so good!



After lunch we walked around the neighborhood we were staying at (St. Germain) to get a feel for everything.

IMG_6732 IMG_6735


IMG_6738 IMG_6743

IMG_6746 IMG_6747


IMG_6753 IMG_6750


Then we went back to our hotel to get ready for the evening as we were going to a cabaret, Le Crazy Horse de Paris. It was fantastic and we loved everything about it. The performances, the service and the energy/vibe. Pictures during the performances were not allowed so I don't have many pictures to share but it was excellent and I highly recommend if you find yourself in Paris.


thumbnail_IMG_7142 thumbnail_IMG_7143


After the show I was getting pretty exhausted but Sean wanted to continue the night and I can’t blame him. I’m so glad that we did not go straight to bed and instead popped into several bars, walked the streets and just prolonged the day as long as we could.


Regardless of the (minor) bumps it took to get here, we had a great first half day in Paris! ♥


  1. I'm so sorry you had such a hard time with the airline. I'm sure I would have been very impatient. I'm glad once you got there everything was better. Your pictures are amazing and this makes me want to go back so bad!! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. Thank you so much! :) Yes, I want to go back so bad too. Sean is like we can't go back until we cross off a few more on the list!

  2. I've been looking forward to your Paris posts! While I'm sorry you lost a couple days off your trip- I'm sure you more than made up for it, and that sunset WAS beautiful. These photographs and you personally are beautiful. I can't wait to read about the rest.

    1. Yay, thank you! Yeah, I believe we made up for it too :) It was stunning! Thank you so much!!!

  3. These pictures look great! When I was there I didn't take as many as I thought I would. I took more of food...lol! If you go again. I highly recommend flying AirFrance. They were AWESOME!! We got a smoking deal. We flew the day before Thanksgiving since it's not Thanksgiving there the tickets were only $444rt. We had champagne all the way to Paris!

    1. Thank you so much! I will completely keep in mind! Even if we don't get to Paris anytime soon .. I'll love to visit some other areas in France! That's such a good idea to go during that time. Such a great deal!

  4. Oh man. I would have been so upset by that delay, and I know you were! Time is so precious on vaca and with the travel time and jet lag, that's a big deal. An airline that made spirit look good is truly shocking! LOL. A full kitchen in your Paris hotel?? Wow. Didn't think that even existed. Ours was the size of a postage stamp. So glad you got to see a show!

    1. Man, we were so upset! LOL, they really did make Spirit look good, haha.

      Yes, I was so surprised when Sean found it but it is soooo convenient having a full kitchen even if you don't intend on cooking. Our room was actually a pretty good size too! Not big by any means but a very comfortable size!


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